Logs: 1998

March 1998

Which Gold will rise first? - an oil-covered Saoirse debates with Leshil and Sefren as to whether Lara or Nuff will be the Reaches' next Weyrwoman.
Lara. Girl doesn't know her arse from her elbow. Not a favourite of Saoirse's.

Nuff tries out some laps - Nuff's feeling the effects of Tiareth being proddy…
Sefren blinks several times, and the thoughts running through his head are almost visible. Should he offer her his chair? Well, she is the Weyrwoman; she can sit where she likes, etc.

April 1998

Tiareth clutches! - High Reaches' 1st PC Clutching
Pavelth blinks… « TODAY? Like NOW? »

Sefren and Leshil are asked to Stand - a couple of Candidates are added to the collection.
Aslyn to Leshil: "I would expect you to behave with dignity and decorum…"

Kumiko becomes a Candidate - Kumiko gets cornered in the baths by a pair of greenriders.
Catia on Sen's green: "Sindiath licks /anything/ though, doesn't she?"

Egg-touching - the Candidates are allowed to /touch/ Tiareth's eggs.
Tiareth slavers idly over her, her, /her/ gold egg, curling tongue stickily about shell and rolling faceted eyes at the poor candidates.

Siulth rises - and Saoirse OOCly invites the Candidates to send NPC chasers.
Saoirse to Siulth: "Well fine! Be that way, ye daft eejit."

Egg-touching (again) - and once more, the Candidates get to poke at the eggs.
"They're much harder than they were last time," [Sefren] notes quietly.

May 1998

The Candidates' Masked Ball - the Candidates organise a Masked Ball as a thank-you for the Weyr… (and some of them come masked as well-known riders).
Anti-Nuff skitters in, cookie jar clutched to his - yes, he might as well say his, since it's true, no matter the outfit - chest, half veiled in a drape of sisal. "Nuff needs cookies. Where are cookies for the cookie jar?" he mutters to those he passes.

High Reaches' 1st PC Hatching - Tiareth & Rennth's babies are Hot Stuff!
Landry takes a single, sweeping look about the cavern and anounces, "I feel sick."

June 1998

Piccath's first flight - which doesn't go quite as the Weyrlingmaster prefers.
Piccath stands up and shakes himself vigorously. See? He's just fine and dandy, the indestructable dragonet….

L'shil and Piccath's first flight together - the weyrling pair take to the air together.
L'shil whoops. "He says he wants to do some of the flashy stuff… Is that a no-no?"

Winter at the Reaches - what /does/ snow taste like?
Catia on Calissan: "But he's cold-wet. It's better to be hot-wet."

July 1998

Weyrlings' first Fall (clutch 1) - Fall over Tillek.
Rhyath emerges from between dangerously. Trajectory blunt, she hovers, takes stock, Hates! « Oh, and Lani apologises. She was upchucking »

L'shil gets tapped for Zephyr - L'shil's invited to O'feri's weyr for more than just some wine.
O'feri on why L'shil should drink: "You'll have to learn, you know, and now's as good a time as ever - have some wine, my friend!"

Verth's maiden flight - boys are fun!
Trydanth is sparky rather than sparkly… settling into a low crouch, the blue edges towards his playmate of the other day. Maybe she still wants to be squashed by him?

Seeing through another's eyes - Catia gives S'phen a dragonhealing lesson.
Catia: "As well as learning dragon anatomy and how to heal their injuries, dragonhealers spend a lot of time learning to strengthen their own bond with their lifemate, so that they can help others."

September 1998

The Case of the Invisible Egg - egg-watching, with Tiareth's latest (NPC) clutch.
Conlan on invisible eggs: "If it's invisible, of course you can't see it."

A Hatching! - Tiareth x Rennth, with NPC candidates and bad puns.
Any minute now Nuff is going to lose what's left of the shreds of her sanity, or the scraps of her sisals.

The Twisty Boot Thang! - it's just a jump to the left… Igen's Twisty Boot dance gets out an outing in the Living Caverns.
Ethree on dancing: "Seems Conlan's swept the Weyrwoman off her feet."

