Tsunami's Wet Tunic Contest

February 20th 2003
Logged by G'ram

Central Bowl

Fantorith can't just arrive. Oh, no. He must do so with a flourish. Circling, circling, circling - a lower, tighter, clean spiral as he makes his way down toward the bowl - the brown takes up a great deal more room than absolutely necessary just so he can land. And, when he does so, it's with aplomb, wings folding as G'ram, seemingly oblivious to the grandstanding, hops down and dusts off his palms. "This better be worth it."
You half-slide, half-jump toward the ground. If Fantorith's feeling charitable, he might even crouch a little.

Zai taps her foot impatiently, standing beside Puizuth and glancing occassionally up toward the weyrs above. If watches existed, Zai would be checking hers. "G'ram!" She brightens a bit as the brownrider lands. "At least /someone/ knows about promptness." She glances up again, and then toward the living caverns. "Shards. Where /is/ everyone?"

Kohana looks rather nervously at the riders. Lots of people kinda make Kohana shy.

Pendren steps out from the Weyr's living caverns.

Swept up in a sudden rush of interest, poor Pendren is all out of sorts upon arriving in a very damp, dragon-filled bowl. Now at all dressed for rain, the little resident looks promptly miserable and mutters darkly to himself as he scoots towards the nearest cover- A big hunk of blue dragon. Of course, how was /he/ to know it was Tye's dragon? The blue was just so invitingly colored and had those big wings in which to find shelter. Sniff. "Tye?" Blink. "Why oh why am I here?" It's a good question…

"Promptness?" G'ram stands up a little taller, absently straightening out his coller as Fantorith all but rolls his eyes and goes to settle somewhere a bit more out of the way. "Yes, I suppose I am prompt," he says agreeably, half-jogging over toward Zai and likewise peering about the bowl. "Late, I guess." But he's prompt, so nyeh.

Zhesteth dives straight off of her (blindingly sparkly) ledge, hardly even bothering with flapping her wings until just at the last moment, when she pulls herself into a rather long skid across the ground, sending assorted dust and mud in all directions behind her. Once pulled to a full and complete stop, she eagerly paws the ground, tail swishing back and forth (and likely swishing with it any debris that may be back there) with excitement. Astride her, Lhana bears a grin expressing similar sentiments, though the twinkle in her eye is probably enough to make any that know her at least a tad nervous. Each new arrival gets their own bubbly greeting from the oh-so exuberant dragon, who seems utterly unmindful of her own noisiness. "All /right/," Lhana says, not bothering to dismount, "When do we leave?" Hopefully /soon/.

Shirasuth drops in from above, landing with a light *thud*.

Valedath sweeps into the bowl, circling around in the air for a few moments before making a nice, gentle landing. No funny stuff involved. Turning his head back, he watches as Tye kick her leg over the neck ridge and, with the aid of a proferred foreleg, fall to the ground. "Alright, we're here." The bluerider annouces as she strides away from her dragons side to meet to others. "When is this little.. er.. shin-dig going to start?" Tye places her hands on her hips and leans in. Valedath tilts his head and lowers it near Pendren, who seemed to be seeking shelter. The blue gives a playful whuffle towards the boy. Turning, Tye notices this and gives a snort. Just her luck.

Kohana says, "Wow. Lots of dragons. Can…can I pet one?"

Nylca is here too, lounging on one of Laeth's legs as the green twitters, and purrs to all the dragons - ah me, so many dragons, so little time.

Pendren looks properly honored for the whuffing recieved by the very much adored blue and pats the soft hdie affectionately before shuffling a bit closer to the compelling spicy scent of Valedath. Ahhh. Tye gets a very expansive grin as he slides down the blue's side to a sitting position, evading the worst of the rain. He's happy, he's content, and he's got Tye a-ruffle. Does the day get any better then this? Not likely.

G'ram coughs into his fist and says toward Kohana, "Pet one? Well. That's a first, I think." He looks over his shoulder toward Fantorith, then back at Zai for a second. "We're not doing this HERE, I hope? 'Cause. Uhm. It's a bit chilly for what I hear is supposed to be going down?" He gives an exaggerated shiver.

Zai looks slightly cheered as even more weyrlings appear. Lhana is waved at happily, and she edges toward Puizuth's side. "Right. Well, let's get out of the wet and cold and go on down to Southern. Tatia's there already, setting things up. Late comers will just have to show up on their own." She pulls herself up onto Puizuth. She eyes G'ram from atop the brown. "No, no. Southern. Do the weyrlings have that location, or should Puizuth visualize for you?"
Zai steps onto Puizuth's forepaw of deep brown, and swings up to settle between his gold laced neckridges

Kohana blushes lightly.

Iztenith drops in from above, landing with a light *thud*.

G'ram, to Zai, "I know that *I* don't know it. So a bit of help would be appreciated. Unless you're using this as a ploy to deplete the number of weyrlings?" He smirks, then jogs back over toward Fantorith, waving to Kohana as well. "You're welcome to come along, I'm sure."
You climb on up between Fantorith's bulky neckridges, probably getting at least a little help from the brown himself.

Kohana says, ""Really? I'd love to!"

Shirasuth swoops in swiftly from the northern bowl to land close to the group gathered with an expert backwing. Showing off? Never. He's just that good. K'nex sits on top of his mount, expression pulled into a frown and looking ever bit like he's going to a long boring meeting - not a party. Of course, it /is/ raining on him and that doesn't help. Still makes you wonder, though. "So is everyone about to go now?" He asks unenthusiasticly, peering about.

Zhesteth may have /liked/ to have been petted…but there's certainly no time for that now! Lhana lets out her own celebratory shout, right along with Zhesteth's happy bugle. "All /right/!" She exclaims again. "It's time for a little /Wet/ /Tunic/!" She's really way, way too excited about all of this.

G'ram offers a hand for Kohana, then. See what a nice guy he is?
Likely with a little help from Fantorith, Kohana climbs up to settle between the brown's bulky neckridges.
Kohana grins happily and says happily, "I've never ridden a dragon before."

Kalyssa steps out from the Weyr's living caverns.

'Twixt Puizuth's gold-laced ridges of autumn brown, Zai bobs her head at G'ram. "Alright. Puizuth is envisioning. Any of you who don't have the location, have your dragon learn it. When you're ready, we'll go." She smirks in K'nex's direction. "Well. Don't you look thrilled to be here," she adds brightly. "You should gather some enthusiasm. Like Lhana, here." She bobs her head toward the greenrider. 

"Val and I have it." Tye announces, as she turns on her heel and walks back over by Valedath. Pendren is eyed a moment, before the girl sniffs and grabs a hold of the straps, climping up. Valedath snorts at his rider, and then goes back to watching the boy. "Oy vey. C'mon Val.. I don't wanna! …but Valedath! That's not fair!" Tye scowls before looking down at Pendren. "Err.. well.. get on up if ya wanna make your way to Southern with us." She even holds a hand out to help him out. Now /that/ is nice.

Nylca nods. "I know it," she says idly, before "oofing" to a standing position, and then climbing up Laeth's wiggly side. Her dragon's a bit over excited at this outing.
Nylca is lifted into the air via Laeth's kindly lifted forepaw to settle between two tabby-striped 'ridges.

From Zhesteth's neck, Lhana isn't going to say anything more. She's too busy envisioning.

G'ram gives Kohana a strap, mutely demonstrating how to fasten it to a belt by doing so with his own. "Really? Well. Not much to it. Just don't fall off, and you'll be fine," he says easily. "Right!" he adds, calling toward Zai. "Thanks." And then, over his shoulder to his adopted passenger, "At least we're going somewhere warm. You all set?"

Kohana quickly does what G'ram had shown her and tells him, "Yup. All set."

Is it possible? Can Pendren grin any wider then he already is? Apparently so. With a little fond pat to Val he takes the hand and scuttles upward and onto the blue. "Don't mind if I do." Oh, this just /is/ his day. Wait till he tells Ajala about how he got to ride Tye's dragon today against Tye's better judgements. Cackle.

Ensnaring a braid of riding harness, Pendren escalates over prominent royal robes and ridges of cerulean, finding saftey on the neck of Valedath.

From Iztenith's neck, D'ean is sitting here clueless yet with a clue. Bah, brainfriedness

'Twixt Puizuth's gold-laced ridges of autumn brown, Zai, growing impatient to get out of the cold and wet, gives Puizuth the signal and the pair launch into the air. She'll just assume the others are following. "Whenever you're ready, go ahead. We're going to miss the best part of the day if we don't move it."
Puizuth takes off.

Zhesteth takes off.

"Good," says G'ram over his shoulder. "Then I believe we'll be on our way." Without further ado - not that he's anxious or anything - Fantorith unfurls his wings with a snap and leaps skyward, following fast in Puizuth's wake.

You take off.
Sky Above Central Bowl

Puizuth slips into ::between:: in a flash of autumn browns.
Shirasuth swirls, all dust storm, into ::between::!
Zhesteth disappears into the cold region of ::between::, leaving an odd, imagined effervescence behind her.
Iztenith burns a hole in the atmosphere as she melts into the nothingness of ::between::
Fantorith disappears into Between, his brown bulk suddenly vanishing from the sky.

