Logs: 2000

January 2000

Learning to fly in formation - the weyrlings take to the air.
D'renn: "We'll be communicating mostly between our dragons - it's loud up there! I'll be giving the orders though, not Lis!" Just in case she'd got ideas.

Wine, women, and very little song - the most recent clutch of Weyrlings are graduated to the Senior Weyrling Wing, and allowed to drink wine for the first time in a Turn… (Clutch 4)
Turnday kiss? No one told Lis about a Turnday kiss…

A practice Fall - the attack of the dyed ropes!
Ko'en's still yelling, purple smearing his face and neck beneath the goggles. Barbarianth dips and dives out of formation, flaming rope in short, violent bursts.

February 2000

Weyrlings' Last Threadfall - Fall over Nabol, and it's the last time the Senior Weyrling Wing fights together - graduation later!
Ko'en hasn't done any damage: Barbarianth has been flaming neatly and competently. So what if Ko'en has one hand over his goggles so he can't see what's happening?

How the Weyrlings got Graduated (Clutch 4) - D'renn gets to decorate the living caverns, fully graduate his latest bunch of Weyrlings, and have several hands in his trouser pockets.
D'renn stares helplessly at Thesy. "I, erm…. have you /seen/ how tight my trousers are?"

A bet is made - Lis, Lylia and M'rin all get tapped for Tsunami, and Tyara and D'renn make a bet, which rashly involves Pyrene.
M'rin barely smothers a little giggle. Pyrene? With her hand down D'renn's pants? Even if it /is/ only his pocket? That'd be an /interesting/ sight to see….

A bet is lost - Pyrene's not co-operating…
"Oh, come /on/, Pyrene… all it takes is someone with smaller fingers than me." D'renn declares.

A forfeit is announced - D'renn lost the bet and Tyara's going to make him pay.
D'renn gives Lis a puppy-dog expression better than the snuffling canine could ever manage; torn between relief that someone else has told Pyrene, and panic that someone else has told Pyrene. Panic wins… "I, erm, it was Tyara's idea!" D'renn bursts out - it's easy to lay the blame on someone else.

A forfeit is paid - scrubbing the weyrling barracks? No problem, really…
Lis nudges Lylia gently with an elbow, whispering conspiratorially to her wingmate, "D'renn's going to clean stuff. With /the/ boxers."

A punishment is set - Pyrene really wasn't pleased with the bet, and convinces Weyrsecond R'sli to punish D'renn.
"I want to make a complaint," [Pyrene] explains to R'sli formally. "About the Weyrlingmaster." D'renn d'scipline. /She/ likes….

An apology is made - D'renn pays up. For the second time.
Pyrene winces as D'renn gets another poor fool to dig around in his pocket. She doesn't say it's a disgrace, but her nose can wrinkle very eloquently.

Kanna becomes a Nanny - Pyrene hijacks someone else to mind the Brats.
Pyrene on Nannies: "Oh, no… never /ignored/! Leered at yes… we're positively /plagued/ with attention."

April 2000

How to get yourself a new AWLM - D'renn needs a new assistant - what's the best way to get one?
"I could make anyone a weyrlingmaster. Bet you I could turn the next free rider to turn up into one." D'renn tells Nuff…

May 2000

Tiareth clutches - High Reaches' 5th PC Clutching
Nuff bounces up and down again, her turban falling sideways, askew. "Oh oh oh, here she goes. You are going, aren't you Lumpie?" The elderish gold dragon certainly lives up to her dragonet-nickname today as the clutch bulges out on all sides, as round and eager as Nuff.

Pia is Searched - Tillek's the destination, wine is the goal… but Druseth finds something else as well.
Druseth on wine: « Lylia likes it. I do not think it is best for them to drink as much as some do. » After all, they must appear their best, shouldn't they? What's the use of wine?

Calissan becomes a Candidate - teasing D'renn has unforeseen consequences.
D'renn: "I think I should sentence you to a couple of months of random chores, plus a roasting at the end of it. And maybe more work after that."

Pyrene becomes a Candidate again... - Thesy discovers she's pregnant; Pyrene and Tyara attempt to swap knots, but… Pyrene gets a new white one instead…
D'renn's face falls. "Pyrene? Stand? NO WAY!"

Lyrica is dragged off to the Reaches - Salea goes looking for a Trader and/or a drink at Keroon, and comes back with a bald stablehand.
Zali's advice to new Candidates: "I just got here recently myself. I just suggest finding the weavers for some warm clothes /quickly/ if you don't have them already."

Edaeyn is asked to Stand - is she supposed to be making sure the Candidates do their chores, or doing them herself?
A little mistake, a little forgetfulness, and it all seems like something out of the tale of a harper who's not slept in a sevenday and is living on klah.

Lyrica's got bugs? - Lyrica explains the reason why she's bald.
Subtlety is lost on Pia. Always. The Candie rolls her wide green eyes. "You are all crazy," comes her unwelcome opinion.

Knots and knottiness - D'renn's got a knot for Mhari in his pocket; Ashan gets one too, even if she doesn't really want it…
D'renn to Mhari: "Actually… I do have something for you in my pocket; I've been meaning to give it to you for ages. Try the left trouser pocket."

