X'ian v Krummolt

March 5th 2005
Logged by Eitanex

Living Caverns

X'ian hooks his cane over a coatrack near the entrance once he's stomped most of the snow out of his boots, his hands still rubbing rather numbly over each when he begins his advance into the caverns. Despite his apparent lack of need for the cane, he's still limping just enough for it to be noticable as he zeroes in on the first familiar face he sees, then glances away - distracted. When he focuses again, he's there, Eitanex isn't and he's standing next to Krummolt, who gets a second glance, along with knite brows and a, "Damn."

Eshe enters the caverns shortly after X'ian, not even caring to kick snow off her boots as she makes her way to the hearth and hot klah. Gloves are pulled off and stuffed into the pockets of her jacket, after which she holds her hands toward the fire to warm them up a little. A few moments later klah is poured and only then does she care to give any attention to other people here. Krummolt gets a nod and X'ian a disinterested glance and then she moves to take a seat in front of the hearth.

Krummolt looks up as X'ian meanders over, frowning at the rider's limp. Then he looks up at the rider. "'zat your kid?" he wonders. His dark eyebrows make an uneven arch. On his otherwise shaven head, they are quite expressive. In response to Eshe, he lifts his chin in acknowledgement.

X'ian snorts. "Do I look like some pencil-necked-green-eyed-red-headed runt to you, chief? I don't have any kids." Reconsidering the large man once more, his back to Eshe, X'ian allows his own brows to lift after a moment or two. "Nice haircut. You want to spar sometime?"

Hands wrapped around her mug, Eshe stretches her legs out toward the fire, letting out a sigh as she warms up. Turning her head around to take in the conversation between Krummolt and X'ian, she cracks a grin before turning back to the fire. No, X'ian certainly doesn't seem the fartherly type at all.

Trajan had started to drift for a while, his mug of klah safely and warmly in his stomach. It's enough to make anyone start to doze a bit. But at the sound of other voices, the baker blinks, glancing up and around swiftly with a start. Mph.

Krummolt blinks at X'ian once, then his eyebrows draw together and he abruptly looks considerably more intimidating. "No. But you look like you might not give a dragon's tail-fork about what pops out of the women you spread," he replies. Of course, Krummolt definitely looks like he might be in the same category himself. "Love to spar. Any time. Any terms."

"Looks can be deceiving. I don't think I've ever been wasted enough to sleep with a woman who I didn't force contraceptives on first." Having enough psuedomanners to lower his voice as he says this, X'ian flicks his glare quickly over Krmmolt's poorly forged face before allowing his gaze to settle back on the stirring form of Trajan nearby. "Ah, good. I'll come find you once my leg is back up to scratch."

Warmth seeped into her fingers now, it's time to warm up internally as well and Eshe raises her mug to swill down a large amount of hot klah. Brow raises slightly at Krummolt's comment, which carries just far enough for her to hear and she turns to watch X'ian reaction, a look of disappointment crossing her face as she can't hear his answer.

Eitanex walks back out of the kitchens with a full mug and an uneasy gait, like he might just turn back around and vanish again - considering the two new entries to the caverns and where they seem to be clumping - but he quickly pastes over a veneer of confidence and just … walks toward a table. Not looking at anyone in particular.

Well, Trajan came back into the conversation at the wrong time. Really. The slight coloration of his face is quite obvious from the unexpected topic. His head shakes though, gaze briefly lingering on X'ian before he stretches slightly where he sits. Note to self: Dozing in chairs is not comfortable. Eitanex is spotted though, smiling lightly at the boy. "You went all the way in there for klah? Well. Did you see anything you might want to help out with when you have the time?"

Krummolt lifts an eyebrow at X'ian and then glances down at X'ian's leg. "Sounds like fun," he replies. "What's your name, rider? I'm Krummolt." And hopefully it's obvious enough that he's a guard. At the moment, he's clearly unconcerned with anyone else around him.

"X'ian. Or Axle." Offering a firm hand to shake, X'ian arches a brow down at his own leg as he does so. "Been a few turns since I've been inclined to mess with a guard. As for this - just a threadscore. Within the next month or so I should be capable enough."

Movement spotted out of the corner of her eye, Eshe turns to follow Eitanex's progress through the cavern. The boy gets a nod and a grin as she lifts her mug to swallow more warm klah and then her gaze returns to watch the conversation between Krummolt and X'ian. Wondering what those two are plotting? Or just trying to get a fix on similarity on the two..

"I … wanted it … fresh," Eitanex says, stopping at a distance that's just barely conversational. Eshe's grin gets a blank look when his roving gaze pauses on her. And although he's not actually watching them direct, his attention is mostly on Krummolt and X'ian. He suddenly makes a decision and returns to reclaim his seat - those are his hides, after all. "I didn't really look, but, um … I could do anything. Learn to make meat rolls. Whatever."

Trajan gives a short nod at that, fingers playing with his empty mug. He'll get up for some eventually, but for the moment, he's content to occupy himself this way. "Well that's fine too. I'll let them know and you're welcome to come in at any time if you'd like. I'm sure any of the cooks would be more than happy to have an extra pair of hands."

Krummolt accepts X'ian's hand and squeezes it somewhat more firmly than is required even to prove his manliness. "Least you've still got your leg," he says drily. "Axle? How's that turn to X'ian?" His eyebrows have returned to neutral and his intensity level seems to have dropped off somewhat.

X'ian actually looks surprised at the question, his own brows knitting as Krummolt's settle. "Heh…well. You're actually the first person who's asked. Ever. Guess it figures that it'd be a guard." Almost reluctant now that he's had the answer to himself for so long, X'ian sighs and relents as his hand drops back to his side after meeting the intensity of Krummolt's squeeze. "Axle is simply an alias I employed for several turns before I impressed. My name is Alexian." Again, he lowers his voice, this time looking to Eitanex as he does so.