You hang, senseless, in the dark nothingness of ::between::… absolute darkness surrounds you, and the profound cold stings you… you wait, and count…

Fantorith suddenly arrives, no doubt with a flourish or a flare, from Between.

Puizuth soars east towards the beach.
Laeth soars east towards the beach.

G'ram checks over his shoulder to make sure he hasn't like lost Kohana - which would really be problematic - then, without a word, peers down toward the beach. Behold! Somewhere warm!

You soar east towards the beach. The weyr cliff falls behind you and you hover over the sheltered beach.
You glide down for a landing on the Weyr Beach.

With a soft thud, D'ean manages to shimmy down from Iztenith.

The event may be Wet Tunic, but the beach looks like it's fixed up for an all-out luau. Glow baskets dangle from poles set around the permiter of the party-area, in preparation for the evening hours, and on one end a slightly raised stage is already occupied by a two-man band of gitarist and percusionist, who has a plethora of instruments tucked away at his side. Nearby, a table stretches, piled high with sweet goodies, fresh fruit, pitchers of juice, and a few bottles of a more potent sort. The bonfire is already raging cheerfully, well out of reach of the waves, inviting someone to wander close to warm.. er. Right. Southern /is/ warm. It's for that after-sunset chill, then. Tossed in a pile, almost as an afterthought, lie several buckets, big enough to hold a good deal of water, but small enough to be easily hefted. Most usefully, over someone's head.

Valedath glides in for a landing.
An accommodating incline of foreleg from Valedath allows Tye to disembark with the assistance from this cavalier.

An accommodating incline of foreleg from Valedath allows Pendren to disembark with the assistance from this cavalier.

Shirasuth glides downward, circling one or twice before landing and dropping of his rider. Practically dumping the we tbrownrider off, really. K'nex hits the sands with a thud, stumbling, and looking just as sour as he did back at the weyr. Seems he hasn't found that enthusiasm yet. Shira bounds off again as soon as his rider is off him towards the water, but still nto far enough away that he can't /watch/. Kez, grumbling a little, brushes his damp self off, making a face.

K'nex climbs careflully down from Shirasuth's neck, using the bulky brown's extended limb, and steps safely onto the ground.

Nylca grins as she thumps down from Laeth's neck, quickly unbuttoning her jacket, and pulling off her gloves. "It's sure a lot warmer here," she notes with a grin as she asks Laeth to bend down. She goes about removing the greens straps, then sets both straps and jacket in a safe - dry - spot.

Kohana says, "How do I get down?"

Zai slips off Puizuth's side. "Mmm, warmpth!" Zai looks quite pleased, and she strips off her riding jacket as she walks toward the Wingleader. "Tatia! We're here. They were mostly late - except G'ram, he was on time - " She takes a moment to beam toward the brown. "So it took a bit, but we're here now. And /Faranth/ it's nice and warm." She eyes the set-up and nods approvingly. "Excellent. We're all set, then?"

Zhesteth comes in for an immediate landing - no ostentatious show here. She's too eager to deposit her passenger and head out into the warm, lovely ocean. Which she immediately does. Lhana slips right off of her into the hot sand, mindful to take her towel with her as she goes, and quite instantly starts undressing. Boots cannot be disposed of quickly enough, and they're left sitting, with her leathers, in a little pile on the sand, her towel sitting atop them. And Lhana emerges, dressed in nothing more than a skimpy pink bikini and a skintight, white, short-sleeved tunic with the words 'REIGNING CHAMPION' scrawled across it in sparkly, rainbow lettering. If you look very closely, you can see that she's also drawn the Tsunami emblem on both of her sleeves. "Oh, I just /love/ the warm weather." Yummy yummy.

Lhana turns sideways and sliiiides down Zhesteth's conveniently-placed forelimb, landing on the ground with a soft *thump*.

Fantorith alights with a big spray of sand - nothing in moderation, of course. He probably sends up a great deal more sand than necessary as he settles himself, and G'ram turns at the waist. "Just unbuckle yourself and hop down. Should be pretty easy. Ground's nice and soft." He does so himself, landing in a crouch.

Kohana hops down from between Fantorith's neckridges, landing near the bulky brown.

You half-slide, half-jump toward the ground. If Fantorith's feeling charitable, he might even crouch a little.

Tatia is evidently deep in discussion with the harpers on the stage, head bent to scan the hide one's holding for her with a slow nod and a few suddenly flashing grins that indicate she's looking forward to an evening of food, dancing, and fun. As dragons begin to appear in the sky, she glances up and sends that broad smile toward wingmate. "H'llo!" she greets, already treking through the sand. Zai is eyed with some surprise, and then green eyes flick toward G'ram. "Really? Now that's a surprise. We're all set up here."

G'ram, in that interim since he hopped off his dragon, has been busy taking off his boots and his socks, stuffing the latter into the toes of the former. Takes a while to unlace those boots, after all. Once that's done, he rolls up his cuffs and stands up again, looking very much happier. "Nice digs," he adds to no one in particular, eyeing the scenery like he knows all about decorating.

K'nex slips out of his jacket while walking - it may be raining back home, and cold between, but it's hot here - and dumps it on some empty part of the table. He's still shivering a little - rain, shorts and between do not mix - but the tropical heat is quickly warming him up. Physically, at least. He still doesn't look /terribly/ thrilled to being here, and in answer to any odd looks or comments abotu his mood announces: "For the record, I'm only here because I was threatened." Speaking of threats… "Hi Tat." Grumble. "Oh, and Tsunami pride and all that…," he adds as an afterthoguh to why he's here. He does have /some/ wing pride at least, shown proudly with a wave symbol on his tunic.

D'ean sighs loudly as he sticks his rather cold toes in the warm sands of Southern. "Ahhh, I'm good right here." He doesn't need to get himself involved in any silly events if he can just stay here. Izzy on the other hand has managed to get herself to the water's edge and suiting herself by staring into the surface.

Kohana sits down in the sand, arranging her long skirts so that her pale legs stuck out from under them. Quickly she undid the laces to her shoes and pulled them off. She wore no socks that day. It was nice to put her toes in the sand and let them warm up.

Tye gathers all the discarded clothes and throws them, in a pile, off to the side. When it is warm, there is no need for riding jackets and such. "Mmm. Very nice." Tye all but purrs as she swings her arms back and forth a few times, just loving this thing called heat. "So exactly what is going on?" The bluerider asks, taking a few steps towards G'ram. "Do you have any clue? I've heard a couple people saying somethings.. but I wasn't paying all that much attention." Like normal.

"Oh, just because you hate him doesn't mean he's awful," Zai replies absently to Tatia. "And he /was/ on time." As she talks, she slowly removes clothing until she's down to a full-piece bathing suit and a towel around her waist. A pile of clothes is beside her. She glances over at Tatia. "So, are you running this thing? Should we be… grouped, or something?" She raises a hand to shadow her eyes and glances about. "There's quite a crowd," she observes brilliantly.

Nylca is deaf, really, or at least, hasn't been paying attention. "Sun…." thoughtful pause. "/SUN/" she states again for no real reason, then giggles a bit. "And water!" Wooooo. "I like it here," she turns to Tye. "I hear something about a Wet Tunic something or other. I think we're going to swim."

Tatia has fortunately already been here for some time, and she's long since stripped to the two-piece outfit that's intended more for soaking up the sun than swimming, though it's pratical enough to stay firmly in place for that, too. Her Tsunami scarf is draped loosely around her neck, blue and white contrasting with the plain black, and her tunic is evidently tucked away somewhere for future use. She grins at K'nex and trundles over to favor him with a quick kiss and a teasing shake of her head. "Threatend is such a harsh word," she notes before flicking a wave toward Pendren with a surprised arch of her brows and snorting in laughter at Hiza. "Wet Tunic, dear. Tsunami tradition. Gotta keep up the wing name, y'know." Zai is pointedly ignored. Probably because she disagrees, and the other option is screaming nastily or throwing punches. Ignoring is much better. Even if it includes Zai's questions about Wet Tunic. Hey. There's music. There's food. Let people have /fun/ before they have to submit to the embarrassin.. er.. fun.

G'ram aims a quick grin Kohana's way, saying, "Y'know, that's exactly what I'd like to do." Then, to Tye, "But methinks that is not my purpose today." He scratches the back of his neck, nodding toward Tatia, Zai, K'nex, et al. "I heard something to the effect of a wet tunic competition. I think we're all supposed to get soaked and look sexy. Easier for some than others, but…" He trails off, pretending to flex the already raised arm; ooh, buff.

Lhana prowls across the sand, making sure everyone sees the words on her shirt. Yes, that's right. And don't you /forget/ it! The weyrlings, as possible competition, are sized up with what can only be labelled a decidedly predatorial glare as she makes her way over to the tables. A cup of wine is grasped, and she takes a quick swig of it before migrating over to the other Tsunamis. "Oh, c'mon, K'nex. It'll be fun." There's that malicious glint in her eye again. She poses, though she attempts to make it look like she just stands in supersexy supermodel poses normally. "They have no idea what's coming to them." Bwahahahaha.

Kohana grins amusedly in G'ram's direction, "Wet tunic competition?" Then chuckles brightly, "Sounds like fun."

