Tunnelsnakes in the Catacombs

February 13th 2005
Logged by Eitanex


Hiding in the shadows, moving with barely a sound and with a glowbasket that is shut far enough to emit only a tiny amount of light, is Eshe. A shuffling noise along one wall indicates the movement of a tunnelsnake and without hesitation, the hunter strikes, the screech of a dying 'snake resounding through the corridor and the short laugh of the young woman following shortly after, "have to be quicker than that, my dying friend," she mumbles into the air.

Kalaeya is casually holding a dull and fairly pathetic glow, approaching where Eshe is from the depths of the catacombs. She sighs deeply, and runs one hand exasperatedly through her hair. "I don't believe after all these Turns of living in this Weyr, I /still/ manage to get lost in these blasted catacombs." She mutters irately, holding up her glow as she tries to find her way. She takes a few blind glances at the floor, apparently trying to avoid exactly what Eshe is seeking out. "Eugh, shardit."

Holding a glow too tightly and moving sore and stiff and shuffling like an old man, Eitanex hates to admit it, but he's not sure where he is either. Catacombs being his place of choice to find some privacy if the weyr isn't an option, Eitanex surely is wishing he had some other place of choice. He is the Great Explorer. He knows the catacombs like the back of his hand. Except for the section which he long dismissed as "having too many snakes, thank you." He must have turned around somewhere. Eitanex lowers his glow to illuminate the floor suspiciously, and while doing this, he catches a fainter glow light up ahead. Not that Eitanex wants company, but if this is That Part of the catacombs … Eitanex tries to approach with dignity.

Crouching against the wall with her catch layed out in front of her, Eshe opens the lid of her glowbasket to shine some light on the situation. Already there are three other tunnelsnakes bound together in a brace and she's doing a quick job at tying the forth together with the others. At the sound of a voice and not one, but two pairs of footsteps, she looks up, arches a brow and calls, "who's there?" The glows from the 'trespassers' aren't doing much to identify them at all and though Eshe has good eyesight, even /she/ can't see in the dark.

Kalaeya jumps as Eshe calls out, dropping her glow. "Shards. Look at what you've done." Not that losing her glow made that much of a difference, she continues slowly making her way towards the best source of light - Eshe's glowbasket. Light source gone and other senses more alert, she hears the approaching Eitanex. "Faranth, how many of you are there?" Laeya isn't too proud of being lost either, and she can't help hoping there were as few people as possible to hear her previous outcry.

"It's Eitanex," Eitanex calls to Eshe's question. Not sure if he's relieved. The other voice is familiar enough. And more, eh, relieving! Eitanex increases his pace to an irregular shuffle. He will be more careful with his workouts in the future. Ow, ow, ow. "I think it's just you, me, and Eshe? It is Eshe?" His voice is getting closer now, even if he's approaching based on sound now. He's half doused his glow under his palm to see Eshe's remaining better.

Eshe's not lost. She's working. And the approaching pair gets a disgruntled snort as she gets to her feet, slinging the brace of tunnelsnakes over her shoulder, "what /I've/ done? You lot probably scared away every living thing around here with all the noise you're making," she says and lets out a sigh as she shifts her weight to better accommodate the tunnelsnakes on her shoulder, "yes, Eit, it's Eshe. And a few tunnelsnakes as well."

Kalaeya makes her way slowly towards Eshe, "Uh. Okay." She just resists a shudder at the mention of tunnelsnakes and tries to regain a scrap of dignity. "Yes, what you've done. I've lost my glow. And I hope I have scared them away, disgusting things. Who are you, Eshe?" The name rings a bell somewhere, but she shrugs it off. "Eitanex, what're you doing down here?" Laeya knows exactly what she's doing here, and it is most certainly not being lost. She stands up a little straighter in the darkness to prove this, mostly to herself.

"Those are dead tunnelsnakes, right?" Eitanex calls, raising his voice instead of lowering it. How considerate. Especially considering he's rather close now and raising voices is unnecessary. "Because I sure sharding hope we've scared all the live ones away." Eitanex's voice is tight with worry. There'd better not be any. "I'm down here to, uh, relax, uh, after all."

"You had a glow?" asks Eshe, glancing up and down the rider, then down the corridor at Eitanex, the floor there, seeing no glow anywhere, "how hard is it to find a glow? They.. Err, they light up, don't they?" Ergo, Kalaeya's glow mustn't have been any good in the first place. Letting the dead 'snakes slip off her shoulder to catch them by the leather strap holding them together, the hunter holds them up into the light, "yes, they're dead as can be. And y'know.. Most the tunnelsnakes down here aren't dangerous. At least not poisonous." Her gaze shifts back to Kalaeya, then, with a puzzled look on her face, "what do you mean 'who are you'?"

Kalaeya sighs, "Yes, I did. It was feeble, and dropping it put it out of it's misery. And now, I'm relying on yours and Eitanex's. Understand?" Way to get off to a good start. "Yes, is that your name? I don't know if you've noticed, but it's fairly hard to see down here." She grins at Eitanex through the gloom, "I hope so. Not down here to plan any kidnapping are you?" How could she resist teasing him?

