Logs: 1999

January 1999

My dragon's bigger than yours... - the weyrlings and friends compare relative sizes.
Pyrene thinks back to something she overheard one of the drudges say that she didn't understand. But it sounded grown up sooo… she nudges Areiah and nods wisely, "Well you know what they say about men who ride big dragons…."

Telling tales - AWLM D'renn explains how he got grounded as a weyrling.
Areiah: "Did you go and, say, kiss someone? One of the greenriders was grounded for that."

Graduating to senior weyrling (clutch 2) - party on Southern Weyr beach!
Salea carefully wraps up her speech, smiling. Backing up, she kicks sand directly towards D'renn - sand and blue do make /such/ a good combination…

February 1999

Drawing ichor - L'shil has a dragonhealing lesson.
L'shil: "Do you want a big vein, little vein, or medium?"

Myrineth rises - a green's mating flight.
D'renn beams some more at Areiah, not minding if it doesn't have effect. "Trydanth's particularly keen on the way raindrops sparkle on greens." Oooh, was that a particular emphasis on a particular word? And was that a sly glance at a certain grouchy rider?

Weyrlings' first Fall (clutch 3) - Threadfall with consequences.
The foe. For once, Ysbryth saves acrobatic tricks and experimental twists and turns for another time; wings spread, and in her place amongst the other golds, she glides along swiftly, easily. Areiah, for her part, is inspecting various switches and dials, the silver of her flamer poised and ready.

March 1999

Thesy gets her Zephyr badge - D'renn's got a badge for Thesy… it's stuck in his trouser pocket.
D'renn on his leather trousers: "And they're not /that/ tight…. I can sit down in them, after all….."

Salea swaps knots - and D'renn becomes Weyrlingmaster.
D'renn looks the knot over a few more times, checking that it's real… then pins it to his shirt without another word. No protestations this time… he's sure he can do the job. Possibly. "Now what do I do?" he asks plaintively.

April 1999

Teenage jealousy - and what /do/ guards do anyway?
L'shil mutters darkly. "Yes." His words seems almost bitten off. "I remember T'jay. Quite well, thank you, Shae. I hardly see how I couldn't." And now, for another subject. "Kelvren… Just what do you Weyr guards get to do?"

May 1999

Tiareth and Ysbryth clutch! - High Reaches' 3rd PC Clutching, and this one's a double.
Nuff on betting: "Do I get better odds because I have to deal with the dragon, R'sli?"

Sita becomes a Candidate - things get a bit saucy… and Sita's asked to Stand for the double clutch.
"Maybe we should get them to launder Sita", D'renn offers.

Aaliyah is asked to Stand - the most unpleasant girl in the Weyr becomes a Candidate.
Aaliyah: "Well, for your information, I do have something interesting to say. I was /going to say that I was sorry. But I guess you don't want to hear that from a little /resident-type/ do you?"

Liseria gets Searched - D'renn needs some help getting to Gar.
D'renn to Liseria: "Well, as long as you know the way to Gar, you'll do for me…"

Searching Oorla - Trydanth needs help choosing a decently fat ovine.
Oorla tries holding her breath. She's no vegetarian, but mixing chewed meat with the remnant of firestone does *not* make for a nice smell.

Decorating dragons - bells and ribbons from the Candidates.
Nadesda: "Now we's gotta tie little satin bows about yer 'eadknobs…If'n you'd be so kind as to lower yer 'ead….Vermillion, 'r fushia?" So many colors, so little time…

Making rainbow bread - the Candidates use their ingenuity in the kitchen.
Tessera: "Puce, must have puce.."

The consequences of rainbow bread - shame that Head Cook Nadesda wasn't too impressed about the pretty colours.
Liseria arches her eyebrows. "You mean…" she gets this incredulous look of wide-eyedness as she suddenly realized she confessed to the wrong prank.

Ysbryth gets a makeover - how to make a gold dragon even more beautiful.
Faranth would pop back from ::between:: if she knew what two candies were doing to her great-great-great-great-….-great-grandaughter!