D'ean watches the surroundings, how about he just watches the wet tunic competition and be his own judge… for his own purposes of course. Deaners just looks around at the gathering folk and decides lying in the sun isn't such a bad idea, so off goes the clothes besides some unnecessary, yet necessary to Dean, items.

Pendren notices, right quick, that he's one of the only ones without a dragon present. Of course, he gets the distinct impression - From that arched brow of Tats and the rather brooding melencholy from Tye on bringing him here - that he's not necessarily /suppose/ to be here, but now that he is, might as well enjoy it. After all, he's an owner of a Tatia scarf, perhaps not a Tsunami scarf, but of Tatia craft none the less. Sleeves rolled up, boots tossed away, Pendren is stretched upon the fringe of sand and very happy. Sun filters down to intermingle with pale flesh and dark locks, making the teen actually appear somewhat good looking. I know, I can barely believe it myself. "Wet tunic competition," is repeated blissfully, the meaning completely lost on the prostrate young man when- "Wet tunic competition?!" Eyes shoot open, lips sink. Ooh no. Ajala is going to kill him. He just- wont look? Mutter. He's doomed.

Tye raises both eyebrows, a look somewhat close to shock appear on her face. "Get soaked and look sexy?" Confused and perplexed emotions soon run rampart across the girl's face. "I hate to say it, but I don't look sexy for /anyone/." And that's the darn truth. Blasted modest weyrlings. Snapping her head around, Tye spots Nylca and shuffles off towards the greenrider. "I think I'd rather just swim.." She says randomly, looking off towards the waters where Valedath was soaking. "What are your thoughts on it?" Tye tilts her head in question, as she looks back at Nylca.

Zai, wrinkling up her nose at Tatia's silent treatment, drifts away from the wingleader and toward the clump of people near G'ram. "I don't know what you did to Tatia, but she clearly has no plans to forget it anytime in the next three passes," she offers in greeting, beaming at Kohana. "I'm Zai," she directs toward the girl, before continuing on. "Faranth help you if you end up assigned to Tsunami. You'll be assigned to early morning sweeps forever."

Osiris blinks in from ::between::!

Nylca hmms a bit as she gets sidenotes in her mind from Laeth. "Well, they tried to make us do an emergancy dive into the Weyr Lake in winter with no clothes on. I suppose a Wet Tunic competition isn't so bad, though I hope they don't expect me to do more than just… stand there." she makes a show of sizing up her figure. "Heh, hope this doesn't count towards Graduation."

K'nex makes a face at Tatia, wrinkling his nose. "I /was/ threatened. That was definantly a threat." Pbbt. He was threatened, and if she thinks that she can just bounce over and be happy and be forgiven for making him come…Well, she's probably right, but he'll still be annoyed about being here. Sorta. It /is/ nice here. "Hmph. Fun," the brownrider grunts, glancing at Lhana. "As long as I don't get a bucket of water dumper over me and forced to compete it'll be, sure."

"Then I don't think you're going to win," G'ram calls toward Tye as she goes shuffling off, then turns to smile prettily at Zai. "I didn't do anything. I think she's holding a grudge 'cause I never found her stuffed firelizard or something stupid like that. All water under the bridge so far as I'm concerned." Ahem. "Oh, yes," he adds, looking toward Kohana. "I brought her with us from the Reaches. I'm G'ram, by the way."

Lhana's ears prick up at the thought of someone else getting the early morning sweeps. Immediately, she migrates over that way. Toward Zai and G'ram, that is. "Oooh, you /should/ go Tsunami. Then maybe I could get sweeps at a decent hour, for once." The 'modest' weyrlings get a glance of purely unconcealed amusement. Yes, Lhana is in her element here - one of the only instances in life where it /pays/ to be utterly shameless. "So…when do we start the competition?" This is called back over to Tatia, of course. She /is/ in charge…isn't she? Kohana gets a curious glance. "I'm Lhana." The 'REIGNING CHAMPION'. See shirt? Yes. It's true.

Kohana a little grin touched Kohana's lips, "Nice to meet all of you. Glad I was in the Weyrbowl when I was."

Tye snorts, "I could see this being part of one of the classes, for some reason or another." It's High Reaches, this stuff is normal. Tye did not shuffle to far off, that she still heard G'ram's comment. "We'll just see. I still might be able to." She's lying through her teeth. "Bet I 'least get a higher standings then you!" Yes, Tye must bring competition into everything. But hey, this /is/ just the place and time to do so. "I'll go along," She states back to Nylca. "So long as I don't have to flounce myself every which way."

Zai snorts. "Sure. You didn't do anything. Not that I care." Lhana gets a glance as she wanders over, and Zai beams at her. "And I can assure you it's not water under the bridge for Tatia," she adds to G'ram. Kohana captures her attention, and she leans forward to mock-whisper to the girl. "Make sure to vote for one of the Tsunamis. Like me or Lhana or Tatia." She waves a hand toward Tatia. She raises her eyebrows conspiratorily, and then steps back looking pleased. Who's bribing judges? What?

Kohana looks at Zai and says, "I gotta see first, don't I?" Chuckles again, her light voice filled with amusement.

Pendren quirks a brow as Zai talks softly to Kohana and he wanders over, interest pisqued. Hmm? Bribing? If there's going to be anyone bribed here, it should be him. Sand delightedly shifting through exposed toes, the little Reachian hop-skips into the loose cluster of folks to immure himself in the conversation. "Hello hello!" Or in other words, pay attention to the poor boy, he's fidgeting.

G'ram says insistently, "But. Really. I didn't do anything." Which might be the problem. "I think she's just moody and spiteful," he adds speculatively, squinting toward Tatia before he overhears Tye's comment. "Hah! Only if you plan on entering the boys' competition," he retorts with a puff. "And don't vote for those old folks," he adds toward Kohana. "Us strapping young'uns are the way to go," with a serious nod.

D'ean applauds from his sunning position, "So when do we get the festivities started m'dears?" He's just interested in having fun, he doesn't have anything to show off… or does he? Just the greenrider 

Tatia is moody, but for the most part she's grown out of the spiteful stage. Unfortunately, holding grudges doesn't seem to come with it. She simply grins in reply to K'nex and the bounds back toward the stage, pointless scarf fluttering behind her. A few soft words send the musicians into silence and skittering off to grab a sweet or two, and the wingleader mounts the stage and clears her throat pointedly, and loudly. "If I can have your attention, please!" she calls. And Tatia has good vocal cords. Quite loud, that is. 

Kohana looks over at G'ram and grins, "Are you sure about that?"

Nissionath jumps off the cliff from above, and floats down to the beach on outstretched wings.

Lhana nods emphatically Kohana-wards, seconding Zai's little 'advice'. "You too," she merely says to Pendren, not even bothering with this mock-whisper business. G'ram's remarks would normally earn him the fiercest glare of his life, but Lha's in a particularly good mood, and so she only gives him a somewhat threatening glare and a saucy hair-flip. "Ha!" As if. She would say more, but she can't think of anything witty, and besides that, Tatia's trying to get their attention. So she turns, watching expectantly, the model of a perfect listener.

Zai glances up toward Pendren, looking innocent. "Hullo!" G'ram's comment causes a short laugh. "Moody and spiteful. Hmm. Perhaps, but I'd be careful not to say that around /her/. Especially if you do end up in Tsunami through some strange twist." She smirks, apparently about to say more, but she's luckily distracted by Tatia. The brownrider turns to watch the wingleader expectantly, but not before she manages to sneak in another word to Kohana. "No, no. Trust me. Tsunami." 

G'ram starts to say something back to Kohana but, well, Tatia starts talking all loud so he cuts off his words and just nods emphatically. So there.

Nylca is lifted into the air via Laeth's kindly lifted forepaw to settle between two tabby-striped 'ridges.
Laeth takes off, scattering sand about with her wings.

Ajala makes use of the dainty rope ladder on one side on Nissionath, and scales down the side of the pudgy, sooty, queen, skipping the last two rungs and landing onto the floor with a clanking thud.

Tye's mouth drops open as she just stares at G'ram. Clamping it shut, she lets out a grumble, "'least I've got something /to/ show off! Just you wait, my standings will be much better then yours." She scowls at the brownrider, before shutting her mouth and turning her attention on Tatia.

Kohana turns her own attention to Tatia, struggling to keep the giggles inside.

Pendren nearly melts with relief as Ajala unexpectedly shows up. "Jala! By Faranth's great soggy bottom I promise I /wasn't/ going to look!" Honest! He'd never be witness to a wet tunic contest… really… never… Ahem. But, good for the babbling Reachian, he's cut off by Tatia's sonorous voice and instead just plants himself firmly at Ajala's side. He wasn't going to look- maybe.

K'nex snorts, but turns his attention to Tatia as she calls for attention. Well, as Tsunami Wingleader, she's had plenty of practise yelling. Mostly at wayward wingmates…and occasionally anyone else that bothers her particularly. The brownrider crosses his arms and patiently waits. He's just here for moral support. Really.