October 1998

Rhyath's Maiden Flight - Lani's weyr gets an inspection.
Jh'ral on gold-flights: "Rennth, are you trying to fly every gold in the weyr? Next thing you know, you'll try for Marakachekith!"

Winter Fest! - High Reaches has a Winter Festival, with a Spicy Wherry Wing Eating competition.
Catia on Wherry Wings: "I noticed my stocks of cayenne and spiceroot and a few other things were down in the infirmary… I wondered if they got 'borrowed'?"

Nicknames and Niceness - a general discussion on those two subjects.
Senalia: "I have noticed quite a few riders have nicknames for their dragons. 'Lump' seems to be one of the favourites."

Calissan gets tipsy - some young weyrfolk get 8-Turn-old Calissan a bit drunk.
Calissan is /not/ getting drunk, and /that/ is the disappointment. But…why is the room moving around like that?

Introducing D'ante - the rider of Rhyath's conqueror makes an RP appearance.
Ale? Or stout? Or bitter, or wine, or spirits, or… but there's only two beverages worth mentioning in D'ante's vocabulary.

The High Reaches Fashion Gurus - L'shil and Conlan seek fashion advice.
E'ren groans, smacking his forehead. "L'shil! Oh yes, my poor, poor, fashion-impared clutchsib! I remember those terrible rags you used to wear as a candidate! Yes, I'd be thrilled to help you find something more appropriate, something that will prevent you from being an embarrassment to the Weyr!"

November 1998

Rhyath clutches! - High Reaches' 2nd PC Clutching
Rhyath puts her tail between her legs and all but runs for the sands. It's more a shamble. But when you've got to go…

Searching Niyanne - Pita and Salea take a trip to Ista Hold… and come back with the first Candidate.
Disgruntled - afterall, this /is/ interrupting her wine tasting - Pita's regard dwindles to Niyanne, focusing tightly upon her. "What is your name again?"

Areiah is asked to Stand - Catia decides just how Areiah can be most useful to the Weyr.
Areiah on wanting a job: "Is there anything dragon related that I could possibly help with, do you know?"

Conlan gets Searched - Rhyath's just clutched, and Nuff wants D'renn and Conlan to help her count slippers.
Nuff on inventories: Write that down. No purple slippers in the east-wing center rooms."

How Thesy became a Candidate - Ophelia thinks Thesy has stolen her 'thingie' - whatever it was!
Ophelia describing her 'thingie': "It's square. And /orange/. And it has a wherry on it."

Shaela becomes a Candidate - Piccath's showing off for L'shil's mother.. Perhaps.
Shaela has waited her whole life for this moment, and run the whole thing over in her mind a gazillion times now. All that drops off the ledge now, though. First of all, she never expected to be asked to stand while being squooshed by a big, brown lump.

Pyrene's back, Nuff has brats - and nothing very much else happens.
Duff and Scruff, the two of three, trundle like weeblers about the cavern.

How to induce childbirth - D'renn becomes an Assistant Weyrlingmaster, and fellow AWLM Ash's waters break.
Ash doesn't let go of the knot immediately, it's almost like a physical tug-of-war to mirror her inner thoughts…

December 1998

The Candidates do Dinner - the Candidates make dinner for the Weyr… Flaming Cheese! And it's Areiah's Turnday.
Risli hmms. "Is Flaming Cheese an appetizer or finale?" he wonders aloud.

High Reaches' 2nd PC Hatching - from earth-bound eggs Hatch star-born dragonets.
Niyanne on Hatching: "It's, um, it's starting - The eggs, the ones we touched, they're sorta, um, moving."

A post-Hatching party - in the living caverns after Rhyath's first clutch hatches. (Pyrene goes to bed in the middle.)
C'lan busies himself taking the runnertail out of his hair and retailing it. "Um. I think I am just not supposed to /do/ anything with girls." It's not nice to talk about a boy's luck with girls in public, you know.

Mucking Out (December 1999) - someone has to clean up the weyrling dragons' mess.
R'sli: "You should be glad the snow is keeping the smell down. It could be high summer."

The joys of nannying - Pyrene and others mind some of the Weyr's worst brats
Ewyrpin looks back at Ginnie. "Pyrene's responsible for us, you should yell at her." There are advantages to having your former peer in charge of you.

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