Eshe chuckles lightly to herself at Eitanex, shakes her head and drains the rest of her klah, wincing a little at the heat going down her throat. Ouch. Might have been an idea to let it cool off a little first. A few moments later, she rises and wanders over to refill her mug and find a plate to stack some meatrolls and wherrysandwiches on. Curiousity gets the better of her and the lowered voices between Krummolt and X'ian is like a magnet, pulling the recruit toward their table. "Hello, Eit. Trajan," she says to the other two present, then turns to give a nod to the guard and the bronzer, respectively.

"Yeah. I mean, just maybe." Eitanex glances down at the hidework. "I am pretty busy with this. But I like learning new stuff, so." Eitanex's voice is quiet, mostly to aid his listening of whatever X'ian and Krummolt are saying, but beyond a few indistinct mutters marred by the other conversation at the table and in the caverns in general, he can't catch anything interesting. "Hi Eshe," he adds toward the girl as she approaches. Can't X'ian and Krummolt talk a little lower? Eitanex is driven by curiosity. He can't help it.

Krummolt looks a little taken aback to be the first person taken into this particular confidence. He didn't expect to have uncovered a mystery so casually. As he starts to process this, his forehead creases again. "An alias?" He keeps his voice fairly low in response to X'ian's lowered tones, more out of instinct than out of any actual consideration for X'ian's feelings. It's probably not so quiet that those making the effort can't overhear. "You needed one?" Now his hackles are clearly setting back up.

Trajan waves slightly at Eshe as the girl approaches, smiling softly. "Oh, hello there." He does perk up a bit at the plate she carries though, sneaking a meatroll off of it. Yum. He does glance over at Krummolt and X'ian though, one brow lifting in his own curiosity over the quiet conversation.

Jessica comes in from the bowl, intending on just passing through with a pitstop at the buffet. With a glance around the room, she pauses in her tracks. And then start of again, deigning to walk past Eitanex on her way to the food tables. "How're you going with that, Eitanex?" She asks casually, slowing her pace enough that she's still in earshot for a good while, to catch a reply. Somehow, she misses all the curiosity about X'ian and Krummolt's quiet discussion, and so ignores the pair.

Eshe blinks, only just catching something about X'ian 'needing one'. One what? She doesn't even notice Trajan sneaking a meatroll off her plate, but observant as she is, she does find it missing as she returns her eyes to the meal. "Hey.. Where'd-" she notes, eyes flickering around the ones sitting near enough to get away with such a crime. Trajan is immediately fixed upon and she leans toward him a little, "you know.. I didn't mean for this to be shared."

"I probably could have gotten on without one, but I didn't want my dad coming after me either." Only just realizing that people seem to be interested in what's being said, X'ian turns enough to eyeball the lot of them before focusing back upon Krummolt, only to realize that he's bristling. "Relax, bub, I've had a few turns to even out since my last crime spree."

For his part, Eitanex catches the word "alias" before Jessica's entrance and question forces his attention elsewhere. "Oh - " Eitanex raises a hand in a wave. "I'm doing just fine, um, ma'am. At least, I think so … maybe you should check this after you get some food." Eitanex relocates his hand down and his attention back in time to get eyeballed by X'ian. Eh heh. Eitanex looks away, trying to look disinterested.

Trajan does look away as he is looked at for listening..but then, he has something else to concentrate on. Like Eshe, and being caught with a pilfered meatroll. Eep. He smiles innocently though, trying to sway off any anger there might be over the lost food. "But..it's very good to share, Eshe.. And..well you certainly have pleanty." He won't add in that eating too much can be unhealthy. Noope.

"Your last?" Krummolt does not look particularly mollified by X'ian's assertion. His voice has slipped a bit, not quite as quiet as he might have intended. "You /had/ one? Before you Impressed?" His fists start to ball, apparently without his noticing, and he takes a step closer to X'ian, also without really realizing what he is doing.

"Jessi, or Jessica, please!" The girl in question calls back to Eitanex, her voice only just carrying back as she approaches her next target. She takes a plate, lumping a ladleful of stew onto it while she scans the rest of the fare. "Shells…" Stew-splatter. One the front of her new-looking brown outfit. Great. She brushes her front with her free hand, which serves only to rub the stains in further. "Ugh!" Comes her exasperated sigh as she reaches for a breadroll and turns to head back to where Eitanex is sitting.

"But, you see.. I'm a recruit now," Eshe explains in something that approaches a tone one might use for a child, "and I need all the energy I can get. Training is hard work, y'know." She glances toward Krummolt with a slight nod as if to say, 'just ask him', eyes lingering there at the reaction from the guard. "Uhm.. Krummolt..?"

"I had several." At the step Krummolt takes forward, X'ian doesn't take one back, athough he does shift his weight off his heels and onto the balls of his feet as he tilts his head warily at the massive guard before him. "Look, when I mentioned sparring I didn't mean immediately, and sure as hell not in the middle of the living caverns…"

"Okay, … Jessica," Eitanex calls. All right, no ma'am. Still, better to be too conscious of rank than too unconscious … Eitanex's head whips around to the conversation when Krummolt's voice is no longer as soft and there's an /air/ to it that Eitanex immediately files as dangerous. Let alone he's stepping closer … Eitanex stands up, his hands planted on the table. "Oh /shards/, not in here," he blurts without thinking. He looks ready to move, himself.

Trajan nibbles on the meatroll. Nope..not going to give it back. "Well then, the exercise between your chair and the food will do you good." See? He's being quite helpful! So there. He does blink as the 'conversation' between Krummolt and X'ian starts to get a bit..well..dangerous, brows arching up in surprise. "Uhm..excuse me.." He stards a little timidly, although..well..now that he's butted in.. "I'm quite sure that no dragon would've picked him if we had something to worry about here."

