Verth's maiden flight

July 23rd 1998
Logged by D'renn

Central Bowl
It is a spring sunset.
Green Mayuth, bronze Danzith, brown Zenzorath, gold Rhyath, and green Verth are here.

Slither slither slither, all the way down Trydanth's side you go…

Trydanth dumps his rider as always without ceremony, settling down to loiter….

You go to the Living Caverns.
Living Caverns
Tucked into a glowlit niche are Miriamele, Brute, Fish, Cheraes, Nightcrawler, Bren, Pollina, and Zein.
Kay is here.

Trydanth> Verth eyes incoming blue speculatively, almost appraisingly. And then eyes Danzith. And Zenzorath too, while she's at it. Sparkly? Her? Naaaww.

Trydanth> Trydanth is sparky rather than sparkly… settling into a low crouch, the blue edges towards his playmate of the other day. Maybe she still wants to be squashed by him?

Kay hasn't even had time to make it to her usual sulking table, instead making an abrupt turn towards the juices. Again.

L'ars walks in from the Central Bowl.

D'renn trots lightly in. Nearly evening time and he needs some food. Or drink, at least. Joining Kay at the juuice table, he gives her a broad smile. "Which are you mixing today?"

Trydanth> Verth takes a time out to watch L'ars go away. And, time-in again, strikes a pose. Only this time, it's a tense pose. Hm. Males, males, and more /males/. Whatever is she supposed to do?

Trydanth> She's supposed to do what a green's supposed to do, isn't she? Or so Trydanth reckons, getting close enough to get a proper look.

Foxfire smolders under dark - chilly - tourmaline hide: blustery and pirate-dark, she embodies tempest seas in long, sturdy limbs. Briny, brackish green kindles depths that threaten to overwhelm her broadly canvassed sails and the ribbing of her belly, likewise imbuing the supple curve of her neck and rough, flicking tail with alluring shadows. Slender headknobs peak in eerie manifestations of light, echoed in the gloaming along serrated blades and in the intensity of her ever-puckish stare.
A pair of midnight blue-black straps are fastened, silver-buckled, around Verth's neck.
Verth is 1 Turn, 8 months, and 15 days old.
She is 22 meters long, with a wingspan of 36 meters.

"Redfruit.." Kay smiles wanly, a glass already half-full of the juice. "And citrus." Same combination as last time, as she mixes. "Hi L'ars." She waves a hand behind her, then turns to check the room. Hm.

"G'day, Kay." Hey. Woah. Okay. Anyway. L'ars grins, slipping through the doorway. "'Lo." He nods to D'renn, whom he's yet to meet. He thinks. Well.

D'renn pours himself just the redfruit, snatching a meatroll and sitting on top of a table to swing his legs. "Evening, L'ars." They've met. D'renn's been here for ever and a day…

Trydanth> Verth falls out of posing to pace to the side, eyeing the sunset. It's pretty, neh? Sending off a few more glinty sparkles, she works on oozing proddy-vibes. Mrow.

Oooh yeah. L'ars is kinda dumb. But you didn't hear that from him. "So. What's going on?" He asks, before pulling out a chair and sitting down.

Kay shrugs, taking a sip of her juice and leaning back against the juice table. "Not much, really." Er, yet.

Trydanth> Trydanth considers it to be very pretty. Looking as he is at Verth… interesting glow there.

L'ars nods, wrinkling his nose. "Kaaaay." Sigh. Whine.

"You sure?" D'renn dares Kay lightly, blue eyes sparkling over his glass. And he doesn't mind L'ars… D'renn's infallible ear for gossip makes him think he knows the bronzerider's problem.

Kay shrugs, eyes out on the bowl. "Nope." She's not paying enough attention to respond in kind to dares. "Kaaaaay what?" She glances over at L'ars, taking a drink.

Trydanth> Verth eyes male-like dragons again. And then, she ambles off pens-ward. Just a little snack, right? Right.
Trydanth> Verth takes off.

Yeah… Kaaaaaay what? D'renn's short legs swing back and forth above the cavern floor, perched as he still is on the table. And with half his attention outside… Uh-oh.

Trydanth> You take off.
Trydanth> Above the Bowl

Trydanth> Danzith takes off from Central Bowl

Trydanth> Verth glides off towards the pens.

Trydanth> Feeling peckish for a little something, edible or not? No matter, there is plenty happening in the pens below.
Trydanth> Above the Feeding Pens

Trydanth> Danzith glides in from the central bowl.

Trydanth> A wherry catches your attention, or something else equally delicious hrm?
Trydanth> Pens
Trydanth> Green Verth is here.