Eitanex holds his glow up in such a way that it illuminates him more than anything else until he slowly works out his arm muscles and holds the glow more out and general. He scowls slightly. "I know they're not poisonous. Lived here all my life, y'know," Eitanex says with forced contempt. His eyes, little specks of reflected light, really, flick repulsed and quick to the dead snakes and then to Kalaeya. "I was planning on kidnapping Eshe, but I can't while she's holding those things. Egh."

"Yes. Eshe is my name," the hunter repeats, a frown now deepening in her forehead, making her look rather unattractive. It's soon smoothed out by the talk of kidnapping and she lifts her glow high into the air and lets the dead 'snakes fall to the floor with a thump, grinning in a deathmask created by the light, "and how were you planning to do that, Eit? Lure me with bubblies? I hate to disappoint you, but I can't stand bubblies."

Kalaeya smiles, "If you let such things come in your way, you'll never reach half your goals." She replies before focusing her attention on Eshe. "Eshe… Do I know you?" She pauses, "I'm Kalaeya." She nods appreciatively at Eitanex's extended glow before watches the tunnelsnakes as they hit floor. "Faranth," she almost gasps, "how many of them are there?"

Eitanex hops backward simultaneous with the thump - his knee tries to give out upon landing, which leads to some awkward scrabbling and cursing before Eitanex manages to sprawl himself out just so to keep his balance. Will be more moderate in the work out from nooow on. "I can't stand bubblies either. Uh. Just … pick those back up, will you? I don't want to step on them." Apparently some things can get in the way of /any/ goals. It's remarkable that Eitanex hasn't lost his glow in all that, but it's … still out.

"Kalaeya.. Was it B'au or Crihan who mentioned a Kalaeya…" Eshe muses, but loses her train of thought at Eitanex's antics. She looks at the boy for a considerable amount of time, then down at the tunnelsnakes and back at Eitan, "they're dead. They can't hurt you, Eit." Yet, she does toe the 'snakes toward the wall and out of the kid's way, lifting an eyebrow as if to ask 'better?'.

Kalaeya stares at Eshe, forgetting her gripe about lost light "Excuse me? B'au, Crihan? What about a Kalaeya?" She takes moment from being confused to roll her eyes at Eitanex. "They're -dead-." She repeats, before turning her attention back to Eshe with a questioning look.

"I /know/ they're dead," Eitanex sputters. "I still don't want to step on them!" Eitanex edges as far away from the walled snakes as he can while still lending the nimbus of his glow to the other two.

"Huh?" Eshe replies to Kalaeya, then lifts her eyebrows a little, "oh, right. I think it was Crihan who mentioned that there was a cousin named Kalaeya. Crihan's my cousin, see and so's B'au. I have quite a big family, impossible to keep track of all my cousins." She watches Eitan and tilts her head as she casts a glance toward the dead 'snakes, "Y'know.. The further you go into the dark, the more likely you are to run into a /live/ tunnelsnake."

Light begins to dawn for Kalaeya, "Oh /yes/. /Eshe/, right. I'm sure Han had mentioned you before. Yes, I'm B'au's sister. Crihan's cousin." Eitanex, fortunately or unfortunately, gets ignored whilst Kalaeya has a family moment. "How long've you been here for? I can't believe we haven't ran into each other sooner…"

"Shaaards," Eitanex says. He looks almost ready to cry. Well. Not really. He does come closer, though. He seems content just to listen as long as it involves more glow and less snakes.

Eshe grins at Kalaeya, a quick glance shot toward Eitan, making sure he's not about to go into a panic, then pays some more attention to the rider, "yes. Like I said, Eshe. From River Bend. Been here since summer, actually.. And I think we /have/ met before. Just didn't recognize you. Still couldn't remember when I was told about you. Sorry about that. But like I said. Big family.."

Kalaeya shrugs at Eshe, "Well, maybe. Fun though this has been, some of us do have things to do. Do you know the way out of these sharding tunnels?" She asks reluctantly, though it seems she has little choice. "It's been nice meeting you Eshe. And Eitanex, hopefully you'll grow out of this ridiculous tunnelsnake thing before your thirteenth Turnday. And, can I borrow your glow?" Small blush in the dark, that's two things she needs of other people. Shameful.

"I already had my thirteenth turnday," Eitanex mutters. Ooooh, resentful. Eitanex hands Kalaeya the glow, though. Even in the face of tunnelsnakes, he is chivalrous.

"I have more tunnelsnakes to catch. Weyrsecond Wyn wants fifteen of them," Eshe says with a light shrug, then juts her chin in the approapriate direction. "That way and to your left at the end. Then right after two junctions." Easy. She looks at Eitanex, lifting a brow as he gives up his glow in favour of Kalaeya, "looks like you'll have to help me get the rest of Wyn's order filled, then, Eit.." she jokes and sends a wink toward the greenrider over the boy's head.

"Not on your sharding /life/," Eitanex says, completely humorless, the putz, and follows Kalaeya out.

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