Logs: 2002

January 2002

Taesha is asked to Stand - a swim, a rescue, an offer from Pyrene… and Taesha becomes a Candidate for Cadgwith's NPC clutch.
Auri hits the water with a loud *kerploosh*. Seconds tick by. Then- "Aieeeeee!" Auri is shrieking like she's being eaten by a pack of rabid canines. "It's c-c-c-Coooooold! Heeeeeeelp!"

Pyrene gives birth - Cadgwith's humming confuses Candidates, and the Sands almost see their first human birth.
"Cadge is 'umming," Shaiyun manages to tell people in between his excited little bounces. "An' Py is fat."

The Hatching of Cadgwith & Druseth's clutch - they were such pretty eggs - shame about the dragonets. (NPC clutch)
Miravith manages to sounds smug through the disgust. «Told you they'd be ugly and deformed. I /toooold/ you.»

Chayath rises... - Shaela wants to sit in the sunshine but Chayath has entirely different plans.
Chayath spins light musical notes through her wine-red hued tones.. « I am going to enjoy this chase. »

February 2002

Tackle Football - in honour of the Superbowl happening in Real Life, High Reaches holds its own game.
Miria: "So. Um. I tackle people with the ball who try to score right?"

Messengers are ambushed - bandits are on the prowl, as Tevya and Fyria find out.
A soft rustle is heard from the left…whisper soft, but heard nonetheless. Shadow? Movement? Who knows.

A firestone relay race, a Tug-of-War contest, and a drinking contest - the Dragon Games at Ista
Shirasuth thinks « Couldn't they just cut the rope in half and share it? »

A pillowfight - pillows get thrown around the (supposedly) Quiet Corners.
Fyria wrinkles her nose at P'rru, batting at him with a pillow. She is cheeky, and proud of it.

March 2002

Threadfall - High Reaches flies Fall in snow, and the Weyrseconds have a debate with the Weyrminer.
D'renn: "I'm sorry, erm, Journeyman Iisana… would you prefer we didn't use any firestone at all?"

Disciplining the ranks - some riders missed Fall for no good reason, and are called (hauled) up before some Weyr-noteworthies for some good old-fashioned Weyr discipline.
Lylia: "It doesn't matter if you're naked, you need to be /up on your dragon/ and /in the air/. Don't /tell/ us that you didn't have proper warning." Insert random swearing here.

Chayath clutches - High Reaches' 8th PC Clutching
Lylia remains lounging as her dragon does all the work. … "Lovely clutch so far," she remarks, slinking a little closer to Shae as she tugs off her jacket. "Druseth seems rather taken. Definitely Chayath's influence in them, though… Rather cheery eggs." The last batch was cute and everyone knows how /they/ turned out…

Oliana is Searched - Chelle, Jesha and Zi'n have a delivery for Paradise Hold, that turns into a pick-up.
Zi'n gets fruitpeel stuck between two teeth and spends a few moments trying to get it out without looking too offensive. "Oh, for the healers. I always get suspicious when they don't tell. Could be dangerous." Oh yeah, fellis and numbweed and green stuff is Thread's successor. But let him exaggerate.

A preponderance of Candidates - one, two, three… a snowball fight and misbehaving dragons all combine to turn a trio of Reaches' residents into Candidates.
A fluff of snow is all that's seen as Fyria trips headfirst into a rather deep snowdrift. No doubt created by one of the three dragons. See Fyria? See Fyria disappear? One hand waves above the snow's surface.

Searching Miralwyn - Sasha and Tatia want some Istan sun; Vespurath wants some toes.
Sasha chuckles irrepressibly…"Hey Killian…I should watch yourself…that last time Vesp tried to make a new friend, she took him home to keep in her weyr and talked to him every day…and he was only a crab…."

Squaln is Searched - the Candidates come out to play with Hiza, and get one added to their number.
Squaln just lies there in the snow, not even attempting to get up for the moment. Today just happens to be 'one of them days' for this lad.

Kirana becomes a Candidate - Ndi takes Kalyssa to Ista Hold with some Reachian delicacies for Cayl… and then brings back something entirely different.
Ndi: "Everyone ends up in the 'Reaches eventually. You can't /not/ go to the 'Reaches. Where else do you get snow and dragons and cookies and Miraviths all in the same place?"

Valaquen is Searched - a visit to Gar leaves Zylpheth wondering about their messenger's hair colour.
Kh'ryn: "He wants to know if your hair /tastes/ orange,"

Lhana becomes a Candidate - Yajisarath wants help to make sure her straps aren't fading; a very pregnant Khena wants help in the snow; and Mneoth just wants… Lhana.
Lhana giggles at that. So now she's the 'pink-girl who doesn't eat cookies', is she?

Plotting pranks - the Candidates do what Candidates do best.
[Miralwyn] unrolls the scroll, revealing a recipe for whitewash, calculations of amounts, lists of materials, a sketch of two tables, and a drawing of a chess board with the pieces replaced with… boots?

Searching Azia - Lylia and D'renn are on official business to Ista Herder Hall, but D'renn wants a pet for his son too.
Donis wants a ferret. Lylia practically beams, giving a sharp nod of the head. "He'd love one, really. Perfect for him." Looks like D'renn, even.