D'ean tosses an eye over toward G'ram, "Are you placing me in the 'old folk' section? I hope not lad." A dust off of some sand from his chest as he pretends to allow himself to bathe in the glory of his fit body, swoon, oogle, you'll never get him. He chuckles a moment before turning an eye over toward Tatia, a whistle offered from the greenrider as a greeting toward the rider.

Hiza has been trundling about, loosing boots and socks in one spot and pants in the another. No fears-she's wearing her one peice (as ditacted by dragon) swim suit underneath. No Hiza underoos for everyone's eyes, oh no. As Tatia talks, the Inferno rider, who isn't really supposed to be here in the first place, ties a knot in the bottom of her tunic, showing off a tummy that does look even vaguely like it's owner gave birth. Turns ago, but still. "M'glad I don't have to do the wet tunic uh.. thing." Whispered to the closest person, it is.

G'ram'd probably clarify for D'ean but. Well. Tatia. He just waves his hand at the greenrider for now, apparently meaning that to signal that he's going to clear the air later or something.

As the surrounding folks fall into silence, Tatia's grin broadens, and she inclines her head toward the buckets ready and waiting to one side. "Rules are simple enough," she continues, voice still pitched at Wingleader Loud. Her eyes slide to D'ean, who's fixed with a glare cool enough to bring 'Reaches ice to Southern, and then skim away again. "Girls, tunics. Water. The guys get to vote, and we'll crown a new winner." Her lips twitch again, and she glances at Lhana's proudly proclaimed title. "Or maybe Tsunami will keep the crown. Either way. And after that.. we'll have a bit of fun for the guys, too." Her smile turns positively wicked, and she bounds off the stage toward the buckets, scooping up her own tunic as she goes. "Girls, to the water!"

Ajala chuckles pleasantly as she thuds down to the sand, calling a thanks to Vaeli and Nissi as they depart. Whirling to face the gathered crowd, eyes a-sparkle, she beams and pushes her way towards the activity. As Pendren bounds up to her, she laugh good-naturedly. "I don't care if you look. Its alright, dearheart." Still giggling, she gives the boy an affectionate nudge with her shoulder, crossing her arms over her stomach as she stands on tip-toe, peering over heads. "What's going on?" Snapping her mouth shut as Tatia speaks, she grins. "Sounds like fun. Go Tye!" She cheers enthusiastically, of course, although her marks are on Lhana, who's upper region is famous all over Pern.

Kohana watches as the girls head towards the stage. This was going to be interesting.

D'ean looks back at Tatia with quite a warm glance before turning toward the women, he should probably close his eyes now as Izzy wouldn't like him watching, but bah, his masculinity takes over and the bakerling rolls over onto his chest so to evenly warm up his backside.

K'nex sort of half-listens to Tatia's speach, having heard it before at the last time. After all, it doesn't apply to him. No one needs to dump water over him and force him to compete this time - he's staying perfectly out of it, thank you. And then…he blinks. And stares for a moment. "Wait…," he murmurs. 'Bit of fun for the guys too?' Cue a slightly worried look from the brownrider. Uh. Kez still looks faintly confused as he watches the Wet Tunic Contest begin.

Zai looks a bit reluctant, but a parting whisper of "Remember, Tsunami" toward Kohana, she moves toward the water, dropping her towl and picking up her tunic to pull on over her bathing suit. "Y'know, this would be a much better event if I was only a judge. Don't you think there should be a judge who doesn't participate?" This is announced to whoever's listening, as Zai tugs nervously at her tunic.

Lhana steps up, only too eager to get this show on the road. An empty bucket is grasped, and she dashes for the ocean. Filled bucket acquired, she rushes back, struts into center-stage, and then, with much ado and as much sexiness as she can muster without dropping anything, soaks herself thoroughly. The bucket is then unceremoniously dropped, and she struts back and forth across the stage, crawling to and fro with her trademarked Unabashed Sexiness(tm). In the middle she pauses, shimmying lithely and making sure her tunic is pulled tightly enough to show off exactly what earned her that title. Predatorial gazes are thrown out at the audience shamelessly, as Lhana dances, struts, and basically seduces her audience long-distance. Oh, you /know/ you want her. Eventually, though, she /does/ remember that other people need to use the stage, too, and so she slinks off into the background, just daring the others to top her performance. Mrrrowl.

Pendren grins expansively as Ajala gives him permission to watch and vote accordingly. Lhana, though not a particularily close aquaintence, is sized and decidedly favored for this first event. After all, she cerainly seems to be a reigning champ for a reason, neh? Of course, the boy wont bring himself to activly cheer for Tye, but he'll give a general woot for the various competators reguardless. Ajala is given a font little kiss on the cheek before he watches Lhana's performance with ever-widening eyes until a mug-like appearance is achieved. Wheeze.

Kohana gives a grin to Zai, "Whatever you say." She goes from sitting to laying on her stomach, her skirts bruogh up to just beneathe her toosh.

D'ean allows a whistle to emit from his lips as Lhana finishes, "Yaaaay." He claps his hands together rather happily, but he's gonna withhold his vote until he sees all the women, can't have someone win again, t'wouldn't be fair.

Ajala cocks her head at Lhana's performance in an expression of calculating respect. "Hey, you know, she's pretty good at that. Perhaps even more wriggly then I am." Her head is tilted a little further, eyes narrowing in a studious manner. "Wow!" As the busty greenrider shimmies off stage, the guardlet cheers whole-heartedly. "What an impressive performance!" Glancing over at Pendren to see his reaction, she can't help but laugh. Hee. "Hey, do I get to vote?" is questioned to the general public.

Only if you're voting for Lhana. Cough, cough.

G'ram, of course, would NEVER wolf-whistle at the girlies. Just not like him. The fact that the sound emanates from his general direction is pure coincidence, no doubt, as he looks accusingly over at F'red. (Let's just ignore that F'red is too busy gawking with his chin dropped, practically salivating, to actually manage something like a wolf-whistle.)

Tye takes a breath of air and shots a glance over by the other 'riders. Oh, she's ready, ready to prove.. uh.. well.. prove something. Exactly what that is yet, not even Tye is sure. The bluerider walks near the water, but stops, allowing some of the other girls head into the water first, before taking off at a run and blasting through the lake. No need for a bucket with her. Water sprays every which way, but a good majority of it clinging right to Tye. A few more strides are taken, before the 'ling goes head first into the water. Exploding from the surface, the bluerider strides out of the lake and back onto the sand. She makes her way over to the stage. Lhana's performance is watched, and Tye gives a smack to her forehead. Not going to be easy to beat that, but she'll try. Up onto the platform she goes, trying her best to be as ladylike as possible. With water falling off of her in streams, she walks to the middle and gives a shy little fingerwaggle to the crowd. One spin around is the only other thing she does, before giving a chuckle and a smile. Tye then promptly turns on her heel and walks off the stage, but not without tripping first. Ah, the inhumanity.

Hiza doesn't plop down, as she's too short as it is. Issryuith can be heard giving a sort of whuffling noise as Hiza says, "Oh, don't worry, it's only a contest, sweets." She doesn't seem to be watching her outloud responses, but grins as the strutting begins. Appopriate clapping follows, as she laughs, "Yea, I'm really glad I don't have to participate." Hiza's got curves like a poorly developed thirteen Turner. Wince as Tye trips. "/Really/ glad."

Tatia follows after Lhana with more enthusiasm and smiling than is usually seen in the greenrider's near vicinity. A bucket is hooked in one hand after she pauses to wiggle into her own tunic - not nearly as tight and flashy as Lhana's, but that /is/ what the water's for. She pauses at the edge of the stage, waiting for Lhana and Tye to take their turns before stepping upward and drenches herself. There's no real prancing or shimmying from Tat's part - something in the greenrider's confident stance seems to indicate that there's no need. Most likely because the heated gaze she turns on the crowd threatens to narrow into a painful glare at any moment. The wingleader simply pauses, hands on hips, one hip jutted forward, and takes time to study each and every male in the crowd, daring them to vote elsewhere. Tatia may not be a Lis, but she's got enough to make her a Tsunami. And besides - do you /really/ want to risk that glare? And then she's gone, making room for the next.

Zai looks quite throughly displeased with this whole idea, but moves forward to grab a bucket none-the-less. Quickly filled, she returns to the stage and after a moment's hesitation dumps it over herself. Looking quite wet, quite curve-less, and quite pitiful, the buff brownrider does her best to walk somewhat sexily across the stage, wet curls sticking unattractively to her face. With a last attempt at a hip-wiggle, the stocky and muscled - but sadly curve-lacking - brownrider jumps off into the sand. Phew.

Pendren bursts into applause fro Lhanas startling performance before muttering something positively suggestive in Ajala's ear. Tye's sudden appearence, spin, waggle, and trip, award her a very broad grin and a mild giggle. Eheh. Tye tripped. Applause is awarded anyhow, though eyes are near misted with amusement. All this is promptly put to a stop at he gets 'the eye' from Tatia and slinks back and away, carefuly averting his own from the scene. Tatia and fright, like sun and beaches, or dragons and eggs…
You overhear Pendren mutter, "… know, I'd … … to … /you/ … … … … these … … … … present." to Ajala.