Trydanth> Danzith drops in from above; beasts scatter. Wiser than they look, aren't they?

Trydanth> Avery ies down on the grass, looking up at the beautiful colors of the sky and the dragons outlined there.

Kay quirks an eyebrow, attention back on the outside world. "H-mm." Yeah. And then attention goes to L'ars and D'renn. Tsk, tsk. After another drink she steps away from the table, working up a pace. Pace, pace.

Trydanth> Trydanth scatters the herd with a roar, sending them stampeding across the grass and likely to do damage to anything in their way. He's not interested in feeding though….. and settles to a ledge, to watch Verth. The green one. The /really/ green one.

Trydanth> Verth glides low-low-low, taking her time to peruse whatever incredible edible snacks are avaliable. And shadow-dark beneath her glow, she drops down atop a smallish herdbeast, pausing before going for the dead-and-dying creature's neck. Blood. Muahaa. Lookit her glow.

Trydanth> Avery watches the dragons hunt and the herderbeasts scatter under their claws. So graceful… and bright, she notices of the green.

D'renn just sits there, watching… much as Trydanth does, out in the pens. Look at the glow! Umm. Sorry. Wrong set of eyes.

Trydanth> Trydanth is watching, is /watching/. Eyes swirl red with avid hunger, of quite a different sort from that which probably bothers Verth at this moment.

Kay lapses off into silence, pacing stopped. And, eyebrows furrowed, she ponders. Huh.

D'renn ponders, dark brows also furrowed as a short-fingered hand reaches up to push one silver-streaked lock into place. So……

Maryne comes out of the kitchens, the smell of fresh baking following just behind.

Kay sighs, crossing her arms in front of her and contemplating the door. To run.. or not to run?

Trydanth> Verth finishes abruptly, red-tinge swirling into her vision as she hisses and streaks atop another beast, repeating the previous action. And then, she raises eyes to the sky. To run.. or not to run?

She can run, but whether Verth will fly is the far far more important question. D'renn just swings his legs still, quiet for once.

Maryne sits and watches the three from a corner

Trydanth> To fly, or not to fly, that is the question…. Trydanth shuffles to the edge of his perch, watching intently. Will she rise?

Trydanth> No, of course not. As if turning back was possible /now/. Apparently satisfied with only the two herbeasts, a tenative step is taken back, and Verth pushes off the ground with all the speed and grace she can muster. /Fly/.
Trydanth> Verth leaps up Up UP into the air.

Trydanth> Up up up! Wings beat to lift you up out of the dusty pens.
Trydanth> Above the Feeding Pens

Trydanth> Trydanth doesn't think, merely leaps, converting potential energy to kinetic in the blood-rush of the chase.

Maryne smiles warmly at the three and removes a freshly baked sweet roll from her pack, nibbling and picking at it…

Trydanth> Verth fed the rush even as she does now, with long, heavy wing-sweeps. Not one to engage in feats of agility or twisty acrobatics, she merely uses all the speed to her advantage. Fast, faster, fastest, fleeing across the bowl.

Trydanth> Trydanth zips behind her, wings beating fast in speedy pursuit. Sunset's glow shades copper-tinged blue to fiery red, as fierce as his lust-filled whirling eyes.

V'kyre moves with fawnlike grace in from the Central Bowl.

Kay busies herself deciding whether or not to pace, glaring darkly at.. the wall.. 'brow furrowed over her eyes. Glass of mixed juice sits forgotten in her hand.

D'renn gives up on his leg-swinging, and drops from his perch… starting to pace in unconscious imitation of Kay's earlier moves. Moving closer to the greenrider, he murmurs: "You really should move elsewhere very soon…"

Maryne steps into the shadows that lead back into the Weyr.

V'kyre picks his way through the crowds, sights set on klah and naught else - even if his lunk headed dragon has other ideas. Harumph. He's just not going to convice him otherwise, is he? Kay is thrown an intent, inscrutable look.

Kay blinks, staring at D'renn for a long moment before emitting a halfhearted 'hmph,' which could likely be taken for a yes. Though she doesn't seem to make any moves toward the doors.

Trydanth> Nazaraeth bursts up from the dust below.

D'renn nudges her gently with one elbow, nodding over in V'kyre's direction. "Ya really should move somewhere else, very soon, Kay…."

Trydanth> Verth continues her course, head-on with the Star Stones and then angling up just enough to skim the tops. Wings pump, then hold, sending her in a dizzy sweeping circle down the bowl's far end. Rowr. She's showing off, really, taunting and leaving flashy streaks of shiny green in her wake.