Krummolt stops where he is, distantly coming aware that Eshe just spoke his name and that he and X'ian seem to have some kind of an audience. He takes a deep breath and very consciously unclenches his fingers. "Right." Another breath and he takes a step back again and smiles, or more accurately, bares his teeth. "Well. Won't that be fun."

Jessica sets her plate down next to Eitanex, just as he stands up. She takes a moment to follow his gaze over to Krummolt, and the X'ian, and raises her eyebrows just a little. "So, Eitanex… the hidework?" Her voice is rather loud, considering she's addressing someone so close… her tone a little firmer than usual.

Meatroll theft is no longer on the top of Eshe's agenda. Rather, she's trying to think in guard-ish terms and figure out what to do if a superior of hers gets in a fight with a rider. Holding her breath until it seems the guard lets down, she relaxes visibly and goes back to interrogate the meatroll thief. "I get plenty of exercise, thank you.. And why don't you just go get some for yourself?"

"Hunh. For you. I don't think I could do anything to that face of yours to make it look worse than it already does. I suppose I shouldn't have wondered what would make you so concerned over the appearance of any woman I might want to have a kid for me considering the mess the thing that spawned you must have been." His mouth pressing into a thin smirk at that, X'ian takes a step back as well - only he does it to give a sarcastic little bow.

Trajan winces at the sudden barrage of insults that comes from X'ian. Oh great. That's just asking for a fight..really. He rubs the bridge of his nose slightly, shifting in his chair with every intention of getting up.

Eitanex's palms are no longer flat on the table, but clutched into near fists with tension and he looks ready to - but Jessica's loud voice with a hint of Rank calls him back. He sits down, his face slightly flushed. "Sorry. The hides - Um … could you look over the first one for me …" But X'ian's insult pushes all the tension back into Eitanex's body and he half rises - again without thinking.

That's it. X'ian has apparently crossed a line, and just as Krummolt was apparently trying to get control of his temper. As X'ian is bowing, Krummolt is stepping forward, lifting his hands and shoving at the bronzerider's shoulders. "You want to know how bad I can break a face, boy?" Not many men would be inclined to call X'ian a boy, but Krummolt has reached the point where X'ian's /actual/ status as a large, strong man matters very little.

"Leave them be, Eit. You'll only cause trouble for yourself." Jessica leans in closer, her tone changing into something a little more persuasive, a little less authoritive, and quite soft. Doubtful that it's audible to anyone but herself and Eitanex. She reaches for a hide, scanning it briefly as she watches Eitanex for his next reaction from the corner of her eye. Movement from Krummolt/X'ian's direction diverts her gaze, though, and she rolls her eyes. Still, nothing is said to the two on her part, although she's fast approaching intervention-mode.

X'ian smiles even as he's shoved. It's not a very nice smile, nor one that's probably been present on X'ian's face often in the last few turns, but there it is all the same - his left leg having to overcompensate for the the painful response of the right as he steps back to regain his balance. The next step he takes back is for the exit. "Oh, I do. Don't you think we should, ah, take this outside, though?"

Trajan frowns slightly at that, watching the two with a slightly exhasperated expression. "I cannot believe how positively pathetic this is. The /both/ of them!" His arms lift a bit, before folding over his chest in annoyance.

Eshe stares for a heartbeat's time, half a meatroll in her hand and the other half in her mouth and then reaction has her on her feet, chair pushed away behind her. But then she stops. To think. What to do? It's not exactly something recruit training has covered yet. "Krummolt!" she calls out, trying to put some kind of authority into her voice, "I don't wanna have to get Tekin or Tafne, y'know.. But I will.. I mean, this isn't such a good idea."

Eitanex swallows a couple of times, hard. His shoulders pull forward … and he sits down, so stiff and awkwardly that he almost sits on his hands. "Can you stop them?" he asks, very quietly, his face gone from flushed to pale. He's obviously struggling not to look back at them. "Please?"

Krummolt is clearly steaming, and not from entering a warm room from outside. "Outside," he grits out. Seems like one of the few things he'd be inclined to agree with X'ian on. His eyes narrow at Eshe. "You don't want a piece of this," he tells her. "We'll …settle our differences. He doesn't want the rest of the guard involved either." He starts to move toward the door, glowering dangerously.

"I'll try." Jessica replies calmly to Eitanex, giving him a worried look. He's white as a ghost! With a soft pat on Eitanex's shoulder (presumeably for comfort), she stands slowly. And circle the table, drawing closer to the pair of men. It's her turn to swallow hard, nervousness starting to rack her body as she approaches. After all, she's not half the size of one of them, let alone two! "G-en… tlmen." She starts, her voice shaky. Ahem. Clearing her throat, she starts again. "Gentlemen," The shakes seem to be under control for now, and she follows with short steps as they make towards the exit, "Is there… a problem here?"

X'ian turns to walk slowly for the door ahead of Krummolt once the guard moves in that direction as well - probably to eliminate the more obvious effects of his limp. Every step is even, and he doesn't look back over his shoulder as Jessica calls after him, although his eyes slide almost imperceptibly just to the right of the exit. To the coat rack. Without missing a step, glances over his shoulder, moves past it, snatches his cane off its respective hook, and swings it back full force at the space he expects Krummolt's head to be occupying.

Eshe isn't taking no for an answer and she takes long strides to round the two men and stand in their way out the caverns. "I /do/ want a part of this," she says, eyes flickering from one to the other, then toward Jessica as she butts in. She turns back to Krummolt and sets her fists to her hips, trying to look like she has the right to command the older guard, "X'ian's just trying to provoke you. It's not worth it to take his bait. Just let it be, okay?"