Lhana is /seriously/ considering glaring back at Tatia right about now. But even Lhana's not stupid enough to get into a glaring match with the Mighty Tat, so she just takes on a mildly miffed expression - intimidating the audience is -not- allowed, consarnit! - and then quickly goes back to looking sexy. Tye gets a confident grin, and she turns to size up Zai's performance. Then she shrugs, and gives whoever's next a malevolent glare - now that intimidation is allowed, that is.

Kohana watches in amusement and winces when Tye trips. Poor girl. "Way to go, Tye!" Her voice didn't hold any teasing over the trip, just a congrajulations for the well done performance. That was her opinion.

K'nex claps for Lhana - she is a wingmember, after all - and goes back to standing and looking unimpressed as one of the weyrlings gets up on the stage. Although he does have a short look of pity on his face as Tye trips. Oh well. As Tatia gets up on the stage the brownrider ever so calmly takes to fingers, puts them in his mouth, and whistles as loud as he can. G'ram may not wolf-whistle at the girlies, but Kez will. Well, at least at one. As the greenrider goes away, he clears his throat, looking suspiciously innocent and proceeds to applaud Zai as she follows the Tsunami wingleader. There. He was enthusiastic for a few moments, that's all you can really ask of him. Tsu-tsu-tsunami!

Now, far be it for the weyrlings to be outdone. With a huff, pretty li'l Jennibel walks up to a bucket and dumps it right on top of her head so the water splashes all gleaming. (Imagine one of the standard Baywatch slow-mo shots and you'll have the right idea.) Thus dripping water, she parades right on out there, with her tunic duly plastered looking all super-sexy and stuff. See? There ARE cute weyrlings!

Ajala lifts a hand to stifle a giggle at Pendren's sultry words, slipping a hand down his back to give his behind a soft squeeze. Yeah baby. Winking at her boy, she returns her attention to the stage and competition at hand. "Splendid Tye! Kill them with your CUTENESS!" And Tatia's gaze-of-death approach has Ajala's approval as well. Intimidation always works. Her cheering and applause continues for Jennibel, and then she flips her hair out of her eyes and leans over to murmur something in 'Dren's ear, lips brushing lobe as she speaks.

Young Rogfe grumbles slightly about having to participate, but these complaints seem simply for show. We all know the young weyrling's been dying to strut her stuff. Rog abruptly sprints for the lake, scooping up a bucket and filling it quickly, she twirls to face the crowd before plopping the bucket oh-so-gracefully upon her head…and then, taking it off, she straightens sopping tunic slightly before she jogs (oh yes, a jog, by the wet tunic-ed girl) onto the stage and bows regally, winking in the vague direction of the male audience as the girl sashays from one end of the stage to another. A true greenrider, this 'un. Finally, she seems to decide she's had enough of the stage, and with an ending sway of her hips she bounces off the stage…

You overhear Ajala mutter, "… private … … … … have a … tunic … … …" to Pendren.

Tatia's eyes widen as she trounces offstage and catches the whistle. Her head whips around with a glare ready, just in time to catch the end of the whistle and K'nex's innocent clearing of his throat. At that, her eyes widen even further, and a frankly posessive grin appears as she tosses a quick wink in his direction, then turns her attention back to the stage like the good wingleader she is. As the last weyrling prances across the stage, she reclaims it, still clad in her dripping tunic, and calls for a vote. While the others huddle together, Tatia plucks at her tunic and struggles out of it. Swimming suits are much more comfortable than clinging wet things, you know.

Tye will not allow herself to blush, she strictly forbids herself to do so. To bad emotions can't always be controlled. The young weyrling's face soon goes from tan to red in under five seconds. A new world record. Tye shakes her head back and forth, covering her eyes with her hand. She does hear the few remarks from the others, but decides it is better to just pretend she didn't. Clearing her throat, she asks, "Can we get something dry on now?" Or at least get a towel? Anything?

From the depths of the crowd, a snickering 'rider appears - usually only seen shirtless and with 'Tsunami' scribbled across his chest. Ah, yes. The mascot, of sorts. "We have a vote!" he announces, leering shamelessly toward Tye a second before he announces. "Tye! The weyrlings steal the crown again."

D'ean stands up to applaud from his lying position, which is quite a feat and involves getting all sandy and such. A rip-roaring whistle toward Tye. "Wahoooo Tye, you rock!" He claps a few good times for measure before finding his place on the sand.

Zai quickly prys her wet tunic off, and wraps her discarded towel around her waist before turning her attention to the Tsunami Mascot, Shirtless Guy. "Oh. Yay, Tye!" She cheers half-heartly, still fighting with her damp curls and looking a bit bedraggled. "And Tsunami loses again," she mutters under her breath. "K'nex, you'd better be good!" She shouts randomly in his direction.

Kohana gets up out of the sand and cheers, "Yay, Tye! You had my vote!"

G'ram blinks. Twice, because once just won't cut it. "Tye? But. But." He flounders, gesturing with one hand toward like Jennibell or Lhana or - well, people other than Tye. "She's not sexy," he adds, brows knitting though, perhaps out of some latent pride in his fellow weyrling, he kind of claps a few times, too.

K'nex continues to look very innocent, and maybe a little bored of unimpressed, until Tatia winkes at him and he can't help grinning a little. Caught. Darn. He cocks his head as Shirtless Guy appears and anounces the winner. "Well. Weyrlings take it again," he murmurs shaking his head. "Looks like you've lost your title, Lhana!" He teases at the greenrider and then stops short to stare at Zai. "Wait…excuse me?" Good at /what/? Watching?

Tye scowls as the name is about to be declared. Imagine the new shocked look on her face when it is her own name called. "Wha… what? Me?" Eyes widen to about as large as they can get as she shots a glance over to the Tsunami riders. A few shaky steps are taken back over to the stage, the bluerider still in a hazy confusion. As she turns towards the others there is only one last thing for her to say: "How?"

Ajala cheers uncontrollably, pumping her arm in the air. "Way to go TYETYE!" she yells through cupped hands. Then she turns and sticks her tongue out at G'ram. "Ha! Take /that/ you Doubting Tom!" is taunted before the guardlet returns to cheering. Uneasily, she glances over at Lhana. It'll be interesting to see her reaction to this new development.

Lhana strips off her wet tunic, clearly miffed. The tunic - and, symbolically, the title she so smugly /assumed/ would once again be hers - is flung violently onto the sand, then vigorously stomped on, whilst the angered greenrider mutters various things, none of them good and all of them profane, under her breath. A soothing remark from her green causes her to straighten, exhale, and finally respond aloud with, "Well, yes, I suppose I /am/ still the sexiest." But she still turns to glare fiercely at the crowd, and at Tye. Stupid people. "It isn't my fault they have no taste." This said with a snottily upturned nose, and the now even more scantily-clad greenrider sashays her way back over to the wine. Hmph.

"Is she any good?" Tatia questions, tilting her head toward Zai with obvious thought as her gaze trails Tye. The absent-minded thought is shaken off as she grins again toward K'nex, catching their exchange, and shakes her head. "Hula'ing!" she calls over the crowd, both in explanation and to announce the next event. From somewhere behind the stage, a Tsunami appears with grass skirts draped over his arms, and Tatia waves her hands as if gathering the crowd in. "All guys, on stage! Hula skirts and nothing else!" Er.. at least, nothing above the waist. But Tat doesn't need to spell that out, right?

D'ean claps from his seated position. "Yay again Tye!" He looks over toward Tatia, he's planning on staying seated himself. "Yay Hula'ing, have fun guys!" He doesn't look good in a skirt, he would know… anyway, the greenling just beams brightly at the sun, can he just stay here and soak up the sun instead?

"Y'know," begins G'ram speculatively, eyeing Tatia like there might be something seriously wrong with her upstairs, "I have to wonder if grass skirts chafe." He waves a hand toward D'ean and adds, "What? You're not a man any more? C'mon."

K'nex simply stares for a long moment, looking between Tsunami members and the stage. "No." Flat out, stubborn and no doubt about it. "Absolutely /not/." The brownrider crosses his arm. "/No/," he reapets. "There's got to be some other male Tsunami rider who can do this instead, thank you. /No/." He never said he'd /participate/.

D'ean looks indignantly toward G'ram, "I'm not a man, I'm a greenrider."

Lhana settles next to the wine, which she sips at sulkily, one hand poised on her hips. The boys are sized up appraisingly, and Lhana evidently decides she'd rather see what males Southern has to offer, as she's last seen disappearing in that general direction.

Hiza cheers like crazy just because she's Hiza.. and then quiets for a brief period before she bursts out laughing. K'nex's protests are heard and clutchmate wheels on clutchmate, "/But/ -Kez-, all the girls participated." Eyelash flutter. Okay, so that's maybe effective on her father and one or two other people on Pern total; She's still going to use it. "You aren't going to wuss out, aren you?" Hiza can goad 'cause she gets to watch everything. Bwa.

Zai catches Tatia's glance and also turns toward Tye momentarily, then looks back to the wingleader and bobs her head once, with a slight shrug. She's distracted by grass skirts, however. "Oo! Hula!" She claps her hands together, grinning. She glances toward D'ean. "Oh, c'mon 'lad'," she teases, echoing his earlier words. "It'll be /fun/! Don't be a /baby/."