Chaining up the Candidates - AWLM R'sli decides the best way to make Pia and Lyrica behave is to chain them together. And some eggs hatch some familiar-looking firelizards.
R'sli: "I just thought of the most wonderful reward for Lyrica and Pia learning to get along with each other. We're going to chain them together at the ankle, so they can spend all their time together!"

Some Candidates and a Llama named 'It' - with the help of a large, blue, Candidate-robed 'Sriat', a present is delivered to Lylia's weyr.,Once a candidate, always a candidate," says Auri proudly, modifying the 'brat motto a bit to serve her own purposes.
The llama blehs, and spits, a big gooey glop on the ledge. Oh well, he's Lylia's problem now.

Herdbeast tipping - the Candidates try their hands at a new sport.
Sasha ponders quickly. "The bigger the beast - the louder the splat!"

Egg-touching - the Candidates get distracted away from a game of herdbeast-tipping in order to touch Tiareth's eggs.
Tatoria: "Egg-touching?" she echoes. "As in… touching the /eggs/?"

Lyrica apologises to Pia - will wonders never cease? After bickering for sevendays, Lyrica apologises to Pia…. oh, and the Candidates work on their robes.
"I want to be proud of making my own robe," Faye explains - but there isn't very much to be proud of, by the looks of it.

D'renn's put on a diet - D'renn's worried that his clothes are too small (not surprising, since the Candidates have been shrinking them, not to mention leaving suspect lacy panties in with his clean laundry).
"My underwear's got really tight, Ciera…" D'renn informs her, and the entire Weyr if they chose to listen. "This lot…" - a wave of his hand at the Candidates - "think I need more exercise. And to diet."

Pia's Turnday and the Candidate Poetry-Reading - there's a spate of kissing in the Living Cavern.. and then a selection of poems and songs in a display of Candidate and rider talent.
Do Candidates spontaneously combust?

June 2000

High Reaches' 5th PC Hatching - Tiareth & Chiernnath's eggs hatch out a fairytale selection of dragonets.
Pia traipses out onto the sands, emiting a "Shards!" when her bare toes touch the sands for the first time.

Cadgwith gets purged - it's unpleasant, but it has to be done.
Auri: "What's wrong with Cadgwithie's tail? Why's she uncomfortable? What stuff? Are you talking about purging? Are you Py? Are you? Why's this happening Pyrene? What're you going to do? Is it going to be messy? I don't wanna be messy…."

Practicing formations on the ground - the weyrling dragons learn to line up.
"Good, good. Let's start our little walk, then? We're gonna take a short stroll, so you guys can get an idea of how much space to have between your dragons." Lylia points at the area between Druseth and Lainnoth. "That's about how much you need not to flame the one ahead but to have proper coverage. In conditions, you may move closer or farther, depending on orders."

July 2000

Lainnoth's first flight - learning to defy gravity.
Lainnoth thinks to [Fye], « Yes. But if I fall down, can you try to catch me? »

Lainnoth and Niamhyth's first hunt - it's time to learn how to catch what they eat.
Fye blinks and screws up her face at both Druseth and Niamhyth's kills, promptly tearing her gaze away to check on Lainnoth - it's an excuse to look away, and he hasn't killed anything yet.

First flights together - the weyrling pairs take to the air for the first time.
"In the sky? *With* him?" [Daeyn] inquires somewhat dubiously…

Flamethrower practice - D'renn encourages pyromania in the weyrlings.
How much D'renn trusts Pyrene: "Not as far as I can throw Cadgwith."

August 2000

The Weyrlings graduate in drag - the latest batch of Weyrlings hold a cross-dressing party for their graduation (and Pyrene had the fun of @emitting D'renn, since he couldn't make it himself).
D'renn rustles some more as he tugs at his skirt. "How do you manage to keep these things straight?"

Zai is tapped for Tsunami - Tai instructs Zai in how true Tsunami riders get up early in the morning.
Tai: "… I never /used/ to be a morning person." Shrug. This is a testament to how much Impression can change even the laziest of herders.

A new member for Esprit Wing - Pyrene gets snaffled.
Esprit's badge: a fanciful patch of brocade: black and blue, the 'Reaches ensignia is stitched with Esprit Wing's resounding call — Con Spiritos! Not only does it mean 'With Spirit', it harkens a reminder to the plotting and planning of the Weyr's weyrwomen, and their assorted conspiracies.

September 2000

The Weyrlingmaster is sacked - D'renn's been shirking his duties, and the Weyr Council have had enough.
Adora looks almost pityingly at D'renn. Then she brightens slightly, "How would you like all the time off you could want? You could spend some time with family,"

October 2000

A mudfight and a picnic - spring's thaw leaves mud in the bowl… but the volcanic pool's a good place to clean it off.
The best laid plans of firelizards and men often go to waste, as Oorla has just found out. So much for her plans not to get muddy!