As soon as he's asked for Jessica's intervention, Eitanex immediately regrets it. He stiffens under the pat, not from dislike, but from added clench on clench. Not good, not good. All Eitanex's instincts are screaming at him. He gets off the bench and stands at an angle to watch and … but not go over there. He's trying to stay out of it, as requested. But when X'ian's movement toward the coat rack turns into something so ferociously agg - "NO! STOP!" Eitanex shouts. Ineffectually, he's sure.

Krummolt is not inclined to listen to anyone. Or be commanded. It appears he intends to simply ignore Eshe and Jessica when X'ian rather forces the matter. He is striding toward the door and his back is to X'ian when the rider takes the cane and swings. It is only the slightest turn at some sense of movement that prevents him from taking the cane squarely in the back of the skull. Instead, his shoulder shifts upwards and he takes it across the back of his shoulders. The blow staggers him and he comes up against a wall, using it to catch himself and to spur his turn back. The murderous fire gleaming in his eyes is clearly /not/ going to be stopped with words at this point. However, X'ian's sucker punch has given him the initiative and Krummolt only has time to regain his balance before X'ian has the time to swing again. There is no question that if he doesn't, Krummolt will be coming for him shortly to anyone who can see the guard's face.

"X'IAN!" Jessica literally yells, as he swings his cane around. After this, she seems lost for words, and in the interests of self-preservation, takes multiple steps backwards. Her face twists into a glare, reddening rapidly as her anger rises. "There are ladies and children present!!" Still an almost-yell, her voice is shrill and has a harsh scraping effect even on her own ears. Wincing, she quickly shifts her attention to Eshe. "Help me!" She hisses, glare still intact. "Go fetch your Captain. Now!!" Her breathing heavy, it looks like Jessica is contemplating something in her next pause, as she watches the brawl progress.

The extra effort required to get himself all the way back around is working to slow him down a bit, but X'ian curses at his own leg and swings again nonetheless - this time at the space just beneath the guard's last rib - at the diaphragm - any shouting around the caverns only serving to fuel the rather unjust sense of anger and revenge that seems to have overcome his own expression.

Eshe blinks, stunned at what she's facing, eyes flickering around the crowd for any kind of help among the masses. She's definitely not trained for this sort of thing. Jessica's suggestion of getting the Captain is ignored, but she has enough sense to grab an escaping kid and send him off on the task. And then she makes a decision, shrugs out of her jacket, using it as some kind of weapon to try and disarm X'ian, flicking it toward his cane. Hoping that it will work, without getting herself injured in the process.

"Stop, stop, stop!" Eitanex practically howls, running up beside Jessica - but where she stands seems to be the line between this part of the caverns and … that part and he goes no further. He stops yelling, breathless, his eyes darting helplessly between the combatants. He has to actively suppress a whimper a minute too late. "Someone's going to get /killed/," he says. His voice is on the verge of tears. And then … "Stupid sharding Eshe, what is -" Eitanex, apparently broken out of his trauma, starts forward.

Now that he is on balance and aware, Krummolt makes for a much more difficult opponent, even with an aching shoulder. Adrenaline compensates for a considerable amount of pain. Having just bounced off a wall, he has little room to retreat from X'ian's assault, so he steps forward, instead, inside the arc of X'ian's swing. A slight crouch gets the cane to impact him in the ribs rather than the diaphragm, and with considerably reduced impact. The end of the cane would almost certainly have broken the bones, but near X'ian's hands, the leverage is greatly reduced. His teeth bare as he rams an uppercut towards X'ian's own diaphragm. His own spare arm gets somewhat in the way of Eshe's jacket, impeding it, but it may still entangle the cane on its rebound.

"Eitanex!" Jessica calls firmly, stopping short of reaching for his collar. "Go find Wyn. Or Marond. Or someone bigger than both of /them/!" Turning to glare back at Eshe, she reaches for the woman's arm. "When I give you an order, you follow it! /Go/ find your Captain!" Her voice, somewhat quieter and firm at the start of her address to the new recruit, edges towards an angry shriek at the end. As Eshe throws her jacket, Jessica practically bursts with renewed anger. "Don't be so sharding stupid, Eshe! Just get, and find the Captain! I don't care if you already sent a child! This is /urgent/!" And then, attempting another verbal intervention, she's addressing the fighting pair, but only after another step backwards. "The both of you, stop being so childish! There are CHILDREN PRESENT!"

X'ian hardly has time to grunt at the dulled impact of his cane before Krummolt's fists is applied to his diaphragm, and as he hunches over at the sudden rush of air from his lungs, his grip on the cane slackens enough for it to be jerked out of his grasp without too much of an effort on Eshe's part. His right leg nearly buckling, he catches himself against the wall to finally wheeze one great breath back before shoving himself back at Krummolt. Everyone else is ignored. With good reason.

Eshe loses hold of her jacket, X'ian's and Krummolt's movements combined pulling it out of her fingers. "What..?" is exclaimed as she's forced to take a step forward to keep balance and then she turns to /stare/ at Jessica, boiling with anger and fear, "are /you/ going to stop them?!" she shouts, eyes narrowing at the woman. Obviously Jessica's shouting isn't doing any good, so let's get physical. And that's just what Eshe does. Deeming X'ian being the easiest to take out, by his injured leg along, she launches herself into the fight, going for the bronzerider's waist to attempt a tackle.

Eitanex plants himself three steps beyond Jessica. Aaaaaugh. His fingers twitch. "Where?" he calls back. "I don't know where they /are/?" Yeah, Eitanex is being his confident self at the moment. He really just wants to sit down and throw up - he wants to do that more than intervene, in fact, at this point. Can't he just … "Don't let them do anything to X'ian if he falls over," he finally calls, shaky voiced, and starts to circumvent the fight to get out.