Tye does catch the seething glare from Lhana, and shrinks back a few steps, even gulping with nervous-ness in the process. "Eheh. Thanks.." She sends a half-grin at D'ean, Ajala, and the others. She is still surprised, though she thinks she can calm down the large amount of questions floating about her mind long enough to watch what the guys shall be doing. "This should prove to be even more entertaining." Tye says slowly, her eyes narrowing in amusement. A look is shot over towards G'ram, y'know, one of those cocky 'ha-ha' looks. Whether he saw it or not, she really couldn't care. "So.. which ones do you like?" Tye asks, not letting her gaze be averted.

As the musicians take the stage again and begin to pick out a lulling, rhythmic twang, Tatia heads for K'nex, spare skirt draped over her arm. "You have to," she informs him, standing on tiptoes to drape the skirt around his neck. "All of the guys are. /I/ got up there in a wet tunic," she points out. "Wing pride. Tsunami." And if those reasons don't work, she can threaten again. 

And in response to the cocky look, G'ram sticks out his tongue, further emphasizing just what an adult he is. He says to D'ean immediately thereafter, "I don't think being a greenrider negates your gender. Unless, perhaps, there's some secret greenrider initiation ritual of which I'm not aware. In either case, c'mon. You really going to let Tye - " Like she's got a disease or something. " - show up us menfolk?"

K'nex frowns at Hiza as she pipes up. "No," he repeats pointing at her. "Yes, I am going to wuss out. Someone else can do it. No." Tatia is frowned at too as she drapes the skirt around his neck, making him look ridiculous. "/No/. No one said I'd have to do anything. This is not worth wing pride…I don't care." And…mild panic here. Sniff. It's not fair. It's just /not/. He didn't want to come in the first place.

D'ean smirks brightly toward G'ram and waggles his eyebrows rather characteristically, "Well then, you don't know everything about greenriders do ya?" The man stands up, "Course I'm not gonna let some laddy like you steal the show, so I might as well. Just didn't wanna make you feel too bad my wingleader." He says the title rather smugly as he heads over toward the gathering, a peer over toward the wimpy brownrider, "Aww, you gonna let a greenrider show you up?" He winks toward K'nex, "Come'on, whats a little hula dancing between men?"

Well. At least F'red is being a good sport. The tubby weyrling has a little trouble finding a skirt to fit his portly self, but he's got it done by and by, and is standing over by the other skirts looking a little doubtful. "Uh, guys? Guys?" he queries, no doubt worried that the joke is (once again) on him.

"/Yes/," Tatia replies firmly, giving the skirt a tug and K'nex a Look. "If I can get up there in front of all these idiots and prance around like a sharding stupid weyrgirl, /you/ can get up there and dance." The 'and you will or else' is left unsaid, but certainly not unimplied in the gaze she fixes on him. "We've already lost one title to the weyrlings. We are /not/ losing the other."

G'ram laughs at D'ean and says, "Well, that's awfully thoughtful of you. Suffice it to say, I have precious little ego left after candidacy and now weyrling training." He sorts through some grass, trying a couple on till he finds one that 'suits' him. "Do you know how to do the hula, by the way?" he asks between D'ean and F'red while getting nekkid. Well, while unbuttoning his tunic, anyway.

Hiza purses her lips and goes into full on pout. Nevermind her age, she wants K'nex to participate. "But you've /gotta/, Kez." What's a full name, again? Tatia's persuasion is probably more persuasive in that it's mostly threatening and less cute pleading. "You can't let 'em win.. pride for Wildfire, too. Even if we haven't been in the same wing since getting posted to full Fighting Wings. Kezzie? For eeeeeeverybody?"

K'nex is a wuss and proud, thank you. He just looks at D'ean, almost a little confusedly. He very often has greenriders showing him up, though? "Yes, yes I am." And he has /no/ problem with that either. Hiza's pleading is pretty much ignored too, except for a roll f his eyes. Oh, no..The Look from Tatia may be too much for him though. "But…but…," he whines pitifully. "Oh, al/right/," Kez growls, pulling the skirt down to his waist and then pulling his tunic over his head. "But we /are/ still losing anyway," he says sourly, handing the tunic to the greenrider. "I don't think I've ever even /seen/ a hula and I can't dance normally!" And with those wonderfully pessamistic points, the brownrider turns on his heel and stalks onto stage. Grumble. 

Tye crosses her arms and settles into a smuge stance. Foot tapping, she watches as at least one weyrling goes and grabs a skirt. "C'mon guys, we don't have forever!" She yells and unhooks an arm long enough to wave a hand in the air. Ah, there, now more were making more progress, as G'ram and D'ean are noticed. Tye chuckles to herself and surpresses the need to give any premature cat-calls. Those come later, after all the 'riders are up and shakin' their rears to the beat.

"I have utmost confidence in you, love," Tatia replies with a smile that appeared the instant K'nex gave in. She takes the tunic with a gleam in her eye, then moves toward Zai so she can whisper in her wingmate's ear as the boys take the stage. Their turn to catcall, after all. 

D'ean takes a rather fitting skirt and smiles at G'ram. "Well, its really not too bad. Just kinda shake yer bum to a rhythm, course those who don't have bums are at a loss." The greenrider tosses on his skirt as he is already fully dressed down, adjusting and giving himself a few good hip-shakes to test the skirt. "Gah, why am I doing this again?" Greenling chuckles to himself as he practices to himself. A smirk toward K'nex, "Well then, lovely to see you joining us."

Zai applauds happily as the boys take the stage, grinning broadly. "Whoo! Go K'nex!" Tsunami pride! She also offers up a cheer for Tsunami's Shirtless Guy, who's happily donned a grass skirt. "Whooo!"

G'ram looks over his shoulder for a second and comments, "I don't think I have a bum. I think F'red has an extra bum though, so he should be all right." With that, he shakes his groove thang, which consists of looking 'round to see what everyone else is doing and then enacting some horrible, mottled conglomeration of the others' dances; in short, he does not fare well. F'red does pretty okay, though his belly jiggles comically.

Pleiades slips into sight with a stretch of star-peppered sails and flick of a golden tail from the nothing of ::between::

D'ean looks over at a fellow weyrling, "Holy Hula B'tman, shake that thang." He chuckles showing the bluerider as he shakes his not-quite-there-but-still-there hips around doing a little twirl in front of the female crowd. A wink toward each women it seems, almost a flirtacious twitch more or less, as he shakes his groove thang, shakes his groove thang… yeahyeah. The greenling decides to even add in a little move of his own and pulls off a rather bent-legged cartwheel across the stage. Yeah, he's quite flexible, and quite sexy y'know.

Tatia's eyes linger in stage-direction, though she leans toward Zai to murmur. "Not bad, eh? Weyrlings look a bit silly, though." Not the Tsunamis, though. Course not. "And I think T'su has had /far/ too much practice. Lookit him." Said T'su is energetically waggling his hips from side to side with an amazing amount of rhythm, keeping to the beat of the drum and gitar behind him.

Ajala hoots for the guys, pressing closer to get a better look. "Shake it baby!" is called in a lewd manner, faintly reminiscent of an inebriated state. "Yeah G'ram! That's…an interesting dance!" But she cheers him on anyway 'cause he's trying. Nudging Pendren, she motions towards the hula dancing boys. "What do you think, 'Dren-love? Think you could do something like that?" She turns her gaze to his, then allows her eyes to wander down his form, reaching a hand out to poke at one of his hips. "I think ya could." Licking her lips, she grins suggestively, then returns to cat-calling. "Woo! D'ean!"

"I think we should dump water on them," Zai announces thouhtfully. "Everything's better with water. Besides. We had to." She laughs, however, and claps as she watches. Leaning to whisper to Tatia. "The weyrling you hate -" Zai avoids mentioning names. Might be safer. "Looks pretty dumb," she offers with a pleased giggle. 

Hiza titters happily as Kez gives into Tatia, anyway. She tried. Good enough. The tiny greenlet shifts to watch, as her lifemate continues to play happily in the water. Boy's dancing is obsserved with a restraining of giggles. "Tatia, this is wonderful fun." She cheers, then, for everyone, because they -are- up there shirtless and dancing for an audience.

Pendren starts, looking faintly bemused at Ajala before remembering where he is. Sun stroke, must be. "Me? Dance?" He doesn't dance. He's prodded, and poked, but he slaps Ajala's hand away with a grin. "Aw stop it."

"Alright G'ram! Nice moves!" Tye shouts, cupping her mouth. "Shake it all about!" And now, Tye has hit a new low. The weyrling starts to giggle, yes -giggle-, as she watches the preformers. An eyebrow is raised at D'ean and the giggle soon dies and becomes a snort. "Y'know.. he has always frightened me." And scarying Tye is not easy feat. "Err.. not really frightening.. but like… yeah." The weyrling just shakes her head and throws a glance at Ajala and Pendren. Another snort is issued, "You two make me ill."

"And then some…" Tatia replies before her eyes light up and she turns her head to nod once, silently, and Zai, and then toward the discarded buckets. "C'mon," she whispers before she makes her way through the crowd with something that's meant to be stealth and claims one. It's only a matter of moments before she returns, bucket in one hand, filled to the brim with water, and stakes out her place on one side of the stage…

G'ram would give Tye the finger, but the finger probably doesn't exist. But if it did…

Cause hula'ing is /so/ IC…

Well. Yeah.