Kay blinks again, eyeing the elbow which so meanly bumped into her. Well. Fine, then. "Alr-iiight." The sigh of the long suffering, right?
Kay exchanges the protection of stone for the bowl outside.

* reconnect *

Bundle up 'gainst snow or sun! The bowl is open to seasons' wrath.
Central Bowl

Trydanth> Verth strives for the chase alone - not comprehending anything further, she only flies, and flies fast. Fleeing, escaping, slipping 'tween the fingers of the inevitable.

Open sky is exchanged for protecting stone.
Ground Weyrs
Kay and V'kyre are here.

L'ars comes into shelter from bowl's wide open spaces.

D'renn nudges Kay again, catching up after following only slowly. "There's the inner weyr, for when…" Well, never mind.

Kay twitches away, not really comprehending the meaning behind whatever words D'renn spoke to her. She's on an inner rampage now, right.

Trydanth> Verth catches a rise on a thermal, outspread wings shattering her forward motion as she hangs in the air, fully expecting those other, heavier, faster-moving males to sweep by even as she turns to fly at them nearly head-on. Chase this!

Trydanth> Trydanth's course is fixed now - towards Verth. And when at last she tires, he will be waiting…. now, even! Backwinging sharply, fire-tinged blue flaps, falling into a slow dive… and then swoops up again. Perhaps aerobatics are the most appropriate of moves…

Trydanth> Nazaraeth would rather not, thanks. He banks sharply, sliding along a downward gust of wind to avoid crashing into her. Then, he arches himself upward, to follow after her again. He'll chase the chaser. That way she won't be able to knock him head over heels into any walls. Which would be painful.

D'renn settles himself on one of the nearby chests, legs stretching out and actually reaching the ground from this seat. Blue eyes are intent on Kay… when they manage to focus.

Trydanth> Verth cruises the Star Stones again, following nearly the same path as she took /away/ from the Pens. A low swoop sends fowl screeching and throwing up feathers, and she positively gives a draconic chuckle of delight. And then, it's onward, over the lake where the glassy surface reflects her in all glowy majesty. Rowr.

Trydanth> Trydanth roooooooaaaaarrs after her, power surging through every sinew as he follows, above her flight path now… ready to dive. Head cocks to watch the mirrored dragon-flight, all haloed by the setting sun. Beautiful - not that Trydanth has time to appreciate anything other than Verth's glow.

Trydanth> Nazaraeth flaps determindly after, giving up all pretense at dignity. Dignity will get him nowhere. Wings swat at the air in agitation. He willnot let a dragon half his size run away from him, not at all. Onward he goes, skimmong right by thoise shell-shocked fowl, and finding proper thermals over tle lake. Afterr that green! Yes. Verth. The Verdant. Lovely color, that.

Trydanth> Verth engages in another up-down-up swoop, this time rising ever higher as if she intends to leave the area of the Weyr altogether. Updraft, downdraft, sends her keeling off course and back down, faltered. Hey, where's her pillow?

Eyes blink unseeingly as Kay clenches fists, pacing eventually stopped on the bowl side of the room, staring out in a non-focused way at the sky above.

Trydanth> Down.. up… down… up…. Trydanth strives to keep pace, keep level… impossible. Orange-gilded wings fold, blue falls into a dive… under and up. Hopefully to intercept with even the most wayward of greens.

Trydanth> Oh, about under her, now - he's one of those big plush toy-er, bronzes. Skid protection included, all velvet exterior, feather interior. Ahem. Nazaraeth cranes his neck, watching her with sharp eyes. He'll catch her if she keeps falling at that angle-

Trydanth> Interception? Grace withheld in her falling, Verth reaches out for the closest, brightest thing possible. And whattya know, it's Trydanth, that one who tried squishing her before. Well, this time he's squished, and she clings. Help her out here, bubba. Er, Nightlight-Blue.

Trydanth> Trydanth is far too spiky to be a pillow, especially around the neckridges… but in this case that's not so important. Wings flare wide wide wide, lean blue body twining with smaller green. Whaddya know, hmm? Perhaps he /could/ make a good cushion.

V'kyre leaves healers' enclave for the central bowl.

Trydanth> In the weyr bowl below, Nazaraeth drops in from above, landing with a light *thud*.

Kay freezes, perhaps as shocked as her dragon, as striking images cease suddenly. And pauses, unsure. Peep.

D'renn nudges Kay far far more forcefully than before… carrying on nudging her right beneath that thick wherhide curtain and into the inner ground weyr.

Oh. Okay. Kay'll go there. Sure. Okay.
Kay ducks beneath the heavy curtain and goes into the inner ground weyr.

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