Krummolt follows X'ian backwards and clamps his hands into the fabric of the rider's shirt just in front of his shoulders. X'ian running into the wall brings Krummolt up short as well until the rider pushes him backwards. His grip is not loosened by being moved backwards, and so he pulls X'ian with him, twisting one of his hands above the other and attempting to pull him off balance and off his feet. He is entirely unprepared for Eshe's assault on X'ian, and not planning for such a sudden impact.

Jessica covers her eyes helplessly with her hands as Eshe dives for X'ian, her emotions running high as she tries to hide a few tears that start to leak. "Nevermind, Eitan… just get back so you don't get hurt, please?!" Letting her hands drop again to her sides, she balls them into fists as she stares at the fight. Just… wonderful. As she watches, she starts to skirt around to position herself behind the otherwise-occupied Krummolt, edging closer to Eitanex as she does. "Don't ever do this, okay?" And taking a step forward, still behind Krummolt, she launches an almighty kick (not losing her balance in the process, either, indicating perhaps a smidgeon of skill?), aimed in between his legs. And then beats a quick retreat, jogging back six or so paces, into what looks to be a fighting stance.

Lanti trots into the cavern only to stop short, easily picking out the most exciting part of the crowd. Weaving among the tables, she eventually gets close enough to shout a general question to the apparent bystanders, asking what's going on.

X'ian aims a hard kick at Krummolt's left knee once he his next move becomes apparent in the fact that he's not quite as grounded as he was - but he's already moving when Eshe connects. The double effect of the forces trying to counter each other ends with X'ian turning in midair to land heavily on his side with a muffled cry that's not entirely unlike that a dog would give after being kicked hard in the side, with Eshe on top of him and blood already starting to drip out of the corner of his mouth as he gives a weak cough - the rage previously controlling him very suddenly and completely extinguished.

Eshe is on the floor. No.. Not the floor. On top of X'ian. Laying there for several moments, staring at the rider's beaten face, blinking a little in surprise. "Uh… X'ian?" she whispers, then becomes aware of the crowd and moves off the rider to kneel next to him, watching blood drip from his mouth. "Could someone get a Healer..?" she calls then and looks around, still looking quite stunned at what had just happened.

Krummolt moves his leg just enough to take X'ian's kick land squarely on his thigh, only slightly above his knee. His leg shifts, leaving him somewhat off balance…and fortunately preventing Jessica's kick from connecting squarely, catching it on his other leg. He staggers, rather taken aback at the sudden interference. Given that he's already been sucker-punched once this fight, he takes an instinctive backhanded swipe behind him, putting Jessica in very real danger of losing a few teeth as she backpedals. It does, however, distract him at least very briefly from his efforts to turn X'ian into hamburger.

Eitanex backtracks in a half scramble back to Jessica when she retracts her order with another one. He shifts from foot to foot, biting his lip - and gives Jessica a look which honestly borders on the terrified when she lets off that little disclaimer - while moving in /that/ direction - "Jessi …" Ow. Eitanex blinks. He's beginning to suspect himself of being the island of peace in all this. Which is kind of ironic. Some little part of him that isn't as emotionally affected by all this mutters something about how on earth is it fair that /she/ gets to plunge right in while /he/ has to sit on the sidelines like a stupid - this is quickly suppressed. And when X'ian goes down, he quickly tosses his hands up and takes a step forward. "Okay, he's down!" he says too loudly. "We're done! Okay, we're done? Get him to an infirmary?" Of course, he's thirteen and his voice is cracking, and no one's probably listening and it's all rather redundant, but it makes /him/ feel better. Lanti's shout turns his head. A layer of Self Consciousness overlays itself on top of everyone else. "It was a fight!" he shouts back … and immediately feels very lame. He doesn't notice Jessica's peril until his brain has a moment to reset. Then he's taking off in her direction. … Of course, probably too late to do anything about it.

X'ian curls in on himself a bit once Eshe's weight is no longer pinning him in place (his face, oddly enough relatively untouched), and follows her movements readily enough as he starts to reach a hand up to wipe his mouth, winces, and stops. "I just bit…my tongue. Ribs, though…leg." It probably shouldn't come as much of a surprise that there's blood beginning to seep through his trouser leg, even if the black material keeps it from being readily visible. "Good show, eh?"

Lanti just kind of watches with dumb fascination as the brawl seems to come to a rather unsteady and sudden halt. "He must be pretty hurt to just stop like that, huh?" she says quietly, watching X'ian for a long moment. "I thought guards were supposed to stop these sorts of things," she adds, eyes going all wide and innocent as her gaze shifts to Krummolt.

Krummolt's blow falls only slightly short, catching Jess hard on her upper cheek as she moves to evade it. The hit cheek goes white at first, quickly followed by a reddening that Jessica covers with a hand. "Sweet shells!" Her voice is shaky again, a good match for her vision… and what's this? A tooth… not int it's usual spot? X'ian isn't the only one bleeding, apparently… Jessi's usually pearly-white teeth are stained red, and into her free hand she spits something small, bony-like… a tooth. "Oh my, Faranth… far… oh… you!!" She clenches her fists again, tooth in hand, exposing an already bruised cheek. "Enough! Guard, report to your Captain immediately!" Her voice is firm, but as she starts forward to address Krummolt more directly, she staggers a little to the left.

Turning at Eitanex's shouting, Eshe blinks and sees Krummolt still on his feet and gives the older guard the best warning glare she can manage. "Like Eit said. It's /over/. And you.." she says, turning back to the bronzerider next to her on the floor, "you need a healer, like it or not." She frowns at his last words, but doesn't respond to them with anything but a snort. Lanti's receives a fixed gaze for her comment and the recruit gives her a faint nod, before she turns back to the guard in question, but before she can go on, there's a shout announces the arrival of the Captain, "what in /Faranth's/ name is going on here!"