Thesy and L'shil are getting weyrmated? - well, that's the rumour Shaela's been using to protect her favourite brownrider.
Shaela flashes a nervous look to each rider in turn before looking down at her knitting. "I kinda told her you two were, uhm, expecting? I mean, the whole weyrmating thing just kinda evolved.. you know?"

June 1999

Candidates' Sands Briefing - the Candidates get briefed on what happens at a Hatching.
L'shil: "Oh, and if you hear a voice and then find yourself flat on your back with a dragonet staring at you, it's probably fine."

High Reaches' 3rd PC Hatching - the new weyrlings are the stuff of legends.
Ah, the dragon bait is delivered!

August 1999

Sledding in the Alpine Meadows, iceskating, and a snowball fight at High Reaches Weyr's SnowFest (August 1999)- down and down they slide, round and round they spin… Since High Reaches gets so much snow, why not make the most of it?
Cyrene looks at the slope, the sled, the becrashed fellow greenrider, the others, and aims a suspicious glare up at her dragon. "Are you sure this was a good idea?"

September 1999

Inferno Wing's Annual Benden wine raid - it's a tradition. Inferno Wing like their Benden… enough said!
"It's been a while since we've had a…." Catia's voice lowers to inaudibility… "a Benden raid. And we could do with some decent wine after this Tillek slop…"

September 1999

Chayath's maiden flight - Shaela tries to hide from all the attention. Somewhere… anywhere…
C'lan has eyes. They want to stare at Shaela. That is what C'lan's eyes want to do. And that, friends and neighbors, /is/ what they do.

Dragonhealers' Promotion - C'ley and Nagrath get injured; L'shil and Thesy get promoted.
Catia on C'ley: "Lesh, Thesy, can you manage whilst I deal with /this/ imbecile?"

November 1999

Chayath clutches! - High Reaches' 4th PC Clutching
Chayath begins to make herself busy playing in the sand. Well, not really playing, but making a place to put her eggs…

Mharida becomes a Candidate - Mharida comes to bring Yiddae chewy bars… and never goes home again.
Let there be calm, for the bearer of Chewy Bars has arrived.

One, two, three.... Search! - an afternoon with not one, not two, but three new Candidates added to the collection.
Pyrene on D'renn: "I never said that I /didn't/ want to be a candidate… I just said that I didn't want you to exploit Search for your own purposes."

Quara is Searched - a simple trip to Keroon gives Trydanth the excuse to try knocking down a door.
The door wobbles a little in its frame, causing D'renn to turn and glare. "Stop it," he grumbles, to the wind? Who knows?

A crime and a punishment - the Candidates dye two pairs of boxer shorts bright pink…
"Lylia? /Why/ were you mentioning my underwear?" D'renn has to ask.

Touching Chayath's eggs - the Candidates are permitted to touch Chayath's eggs (once she's stolen Pyrene's robe-in-the-making).
Chayath tugs harder on the oh-so-lovely white material. Mine, let go Pyrene. Mineminemine.

December 1999

The Candidate Talent Show - Khayet, Harper Sr Apprentice and Candidate, organises the other Candidates into showing off their talents.
Khayet rushes over, he's gone from director mode to twittering before show mode.

High Reaches' 4th PC Hatching - Chayath and Tyrodinth's babies are Traditional types.
Thhhhhrrrrrmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm. The Weyr reverberates.

A firelizard hatching - D'renn's Lox produces bird-like hatchlings from fruity eggs. (Alright, so she stole some of them from Catia's Cosentia…)
And they're not gonna come 'cuz you talk to them nice, either. It's the food they want. Nilika truly, really expects the people to listen to her in this melee.

How to make riding straps - the weyrlings play with leather.
D'renn waves a hand at Quara, not quite flicking her nose with the strap he holds. "You'll have to measure, Quara… I can't remember how many a blue takes. That was too long ago…" Excuses, excuses. He does do this Turn after Turn, after all.

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