What do you think the old timers did for fun. Kitty Ping was a major hula champion y'know

Pendren is tempted to give Tye a swift push in the right direction; that direction being downward, onto the sand, in which to become thoroughly saturated with the gritty suff, but alas, he's too intreagued by the odd commotion on the stage. "Ahh, lay off Tye, as soon as you aren't a 'ling anymore, you know the only occupation me n' Ajala are really going to lend ourselves to is finding you a squeeze toy." A quick apologetic glance is sent Val, "though I'm sure you're extremely squeezable yourself!" Is piped up for good measure.

Zai creeps along behind Tatia, covering her quiet giggles with one hand. She also grabs a bucket and takes her place beside the stage with Tatia. "Ready?" she whispers toward her wingleader, bucket ready. "On three…" She laughs softly once more, before counting. "One… Two… THREE!"

K'nex just wrinkles his nose at D'ean, not bothering with a reply. Meh. No one said he had to be polite, even though it isn't terribly like him not to be. The brownrider sighs gustily and rolls his eyes. Of all the things he ever imagined himself doing, dancing shirtless and in a grass skirt for a crowd was /not/ one of them. He's supposed to be shaking his bum here, right? The brownrider, after carefully clearning his throat - not to direct attention to himself, of course not - and gives his rear a test shake. With another sigh the brownrider momentarily closes his eyes and shakes. Baby got back? Yes? No? Although, admittedly, he does manage to pretty much keep to the beat - although he's obviously not as experienced as T'su in such matters. Holding both arms out to one side and flicking his hands jerkily before holding his arms out to the other side and doing the same thing. All the while shifting his weight from food to foot and wiggling. Oh. Yeah. Baby. Baby.

Tye would then give it right back, the finger, that is. Though as said, it does not exist. So instead of that, the bluelet just keeps up the numerous yellings and shoutings. Most of them being directed at her favorite brownrider of all times. The weyrling does stop for one moment to turn her head and make a face at Pendren. "I'd rather you leave /my/ love life out of your dealings, thanks. I am not in need of no such.. squeeze toy, as you so humbly put it." Always the resentfull bluerider.

Ajala flutters her lashes at Tye and loops an arm posessively about Pendren's waist. "You know you love us." Smiling, she inches over towards the bluelet. "You know Tye…" She pauses to glance at the wriggling G'ram. "You two are so meant for each other." And if G'ram wins, then obviously its set in stone. They're destined. And such. "What do you think, lovely?" She sends a sideways glance to her boy toy. "They'd be perfectly compatible." They're such good matchmakers, these two are. Smiling brightly, she grooves a bit to the drum beat. Party!

At the count of THREE, water suddenly goes flying, arching from both sides of the stage toward the hula'ing boys in the middle. It's likely that Zai and Tatia got a bit of the overflow, but they're already wet.. and now so're the guys. After all. Wet Tunic has to go both ways, right?

"Oh Tye, you're so cute when you're difficult." Pendren croons in the bluebells direction as hsi own rump starts to twitch. He snorts with laughter as feet begin an odd sort of flailing before peering down at his shimmying counterpart. "Tye and G'ram? I don't know G'ram very well, but he seems to be an alright sort of guy. Certainly good enough for /our/ Tye." Snerk.

G'ram is an all right sort of guy, except when he's merrily hula dancing away and then gets slammed with a bucket of water. That is not an all right situation. After he spits out a mouthfull of water, he turns toward the culprits, blinking and stunned. "Why did that have to happen?"

D'ean gets doused himself with a little bit of water, "Aww, my skirts all wet now so it doesn't wag like its supposed to." The bakerling smiles toward G'ram and chuckles at the two female splashers.

Zai, still standing beside the stage, quickly drops her bucket to get rid of the 'evidence'. The look on G'ram's face, however, is too much for her and her innocent face quickly fades into a mad bout of laughter. Dripping water, she holds her stomach and laughs, pointing an amused finger at the hula dancers. "G'ram! You look /terrible/!" she manages to get out between fits of giggles.

"No. I do not love you two. I only care about /you/" Tye jerks a finger at her friend. "He is… just there." The 'rider wrinkles her nose at the pair. "And, I'd like you to also stop your assuming on who I should get with. First Leolin, now G'ram? I think not. I'd rather.. rather…" No thought comes to mind at the time, but when she thinks of something good, it shall be said. "For now, both of you stay out of my love life." That is a demand. Some shouting gains Tye's attention back, and she raises on her toes to peer at the stage. "Shards! Would'ja look at that? Got 'em good. And I'm glad. I shouldn't be the only wet one." Her wet tunic is glared and picked at, in hopes her action will cause it to dry faster.

K'nex was /not/ wet though. And now he is. This was also not part of the bargain. As soon as the water hits him, the brownrider yelps and comes to a complete and total stop. Arms crossed, he stands there dripping and glaring. "I hate you both," is grumbled to Zai and Tatia. Of course he doesn't really /mean/ it, but honestly. The water is pushing it here. Muttering to himself the brownrider squeezes the water out of his braids, addign more water ot the already puddly floor. "Bah."

Tatia is grinning broadly again as she steps onto stage and taps K'nex's shoulder in half-hearted appology before she peers at the crowd. "Votes?" It's only a few short moments before a 'rider runs up to her and whispers in her ear, and Tatia's grin spreads and her brows rise in an unmistakable expression of pride as she annnounces. "A close call, it seems! With one vote over "G'ram.." she begins, pausing for dramatic effect as she glances at the soaked weyrling, "K'nex!"

Pendren wrinkles his nose at Tye before gracefully giving her dragon a polite bow. "Well, your dragon at least cares for me, if only a little." Can't we all be friends? Well, no, because that wouldn't be any fun, and Tye is far too fun to bait. Water, while thoroughly dousing the stage, does little to perturb the grossly wiggling Pendren attempting to dance. Wriggle, wriggle, scoot. Yes, he is a sexy beast. K'nex, getting the better of the vote, gets a whole-hearted applause in his soggy presentation. Defiantely someone to be admired for rhythm prowess.

"And he didn't even want to participate," says G'ram with a cluck of his tongue, still looking pretty burnt about the whole water situation. But! "At least we've got dry clothes," he adds on the bright side, looking all smug about that; the girls have to run around in those stupid tunics, after all.

Iztenith offers a leg up as D'ean scrambles up onto her khaki neckridges.

Zai, still dripping a bit, moves closer to the stage. "K'nex! Whoo! Go /Tsunami/!" She cheers happily, pulling her towel tighter around her waist. "Yay brownriders!" she adds as an afterthought. "Yaay!"

Tye held her breath as she waited for the name to be called and once it was she let it out in a rush. "Well, we got one of the titles, at least." Tye holds her head up with some pride. "Way to go!" She shouts, shaking a fist in the air. "Ya were close G'ram!" And in the end, the bluerider was right. Ha! This being something that does not happen to often.

Hiza applauds the soaking dancers some more, shooting a semi-sympathetic smile. Bouncing toward the stage, Hiza calls, "That was excellent dancing, all of you. But.. congratulations K'nex." Ah, -that's- what a full name looks like. Twirling away again, Hiza goes to find somewhere to settle for a bit. Iss isn't done, and then she'll have to get dry, after all. 

Ajala bumps a hip into Pendren's and offers him a little wolf whistle. "Dang, boiiiiii," is drawled in appreciation of the boy's sassay dance. The announcement of the winner leaves Ajala looking a bit crestfallen, but she applauds and cheers none-the-less. Leaning over, she comments to Tye in a low voice. "You're still meant for each other." A firm nod accompanies the statement and the girl shakes her groove thing. "Now what? Is there food? I'm hungry." As usual.

K'nex just looks at Tatia. Nope, definantly not forgiven for this. The brownrider continues to grumble as he brushes water beads off him and shakes off his shirt. Really. "..What?" Kez blinks, brow wrinkling in confusion. "You've got to be kidding me." Aw. Now they're gonna make him do it again next weyrling group. Like they weren't already. "Oh. Well." He gives the crowd a confused smile that echoes the look on his face, blushing a little. Well, apperantly more than a few people out there appreiacted that. Eesh. "Uh, yes, thanks…"

"Yeah, well," says G'ram, pulling on his clothes and ditching the grass skirt. So not a good look for him. "They don't exactly teach hula dancing to would-be Healers, so I guess second place'll have to do. Besides, it was all worth it to see you trip in front of all those people, darlin'." He smiles cheerily.

Tye did hear what Pendren said before, she just had to throw her congrates out first. "Valedath likes everyone. Your no exception." Valedath, having come out of the water a while ago, lays contently on the beach, watching the proceedings with mild interest. "So don't think your special." Spiteful little 'ling. G'ram is gained an eyeroll from Tye, along with a snort to boot. "I'm sure no one will 'member.." She mutters. Ajala is now eyed, teeth clenching down. "I assure you, in no way are we /ever/ going to be made for anything." Even more so for each other.