Eitanex stops right behind Jessica, swaying slightly, and not sure what else to do. Jessi just spit a too … . But the Captain's shout means that Eitanex feels all right about taking a couple more steps backward and turning more toward Lanti than anyone else. "X'ian insulted his mom. X'ian does that a lot. I don't know … I don't know /what/ this was about, though. X'ian just took his cane and swung - he did … he did start it, I guess." Eitanex's stiff fight or flight stance starts into post-stress shivers. "Shards, I don't know /what's/ going on."

Krummolt looks genuinely startled to have knocked Jessica around. In fact, he's quite startled to see that Jessica was the one kicking him, not some hulking bronzeriding buddy of X'ian's. "Shells," he grumbles, his eyes narrowing again. He looks around at X'ian again, still on the floor. Though his anger does not seem to have been fully vented, it does not appear that kicking a downed man is going to be helpful. Fortunately for X'ian. He stops, standing where he is, breathing hard. It takes him a long moment to straighten after the Captain's entrance, an unusual moment of disrespect for the veteran guardsman. "Sir." He doesn't seem up to reporting immediately, but he does manage to straighten to attention.

Lanti reaches out to offer a somewhat steadying hand to her friend as she gives Eitanex a quick smile that at least /looks/ confident. Her expression is definitely worried as she looks at the group of adults, though. "Whatever happened to the 'sticks and stones' saying?" she asks in a near grumble. "Sharding moron."

"Help me up." X'ian mutters, reaching for his cane and the jacket wound around it on the floor next to him whether Eshi likes it or not, his glare already lifted to rest on the guard captain.

Zethlen looks around at those gathered, and quirks at Jessica. "If you don't mind, I'll tend my own guards, thank you," he states politely, before turning on Krummolt, oh fear, for he appears perfectly serene. "Guardsmen Krummolt… REPORT!" As in… now.

Eshe is on her feet at the Captain's shout, doing her best at standing attention, but X'ian's muttered cry for help interrupts her. Bending, she holds out a hand to the wounded rider, trying to catch his gaze, "you really should wait for a healer.." she whispers and helps him to his feet, then reaches over to grap cane and jacket, untangling them to return cane to the rider and loop the jacket over her arm. And then come to attention again.

Orders are something Krummolt is prepared to follow, even when he's not fully in control of himself. "Sir!" he barks back. "Bronzerider X'ian and I had a disagreement, sir! He suggested we go outside and I agreed so we might settle his insult privately, sir! And he swung his cane at me from behind as I made to leave. So I regret to say, the fight stayed inside, sir! I believe Bronzerider X'ian may need medical attention, sir!"

It's only a few more seconds before the pain finally hits Jessica, her adrenaline fading. She gulps for air, tears now streaming down her red face… "He-lp!" Her vision still blurred, she tries to correct her stumble but fails most miserably, instead tottering to the right like a drunkard. "Tend… whoever… you sharding want…" She mumbles, directed towards Zethlen's blurred figure. "Owwwww!" As she unclenches her fists, stumbling to find a chair, her dislodged tooth falls the the ground. Latching onto the closest table, she plants her palms and leans her weight onto it, breathing heavily as her tongue seaches through the blood for the gap of her missing tooth.

Uriala follows mostly out of curiousity, having been in the barracks when the captain got the call to come handle things. Her job, after all, involves not getting involved, most of the time. So she's observing. Everything. She takes in the injured parties, the tension, the orders, the explanations… and then she steps over towards Eitanex and Lanti, who, as children, are a kind of priority in her eyes. "Are you two all right?" she asks quietly. They seem to be, but there are so many apparently injured bystanders.

"And, ah, perhaps the assistant headwoman, sir," Krummolt adds, a bit belatedly and with enough grace to sound chagrinned.

Eitanex takes the hand without thinking - mostly because all that running around and … sundry, has made him very dizzy. He exhales. "I don't know … I don't know. I hate f-" The shivers turn into sniffles and Eitanex ducks his head to hide them and a growing blush of … mortification. It is terribly embarrassing to cry in public. In front of former combatants. And girls. "Sorry." He tilts his head back up long enough to rub his free hand almost violently over his eyes and note Uriala … there. "Fine," he nearly squeaks. "Just fine. We should …" He jerks his head in Jessica's direction. "We should help her out. She got hurt." See, there weren't any tears.

X'ian is still hunched thanks to a pair of very-likely cracked ribs, and he's not putting much pressure on his leg at all, managing to stand only by resting most of his weight against the wall at his left and the cane in his right hand. "Pretty much what he said, only he was going to behave himself until I took a swing at him."

Lanti glances up at Uriala as she joins them. "Yes, ma'am," the girl reports quietly as her gaze goes back to X'ian, who's obviously received the worst end of the fight. She absentmindedly pats Eitanex's arm, but only for a moment. No need to make things worse than they are. "Yeah, we should probably find some of the Healers or something."

Zethlen quirks a brow at the guard. "So he insulted you, and you decided to get into a physical altercation?" is questioned. "Have you learned nothing in your time here, guardsmen?" his voice is steady, even, perhaps scarier than if it where irritated, at least one knows where they stand when he's acting mad. "Recruit Eshe, if you would kindly get a healer for Rider X'ian, and Assitant Headwoman Jessica," he requests. "As well, would someone please see that the Assistant Headwoman has a seat, that she doesn't end up anymore injured than she is. Recruit Uriala, where you not a healer apprentice?" is questioned. "If so I'd appreciate it if you could help these two…" his attention then returns to Krummolt… "Both a bronzerider and the assistant headwoman… dare I ask what you where thinking?"

