Logs: 2001

January 2001

Cadgwith's clutch hatches - Cadgwith's first clutch's hatching is used as an excuse for some bad puns (NPC only).
Blues, blues, lots and lots of blues. Ciera's chanting to herself as she plunks down in the stands and stares at the eggs down below. "Let them all be blues for Cadge's first clutch." She's here for the possible irony factor.

Snowballs at midnight - some weyrling dragons get introduced to the delights of throwing snow during a late-night lesson (of-sorts).
Dsalth is marvelously pleased with himself «And that, younglings, is how it's done»

Pyrene's pregnant? - Pyrene makes an announcement, and some dragonets get /very/ confused about where human babies come from.
Mzadith thinks « Cadgwith's rider's egg comes from a fish? Is it edible? Does it smell like a fish? Mmm. »

Dragons in doorways - the senior weyrlings are enjoying a Gather at Ista Hold… and Vespurath and Nylanth want to join in.
Nylanth wiggles and jiggles, trying hopelessly to get inside the hall, but he's just to big, ya, fer sure. With the last final push though he gets his shoulders even more snuggly fit in the great doors ("great" is relative) and pushes his head through the next set, along with Vespurath.

February 2001

Why we have Weyr Guards - someone comes looking for Weyr Guard Kinecha, but tangles with Dsalth and a few others too.
Who in Faranth's name would draw a knife on a big brown dragon…shells, any dragon for that matter?

The weyrlings graduate (clutch 6) - new riders!
Quara laughs at Pyrene. "Yes, dear. I'm getting rid of most of the rest of [the wine]," she confides. "Between 'joining bonuses' for the weyrlings and what I promised to Ophelia, we'll have to… ah… well."

A graduation party - new knots, new clothes, and dragon-dancing… Look out for R'ave in drag!
Quara to Lis: "You can have R'ave. In a dress. Didn't stop you with D'renn after all."

March 2001

Threadfall - before, during and after a Threadfall.
A few extra breaths can make all the difference, and Sejith takes the opportunity to receive several chunks of firestone from his rider. Crunching jaws masticate energetically, eager to refuel the fires in his belly. Sufficiently full of gas, he swirls, dancing midair to the side, before belching flame. A broken mirror of Thread - that means good luck!

Kamikaze Cat Fight - Sasha and Tatia are both proddy…
Sasha launches herself bodily at Tatia a fist clenched and with a deadly aim…."Come on over! Or are you scared? I've put sorrier specimins than you down with twice the effort it will take to knock you senseless, you scabby herdbeast!"

April 2001

Chayath rises - Shaela's gold lifemate rises to mate.
And that's the bit that sux in P'rru's opinion. The part where Dsalth gets to be him, and he gets to be Dsalth.

June 2001

Cadgwith rises again - Cadgwith's got those urges again, despite the autumn rains… resulting in a very confusing flight for some and a very damp flight for all.
Lustrously shimmery brown wings reach, reach, reach for the rainsoaked wigglin' bottom of Orbyth. Is that… an invitation? It's so, so close… muzzle nips towards bronze's tail and a bugle issues from Sevareth's muzzle.

Skating on the lake - out on the ice with or without skates, dodging snowballs.
"It's easier with skates," [Pyrene] notes to Kinecha with a grin, "But as brats we used to just go sliding about without them. Just keep your body centred and lean forward slightly and sort of /sweep/ forth…"

Ysbryth's all glowy - another leadership flight for High Reaches.
Areiah, the picture of Weyrwomanly poise, grace and stature, goes ahead and sticks her tongue out.

Minding the weyrbrats - men get to do some childminding
Shaliena plucks up the stuffed dragon, "And you have to go and flame thread now…go on brave dragon, flame thread!"

Early in the morning, just as the sun was ri-i-sing... - and it's breakfast time for the early risers.
Empty stomachs and cold noses get precedence over the few manners Saoirse has.

July 2001

Cadgwith clutches! - High Reaches' 7th PC Clutching
Hi! I'm Tourguide Barbie! Please keep all body parts in the galleries at all times.

Resistance is futile - Zephyr Wing head for the Keroon Herder Hall in Search.
Sariani stares at D'renn. Ask an apprentice master how much you can lighten her workload. "Take as many as you want," she says, waving her hands grandiosely. "Take them all. Less trouble for me that way."

Hiliza's asked to Stand again - Pyrene needs help to get some blankets to the Sands, and enlists the help of a brat and a nanny.
"Think Tyara would mind adding bringing me cold drinks to your list of duties? This would be a lot easier if you were a drudge still, y'know." Pyrene is allowed to appropriate drudges for her own personal use. Tyara gets shirty if she tries it with a nanny.

Ogera is Searched - Nuff and Takovic accompany Sh'rek and his green Fionath on Search at Ista Smith Hall.
Sh'rek: "S'kay, Lass. She don't bite. She might kick, but only if you surprise her. Besides, Fionath here likes to Search. Makes her feel proud, y'know, to bring in new people to the Weyr."

Kinecha's asked to Stand - Salea wants some opinions on Fallanth's new straps, and guards know about camouflage, don't they?
Socks! That's what Shaela forgot.. "Salea," she whines at the brownrider, "It's morning and I'm tired and there's no stickybuns made yet and I forgot my socks."

Cristen becomes a Candidate - Quara and Lylia want a ferret. Druseth wants a bite to eat.
"We have to come home with something. Preferably something that plays with us," Quara agrees.

Tamber's Searched - D'renn heads on a 'semi-personal' errand to the Mine Hold; Trydanth finds a 'spare' sack of firestone.
Trydanth stops, a rock half-chewed, and the others spilling from the ripped sack. The blue head swings round to regard D'renn with a what-did-I-do? expression.