Ysbryth's mating flight - up she goes!
Ysbryth senses that she seems at the height of her gentle agitation, mind colors swirling and pulsing lightly in clear jewel tones that are edged in the ever changing proddy scent of sandalwood. Images of the flight are sent towards the others, her touch gentle and unassuming. « Flight. » Not a dragon of many words, she relies on her images to convey the story.

A babbling brownrider - some living caverns conversation - most of it from L'shil
L'shil huhs. "I've never been compared to a firelizard before…"

November 2000

Ysbryth's eggs arrive - High Reaches' 6th PC Clutching
M'rin smiles, cheeks coloring faintly as he watches the two draconic parents unload and settles their children…But no counting eggs before they explode, right?

Oren is snaffled to become a Candidate - who can stand against the combined will of Lis, Lylia and Auri?
In the Candidate Barracks: Oren winces. The stink of celibacy and sobriety. Yech.

Sasha becomes a Candidate again - some quiet chat with a rider or two can turn your life around…
Pyrene chips in with her own philosophy: "Stand enough Hatchings and some dragon's bound to come out of its shell confused enough to Impress you."

Tilarekna's first snow - transplanted from Ista to be a Reaches Candidate, Reka's never made a snow-sculpture before…
Leave the girl who, before today has NEVER touched snow, to build the hind leg of a dragon out of it.

Gallery-sitting and a spate of proddiness - Candidates talk robes in the galleries, greenriders get interesting in the living cavern…
And insanity is a greenrider, if we get right down to it.

Pyrene needs to flirt and Rauve's asked to Stand - Cadgwith shows no signs of rising, and Pyrene wants to do something about it; Rauve gets in the way.
Pyrene frowns. "I never thought of that… You think she'd go up if I started chasing after the bronzeriders?"

Hyzen is Searched - Zai and Puizuth were having a nice bath at Ista Weyr, but when you need a blanket, you just gotta go home and fetch one…
Zai waves a hand at the room as she enters. "Ah, here we are. Pick a cot, any cot. They all have blankets."

Explaining the meaning of 'Standing' to Pemeron - a visit to the stables for Lis, her toddling son, and some others.
Takovic takes one look at the barrow, immediately realizing /exactly/ where the smell is coming from…

Hiliza becomes a Candidate - although not until after a lot of Candidate discussions and dragon conversations, plus Nuff being… well, Nuff.
Nuff: "Are you all Candidates? Or are some of you Imposters? We do bad things to Imposters… don't we R'han?"

Berry-picking with Cadgwith - Candidates pick berries in the meadows and Caylea narrowly avoids being tasted by Cadgwith.
Eeew… *cough* how wonderful. Did tongues come in that size?

Cadgwith rises for her maiden flight - at last Cadgwith's proddy.. to Pyrene's relief, at least till the morning after.
Pyrene's realisation: And suddenly that fuzzy little cloud that she's been in all day is lifted and her eyes go very wide. "Oh, /thank/ Faranth. Oh, /Faranth/!"

Where's Tiareth? - Nuff's lost her dragon somewhere, and enlists Candidates to help find her.
Pia's green eyes widen, Vintner staring at Nuff in evident confusion. "Your dragon is missing and she won't tell you where she is?"

Egg-touching - The Candidates visit the Sands.
Some residue of brain activity prompts Tatoria to abandon her broom near the entrance, shoving it in a corner to lean there for future removal - or maybe to stay as decoration. That taken care of, her feet pick their way across the sands and her shoulders straighten as she composes her expression. Eggs. Lots of them. Nothing special here. Nothing they haven't seen before….Simply look like you know what you're doing and it all works out…

The Candidates wash Dsalth - P'rru 'borrows' some Candidates for a visit to Ista's beach.
Caylea's post dragon-wash plans: "After we ..well, me and Sasha.. scrub Dsalth, we /have/ to go look around Ista's shops! Haven't been here in at least..half a month?"

December 2000

Dancing around and a puppet-show - a Candidate party with everyone dressed as Pernese animals, and stuffed llamas tossed into the crowd.
Lis idly blinks down into her lap as she finds a gold… thing in it. "May? Did I just Impress - can you Impress a llama? - a gold thing?"

Breakfast for the Brats - Gideon and Tilarekna assist Tyara at feeding-time, and dodge some interesting questions.
Tyara: "Hrm, I've been to Ista a few times…. last time I got pregnant. Not going there again,"

Making bets with Pia - Tilarekna and Pia make a bet on whether Pia will Impress… and D'renn tells stories.
"Deal!" Pia snaps, arms folded across her chest. "Pink, blue, what ever. It won't matter, anyways."

High Reaches' 6th PC Hatching - Ysbryth x Rixesith produced eggs you could have a Night In with… and dragonets you'd want to have a Night Out with.
Oren winces at the heat of the sands, which, to his poetic mind, sparks a lame pickup line he can use some other time. Some sort of analogy between hot sands and hot girls.

Cadgwith clutches - High Reaches' youngest gold produces her first clutch (NPC only).
Cadgwith appears to be getting into her stride now, laying a couple more and blinking proudly at the Sands. Behold. Her Eggs. Her First. Behold and Tremble.

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