"Hey," Uriala says, abruptly more concerned about Eitanex. "It's okay. Whatever happened, it's over; it's being handled. Everything's going to be okay." But Eitanex is right, and so her eyes move to Jessica. The healer's instinct in her takes over. "Faranth." She takes a few steps over towards the woman, reaching out for a reassuring hold on her elbow, her other hand reaching for a chair to pull around. "Ma'am?" she says. "Here. You should sit down…"
Uriala offers a nod and "Yes, sir," to Zethlen as he addresses her.

Eshe has come away from this remarkable unscathed. Probably the only one directly involved as well. Taking a step and a half away from X'ian now that he's on his feet, she turns to face the Captain, straightening her back and clamping her mouth shut. She'll just keep quiet until she's asked to speak. Maybe to keep herself out of trouble as much as to keep form, in fact. Getting ordered to do something. Fetch a healer, right? Hadn't she already asked someone to do that? But she still gives the Captain a nod and disappears toward the infirmary to bring back a healer.

Jessica allows Uriala to seat her, forceful sobs subsiding a little as she realises there's plenty of attention on her. Can't have the Assistant Headwoman seen as a… wuss. Or something. "Th… thank-you." She mumbles, blinking a few times to try and clear her vision. "Is Eitanex alright?" She asks her next question, turning her head in the direction she /presumes/ Uriala is in. Most likely, she's wrong.

"Shards, I know everything's okay," Eitanex says, sounding more irritated than upset now (forgetting himself long enough to snap at Uriala, for goodness sakes), his shoulders hunching. "I'm fine." And he's about to go right behind Uriala, then, although his eyes stop in two places first. One, the patted arm, and two, X'ian. The second is a very quick, almost resentful glance. But he's biting his lip. And he moves after Uriala then - without making any actual effort to disengage his hand from Lanti's if she still holds it. Hey, he's dizzy. "I'm fine," he calls over to Jessica enroute.

Jessica goes quiet after her question is answered, allowing the rest to go about remedying the situation.

Eshe comes back a few moments later with a journeyman trailing behind her. She points out the injured parties and mutters something to the man, then takes up her stance of attention once again, somewhere close enough to the Captain to receive further orders or to be interrogated.

X'ian is a little grey in the face, and uninclined to say much of anything as various explanations and orders are passed back and forth in the space before him until there's a healer at his side for him to lean against instead of the wall.

"He's fine," Uriala assures. "Everyone's going to be fine. Look…" She moves to retrieve the tooth from the floor, calling out to a drudge, "Can you get me a glass of milk?" Her eyes return to Jessica. "It was knocked out clean, so there's a real chance we'll be able to repair it." The milk is brought, and she drops the tooth into it to clean it, leaving it for a moment as she watches the scene out of the corner of her eye.

Zethlen nods as she listens, doing his best to take in what people are saying around him, as well as what Krummolt is saying. "So, instead of just walking away, like you probably should have done, you decided to return the favor. And you didn't just stop there, Guardsmen you also caused injury to our assistant headwoman? Intriguing," he turns towards X'ian, in hopes that he'll get the bronzeriders say on things. "Rider X'ian, have you anything to add?" he questions calmly.

Krummolt's eyes narrow at Zethlen as he turns, but he clamps his jaw shut. At least he's not going to do anything immediately to make his predicament worse. However, he does not appear to be thrilled by what he hears, perhaps unsurprisingly.

Lanti falls in step with Eitanex for about a second before letting go of his hand to let him see to Jessica on his own. After all, she barely knows the woman. "I'll, uh… see if the, um. Y'know, see if I can find someone. To help," she haltingly calls after the departing pair as they go to join the assistant headwoman. Part of her job is running around the Weyr randomly, after all, right? She doesn't actually move, however, as few thirteen-Turn-olds would really have a great idea of who to call in this instance. Rather than look like an idiot too much longer, however, she does finally move back towards the bowl. Maybe to find Lorsalia. Or Wyn. Pyrene and M'nty. One of those rider types who'd know what to do here. Not that she's too likely to be successful.

Eitanex waves and looks briefly out of sorts as Lanti pulls away. "Thanks! Um, good luck!" Right. Business. Eitanex clears his throat and joins Uriala basically beside Jessica, although he himself doesn't see much he can do. His eyes, despite his resolve not to let them, keep wandering back toward the crisis.

Jessica's expression brightens a bare notch when the tooth is reported as savable and watches with a subdued interest while Uriala sets it in milk. Huh.

Flick, flick, flick. Eshe's eyes follow the movement of the conversertion, or should we say interrogation, around the room, watching each in turn as the speak. Still going unnoticed by the Captain, which means that maybe her part in the scheme of things and she might not have to answer to anything she did or didn't do.

"I came in looking for a fight. The insult made him angry, but I could have easily sidestepped the situation and avoided a physical confrontation. Instead I fanned an already unstable fire, and I have a feeling I'm going to pay for it in more than one form of punishment. Sorry. I appreciate the excercize." That last bit is directed rather pointedly to Krummolt, along with another rasping cough.
[OOC:] X'ian says "Mine."

Zethlen nods towards Uriala and listens to X'ian's side. "So, you admit that you did do something to cause the dispute…" not really a question, more a summerzation of the fact. "Thank you, rider X'ian, I will see to it that the appropriate parties know of this," hhe gives. "Recruit Eshe, would you mind telling me what you saw?" he gives. There is, at this point in time, no hint as to what form of punishment Guardsmen Krummolt will get.

After a minute, the tooth comes out of the milk again, and Uriala says to Jessica, quietly, "I'm going to put it back into the socket, and ask you to hold it there until they can get you back to the infirmary and treat you." And then, if allowed, she proceeds to do exactly that, pulling out a clean handkerchief for Jessica to use to hold to tooth in place.

Jessica allows it - with a wince - but after an unsteady moment where her grip on the tooth looks unsure, she holds it firm.