Egg-touching - on the Sands with Cadgwith…
Lyri stands back a bit, giving the candidates plenty of room to move but near enough to grab one should the need arise. "Alright, touch the eggs gently and no fast movements. I don't want to cart any bodies out." If there /is/ a body left.

The Question Card Game - pick a card for someone to answer the question!
The card reads: What, if anything, do you consider to be worth more than any amount of money? Kezenex streatches and scratches his neack, "Eh? Oh. Well, my answer for that would be pretty lame I suppose, but sleep. Sleep is /good/."

Cleaning the latrines - the Candidates get to do one of the more unpleasant chores available, with accompaniment and encouragement from P'rru.
I don't know what I've been to-o-o-ld, scrubbing latrines gets mighty o-o-o-ld, swiping and wiping all day lo-o-o-ong, and having to sing this flaming so-o-o-ng!

Takovic's Triumph and Marianne's Search - a concert at the Harper Hall produces a couple of surprises.
Marianne: "Ladies and gentlemen! Girls! Boys.. anyone else I may have forgotten! We have an annoucement to make to you all. May I have your attention once more? I promise I will not yell at you all again this day if I may have your attention,"

Eating tunnelsnakes - apparently some people consider them quite a delicacy.
R'sli: "Some of those poisonous variety have the best flavor to their meat. Tastes like wherry."

Loren becomes a Candidate again - Soquilith and Imbriath decide Loren should have another go.
Soquilith senses Imbriath's mind gently enters within your own, streamers of deeply burnished gold and brilliant flashes of an azure and green. « Hello, Soquilith. » Comes her voice, caressing, as she greets. « I was wondering if you noticed anything about Loren? » She's not going to say what… she got to tease, you know.

Reiko's Searched - another Candidate for the collection!
Reiko takes a step or two back as she's whuffled. And not even by a dragon she knows. Scowling lightly, she looks from Konolan to Bun'ny and back. At least dragonbreath is warm.

How to make an Impression - the Candidates discuss ways to cope on the Hatching Sands.
Cristen: "Socks? That's dangerous, Khory, they might catch on -fire-."

Practicing a Hatching - eggs are hatching on the Sands… but only firelizard ones.
"'Lizards?" [Surupa] questions, looking from the larger eggs and then back towards the only thing that is trumming in the caverns. A firelizard queen.

High Reaches' 7th PC Hatching - something old, something new…. becomes Something borrowed, something blue - Blues for Cadgwith's clutch!
"We need less than 20 blues, I believe…. else I have to wear a dress to the post-Hatching party," D'renn confides in Ciera…

August 2001

Dragon aerobics - P'rru leads the weyrlings in some dragon exercises.
Dsalth mentally 'eyes' each individual, short snappy commands projected for all to hear, but plainly they are meant to mean something to P'rru. «Short.. stumpy… wide… angular… taut.. rounded.. 3… 3… 1» ahhahhh.

Thou Shalt Not Say Brat - a discussion about manners and correct use of words, especially 'brat'.
Chelle blinks, frown returning to her face. Was that? Did she /hear/? "Brat? DId you say /brat/?" she turns to look at Jesha, shaking her head, "Ah, now…that's not a very nice word, Jesha. I think that word should be /banned/ from Pern. After all, children are our most precious resource, don't you agree? They shouldn't be called horrible names!"

September 2001

Weyr Council Meeting - Telgar's short of golds, and they'd like one of High Reaches' six… - part of The Weyrwoman for Telgar TP
Daeyn shakes her head. "I'm sure all these debates have merit," she says dryly, "but I take it no one is willing to leap to Telgar right now?" Her tone implies this is the only important question.

October 2001

Weyrwoman versus Weyrwoman - the stress of trying /not/ to be chosen to go to Telgar starts to get to Pyrene and Shaela - part of The Weyrwoman for Telgar TP
Lylia has just entered the Deathmatch Arena? The brownrider oh-so-quietly slips in, vespertine-learned skills coming in handy when it comes to staying out of notice. 'Cause any sudden movement, and Pyrene might just accidently rip off her head.

The Goldrider Showdown - Telgar's Weyrsecond arrives to take away one of the Reaches' goldriders - but which one? - part of The Weyrwoman for Telgar TP
"I'll give you good marks to take Nuff!" somebody says gruffly.

K'nex is tapped for Tsunami - Lis asks; Tatia announces
Lis: "D'ya think you could do us a favor? We need some extra wingriders, since we're a bit short lately. I can vouch that at least three people will be especially happy if you said yes."

Summertime swimming - dragons and people in the lake.
Rhajath shoots down towards the lake, a growing "Noooooooooooooooooooo" can be heard as they splash down for a landing. "It's too /cold/, Rhajath!" is finally heard as Chelle draws her legs up to try to keep from getting wet.

Graduation for clutch 7 - G'deon presents knots.
"Well, I won't keep you here with longwinded speeches," G'deon begins…

Sua is tapped for Inferno - some riders and some wine pay a visit to Skeseth's ledge.
Cayl nods her head. "True, true. Now Sua, before you go grabbing that bottle, you really outta know all the downsides of being in Inferno." The bluerider's face falls stealthy. "Such as waking up in unknown weyrs, beaches, having multiple babies whos fathers you don't know, um… and there are others, really."

Khena and Chelle are tapped for Mudslide - S'nor invites some of the newly graduated riders for a drink… only they need to actually come and collect the wine.
Chelle is there…sorta. She blinks at S'nor's hurry, "Th' longer wine sits, th' better it is, right?" she remembers, though how a few minutes is going to make any difference isn't known…

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