Tatia grins at K'nex for a moment, absently flipping dripping hair behind her shoulder. "See? I knew you were just hiding that dancing talent somewhere deep down, love," she teases before giving a jerk of her head toward the food table.. "And I'm starving. We've got pastries. They're wonderful." She stole a few while setting up. It's her perogitive, right?

Pendren grins at Tye's expense before giving Ajala a peck on the cheek. "I'm just goign to do a little exploration down the beach, pet, I'll be back soon enough." And just like that, he's off!
Pendren splashes into the waves of the cove.

G'ram gets himself all dressed proper-like, tossing the skirt on a pile and smirking at F'red as the tubby weyrling struggles with the string at his waist. "I'll remember the rest of my life. A coveted and cherished memory or something," he says, passing by Tye in favor of getting something to eat.

Zai, still dripping water a little bit, remains happily clad in her swim suit and towel as she wanders toward the pastries. "A cherished memory of 'something'?" Zai echos as she passes G'ram. "That's impressive." A pastry is picked up and examined, before she begins to nibble a bit. "Really, you should be glad you didn't win G'ram. The winners have a habit of ending up in Tsunami. And you remember what I said about early morning sweeps." Pause. "/Forever/."

Tye was prepared, just incase, and brought along an extra tunic. Though sadly, she never thought of extra pants. But at the very least, she gets to have a dry tunic. "Ya know.. if he wants a ride home, he better not be gone to long." Because Tye could 'accidentally' forget him. G'ram's words send the bluerider into a growl, taking all of her nerve to not go running at him and tackling him down into the sand. But no, she has more poise then that and makes a face at him in response. The food table distracts her from her fummings momentarily as she grabs up something to drink and then makes her way to the pastries.

K'nex rolls his eyes. "Oh, yes, of course. I think everyone out there just took pity on me, Tat." He shakes his head then and smiles slightly at her. She's still not quite forgiven though, mind you. "You and pastries," he says, amused. "I'm hungry too, though…" He murmurs, slipping the hula shirt down off him and looking at Tatia. "Can I have my tunic back now?" He pleads.

"Well," says G'ram with a beam at Zai, "I figure that, if I let her live it down, that seriously lessens the amount of fun I get out of it in the long-run. In purely self-interests - " He pauses, looking up from picking through the pastries with a blink. "That wouldn't REALLY happen, would it? I mean, a person can really begin to suffer from getting up before dawn for too long. I know. I've read studies." He smiles all benign-like at Tye.

Tatia waves a hand vaguely as she scans the spread of food. "It's over there.. somewhere." That's a round about 'no,' by the way. Forgiven? Course she is. Tat knows from experience that it takes quite a bit more to make K'nex /really/ angry with her. "Hey. Nothing wrong with pastries. Even Vesp lets me have them when I'm not pregnant." Y'know. That one time. But hey, it was a long 9 months without sweets.

Tye takes an experimental bite out of the pastry and then nods. "Not bad." She states, finishing it off and licking her fingers. "Ya should try one, Aja." She downs the rest of it with the juice she picked up earlier. Lucky for G'ram, Tye did not hear that comment to Zai, so she doesn't need to get a full out beatdown on the brownrider. But she does catch that smile, and one is sent right back at him, even some teeth are added. Awww.

Hiza is settled in the sand, close enough that her toes get wet but the rest of her remains dry. Stretching arms backwards, she watches the others, uncharacteristically quiet. Eventually, Issryuith trundles out of the water, and eventually both are dry. Pants and jacket and socks and boots and gloves are recovered from their scattered state, and greenrider seeks the others. "Thanks for having this fun little shindig. Issryuith says thank you for the excuse to come swim in the nice waters. I should be going." She has a home to go to. Then it's a quick clamber(once straps are on), a launch into the air, and a blink ::between:: for this one.
Hiza is helped by willowly green tail onto Issryuith's equally willowly neck.
Issryuith takes off, scattering sand about with her wings.

K'nex wrinkles his nose and looks in the very vauge direction. "Couldn't you be a little more specific?" He complains, attempting to look pitiful. "Aw, come on. I already danced here, I want my shirt back…" Sniff. He feels so exposed to the world here. Nevermind he was just shaking his butt for the world. "And I didn't say there /was/ anything wrong with pastries. I like pastries, there's nothing wrong with them." Babble, much?

Zai surveys the food table a bit more before responding to G'ram. "Pure self-interest, huh?" She pauses to pick up a slice of redfruit. "Well, you never know with Tatia. But I'm pretty sure you'd be getting the unwanted sweeps for quite some time. The early ones, the cold ones, the late ones, the far away ones, the troublesome ones." She shrugs, taking a bite of her redfruit before continuing. "She'll likely switch it up a bit, so you can't complain about your mental health." She gives him a long look. "If /I/ were you, I'd try to fix the situation first. Find whatever it is you lost, or try to show up early to things. Prove you're not an 'irresponsible dimglow'." She shrugs. "But really, there's no way of knowing if you'll be tapped for Tsunami anyway, so you may get off okay."

"You know," says G'ram to Zai around a mouthfull, "you're incredibly bad for a person's peace of mind. You ought to work on that." He's all thoughtful frowns now, brows knitted as he eats his pastry without really tasting it. "I hope I get tapped for Mudslide," he adds, pensive and stuff. "Tye. What Wing do you want?" he calls her way.

Zai snorts lightly, looking amused. "A'course you do. Pyrene told me about your little crush on Wyn." Zai continues to nibble on her pastry, and glances Tye's way. "Tye's destined for Tsunami greatness. Well, if she lives up to the Wet Tunic tradition anyway." Or she could go somewhere else and ruin the streak. Of one.

Tatia simply shrugs and turns to rest her back against the edge of the table as she disects a pastry. "It's warm. Just enjoy it, Kez, and stop fluttering. There're pastries and sunlight and all is right on Pern," she pronounces.

Tye perks her head up, "What Wing I want?" She bites her lower lip and contemplates for a moment. "Well, if I'm not destined, I really wouldn't mind being tapped by Inferno. Or.. maybe Mudslide. Either one will make me happy." The 'rider wouldn't mind Tsunami, she just doesn't know if it would be the wing for her. "I haven't really given it as much thought as I most likely should have." Shrug.

Ajala saunters over towards Tye, trailing the bluelet as she approaches the table with a particularly ravenous expression upon her face. Thankfully, Pendren has scampered off to play in the waves, so she can stuff her face without repose. Arms outstretched, she manages to clutch onto at least half a dozen pastries, and proceeds to consume them in a marginally repulsive manner, shoving them hurridly into her waiting maw. "Mmm….good," is mumbled through a mouthful, directed mostly at Tye. She better be careful, though, don't want to end up looking like F'red. No offense or anything, but the hypnotic jiggling is just…unnatural.

K'nex sighs. "Well, as long as I get it back eventually," he mumbles, giving in for the time being. And no, Tat is still not entirely forgiven still. Although, Kez can't really be /mad/ at her either. It's in limbo somewhere. The brownrider wanders off to get a pastry of his own, preferign to bite it instead of picking it apart.

G'ram says to Zai, without missing a beat, "But I think her winning was just a fluke. Y'know, a miscount or something." He jumps right passed his crush on Wyn, pretending he didn't hear it. "How can you not have thought about it? I mean, what else have you got to think about? Chewing firestone is pretty mindless. Gotta think about something to fill the void."

F'red obviously doesn't mind looking like F'red. He's still wearing his skirt, since he never did manage to get it off, but at least had the decency to put his tunic back on. He eats pastries happily, careless of the jiggling; some chicks dig fat guys, after all.

Tatia gives a half-yawn, indication of just how long she'd been on the beach making sure food and band and glowbaskets and fire were perfect. Her pastry is nibbled, and she wanders off down the beach, eventually halting at a blanket she'd spread earlier in order to curl up in the sun and enjoy the warmth. She's had enough big partying for the evening. Or maybe she just needs a recharge.

Tye shrugs her shoulders, "Well, I don't know. Just been thinking 'bout stuff. Tapping hasn't been the biggest thing on my mind." Or could she be lying? No one will know. "Plus, we still got a one or two more classes before we graduate." Ajala is half-grinned at, "Shards girl, don't inhale to many of them at once. Ya might choke and then where will I be?" 

Pyxis shimmers into ::between::

Tye takes a few steps and suddenly remember her still slightly wet pants. "Ack. I can't really take this much longer." The pants, she means. C'mon now, no one likes wearing wet pants. "I'll be heading back to the Weyr." She comments to the others, giving a grin. "And don't fret, I'll hold my new title with pride." And dodge Lhana at every turn. Waving her hand, the bluerider runs towards Valedath and vaults onto his back, before the pair goes up and then winks ::between::.
Ensnaring a braid of riding harness, Tye escalates over prominent royal robes and ridges of cerulean, finding saftey on the neck of Valedath.
Valedath takes off, scattering sand about with his wings.

Seeing as the party is evidently breaking up, G'ram snags a last pastry and says, "Far be it for me to get stuck here with F'red and the old folks." He waves the dessert-laden hand and probably collects what's-her-name before he and Fantorith take off.
You climb on up between Fantorith's bulky neckridges, probably getting at least a little help from the brown himself.

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