Krummolt looks around at X'ian as the rider calls himself culpable. His forehead furrows, clearly surprised. He gives a small nod, grudgingly appreciating the testimony. Ultimately, he's going to get into more trouble than X'ian, most likely…but then, he's left with only bruises, instead of bleeding threadscore, broken ribs and a broken tooth, all of which he managed to inflict.

Eitanex is, by now, watching the "trial" with only the occasional pause to look back down at Jessica and Uriala. X'ian's complexion bothers him. The whole thing bothers him. /Why/? There's no reason Eitanex can put a finger on. A concrete, sane reason, anyway.

Shards. She's been noticed. Eshe pulls up a little, standing with her feet apart, her eyes turning toward the Captain, if not her head. See? She's already learnt the basics of attention, if not fighting. "Well, sir.. It all happened rahter quickly. One minute they were talking, low tones, so I didn't hear what was said. The next they were headed for the door and that's when the fight broke out." She glances at Krummolt, then X'ian and then looks back at Zethlen, hesitating a few moments before starting speaking again, "I, err.. I tried to tell Krummolt to back down, but.. X'ian can be awfully provokative, sir."

X'ian nods warily, his tired glare rolling back onto the Healer as the journeyman starts to probe over his ribs and receives a wince and curse for his efforts. "I should get to the infirmary."

"I think you're going to be fine," Uriala says quietly. And then, as the healer approaches, she steps back again, allowing the fully trained journeyman (and still practicing healer) to manage everything beyond the simple first aid. Her eyes go again to Eitanex, and she tells him, quietly, "No permanent harm done, and the captain has everything under control." She listens to Eshe's words as she has everyone else's, trying to get a sense of what happened.

Jessica is transferred to the journeyman, still holding the tooth. She does look calmer.

Zethlen nods towards X'ian. "Thank you Rider, please get yourself attended too," he gives. "And thank you, Recruit Eshe, for your statement," is offered before he turns back towards Krummolt. "Well, Guardsman, you understand that there are consequences to your actions?" he questions, wanting Krummolt to understand, he will have to be punished.

"I know," Eitanex says quietly, his eyes still forward. "I know it's fine. I didn't mean to react that way. I just …" Eitanex finally lowers his eyes to look at Uriala more steadily. "I was afraid someone was going to end up dead."

Eshe draws in a deep breath, giving a nod to the Captain, her shoulders relaxing almost visibly as attention is once again returned elsewhere. Eyes still follow the discourse and she bites her lower lip waiting for the punishment to fall. And wondering what else she could have done to have prevented it all happening in the first place.

Uriala shakes her head at that, one hand moving to touch the back of Eitanex's shoulder. She's had enough human interaction to know that physical contact is one of those… things people do. "It's all right. It's a natural reaction. Most people feel it to some extent."

"Yes sir," Krummolt replies evenly. He remains strictly at attention. The prospect of punishment is not surprising to him and he waits to hear what his final fate will be.

Eitanex blinks. Uriala is touching his shoulder. Although he does manage not to crane his head to observe it first hand, real time. Wow, Eitanex is getting touched a lo- "Okay. It … looked pretty bad. I don't like fights. I really wish X'ian would just keep his mouth shut. I don't know why he did it. Using a cane …"

X'ian nods again as he and the journeyman sort've work to get themselves into a position where X'ian can start to limp his way in the appropriate direction.

Olwen slips into the caverns with the usual array of soft silver and sparkle-doused sweaters. It seems she's angling for the hearth, or it's general vicinity. There's a perfectly good chair with the- Tension. Peering at the scene, Olwen takes one long look at the battered X'ian, and the small cluster of on-lookers and does what any sensible person who has any sort of relationship with the accused would do… flee.

Zethlen. "Very well, Guardsmen Krummolt, you are henceforth put on a six month probationary period, if anything of this nature happens again, you will be dismissed from the guards. Also, you will henceforth be attending the late night shifts until said otherwise, as well as having daily chores as decided by myself, as well as the staff of the Weyr, inclusive of Assistant Headwoman Jessica, and you will do so without complaint unless it interferes with your job as a guard…" he takes a deep breath, though is obviously not yet done. "Finally, you will attend classes with the recruits, to learn what should have been taught to you as a recruit," the last is said and he lays a level gaze upon the guardsmen. "Does anyone have anything to say that may effect this punishment?" is questioned of those gathered.

Uriala's eyebrows arch as Zethlen speaks, but she doesn't say anything, having nothing really to add. Her eyes move back to Eitanex, and she says, quietly, "That's understandable. Most people don't like fights. I don't like them, either, and it's a lot tougher when you don't know what to do. It's really best, though; if you try to do anything, you're just likely to get yourself hurt. I think you did just the right thing." Her eyes move towards Jessica's chair for a moment, then back.

Eshe has nothing to say and indicates so with a light shake of her head as she glances from Zethlen to Krummolt. She does let her eyes linger for a bit at the guardsman, wanting to see his reaction to the punishment.

Krummolt isn't going to do or say anything. He's been disciplined before and seen others disciplined. Definitely nothing he could say that would improve his situation.

Please excuse X'ian, he's just insane? Please excuse Krummolt, X'ian's just that good at what he does? Eitanex furrows his brow in the captain's direction, but really has nothing to say. He returns his gaze to Uriala. "I don't feel like I did the right thing. But … you're right." His eyes follow Uriala's to Jessica for that moment. "I would have just gotten hurt. And maybe pretty bad. I just hated it. Watching and knowing I couldn't do any … I should probably go." Eitanex cuts himself off and inclines his head down. He looks over his shoulder where Olwen passed a moment ago. "I'm not feeling that well." He pulls a weak grin, then moves off in the direction of the inner caverns - find somewhere to lie down.

Uriala just nods, letting her hand drop away and saying, quietly, "All right. Goodbye."

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