Mosiah is Searched - P'rru wants a healer to come and look at his daughter; unfortunately, most of them are the worse for wear after an important dinner.
P'rru gives Kezzra a look, and an eyeroll, induced by the drunkeness displayed by Mosiah. "Shells, it's true. There's no decent healers left. Look, love, he's as drunk as a trader! Skylark might very well have some deadly disease and these people are all flopping around chugging ale…"

It is missing - the Candidates want to know where It is, and T'am knows the answer.
Miralwyn doesn't bother with innocent eyes, merely retreating furthur into her usual dryly impenatrable facade. She inspects the shirt in question with an air of diagnosing some interesting ailment. "Hmm. The damage does appear to be llama-induced. But the problem of depositing the beast in the weyr remains. Candidates." she notes. "Do not have dragons."

Too many llamas - the Candidates mend some fences and make a lot of discoveries, most of them to do with llamas.
Sikkyen: "We have a Missing It, a Fake It, a Boy, a Girl, and the potential of all /between/ coming at us."

The prankwraiths strike! - shadowy figures strike fear on the living caverns.
A scurry, a footfall that's suspiciously similar to the clop of a cloven hoof — the faint scent of grain, a low humm. What does this mean?

No-one's boots are safe - the prankwraiths need some boots, and with the aid of a willing dragon, they're out to steal some.
Miralwyn: "Our victims all have weyrs in either the bowl, the lake, or the northern bowl. I suggest we start with the bowl, which will be Ciera, Jesha, Auri, Lis and Zi'n…"

G'dalf meets the prankwraiths - a visiting rider gets a bit cryptic with the Candidates' alter egos
G'dalf hears the whispered/hissed response, and nods his sage head slowly. "Then it is thee that I see. This is the hour of the Candidates, when they arise from their washwork and chores, to shake the weyr of the Reaches with their delightful pranks."

Out onto the Sands with Chayath's eggs - the Candidates try not to get burnt or bitten.
Shaela: "A Hatching can be rather nerve-wracking and chaotic, with dragons Hatching and running — well, as best they can, so newly hatched — all over the Sands. Hopefully getting you lot accustomed to the eggs and the Sands beforehand will ease your nerves somewhat."

Zephyr Wing wants new leathers - Gr'tel is given some orders for the Weavers.
Gr'tel's eyes widen at the sudden flood of requests, his hands fumbling about in his pockets. "I-I-I… Oooo, I can't possibly remember everything on my own, give me a moment to find a skin or something to write it down on!"

Cleaning Rhajath's teeth - Chelle gets a Candidate to do something less than savoury with Rhajath's mouth.
Fyria: "Shells…good thing I've a good stomach. How on Pern does anyone who gets queasy easily deal with all this? … Or do they just recruit unsuspecting Candidates to do it for them?"

April 2002

A mock Hatching - the Candidates practice Impressing.
"So wait.. What are we using as dragons?" [Azia] asks curiously, popping up by Wyn's side with a small grin. "Nothing painful, I hope.."

High Reaches' 8th PC Hatching - light becomes dark, shadows creep over the Candidates…
[Pyrene] blinks down at the Sands. "A bronze." Sulk. "How come a bronze is hatching first? That's a statistical improbablility! Particularly from a brown-sired clutch!" It's a personal insult. Druseth gave Chayath better…. chromosomes than he did to Cadge.

A post-Hatching feast - celebrations for the new weyrlings.
"Are they safely Impressed, then?" [Pia] inquires. "The eggs, that is."

Trundling around - dragonets meet trundlebugs.
Kihaelth moves throughout the barracks, nose planted to the ground, green eyes whirling fast as he tries to spot the infamous Trundlebugs.

The Weyrling dragons chase a feline - confusion and chaos in the weyrling barracks.
Hopskips ignored, [Sidramuntalath] /belts/ after the feline, bounding up into the air, coming down, and redoing the action. He's soaring! He's flying! He's — hopping over Vork! You're in the way, man! Lookit that feline /run/! Lemmeatitlemmeatitlemmeatit.

Dragonets and doorways don't mix - weyrling dragons in trouble again!
T'am suddenly becomes all too aware of what Farleth is planning. "No, no, no! Don't push! We want him back out /here/."

Tsunami's initiation rites - they involve water, of course!
Stand up you slugs, Lis barks in her best wingsecond voice, a little rusty but nonetheless effective. The weyrlings get to their feet, if shakily, but are left in the dark - almost literally - about what's to happen next.

May 2002

Sinead's promoted - Sinead's been a guard recruit for long enough.
Miria is not really in favor of having Sinead, her half-sister of all people, be her superior.

June 2002

Just for practice - the weyrlings are deluged in coloured ropes.
Vorkoroth's second stomach still holds sufficient reserves to burn down a few more ropey challengers, but! What's that up ahead. Ah, they're trying to overwhelm him with numbers!

Graduation for clutch 8 - Lylia takes charge and hands out knots.
Lylia gives a little giggle, glancing over the group as she fishes in the small, dark blue bag she clutches. "Weyrling Wingleader Fyria! Come forward!" Give up the tassels and nobody gets hurt.

July 2002

Rana and S'titch are tapped for Tsunami - and Vespurath makes an entrance
Hello, Pern to Tatia. Your dragon's butt is in the carverns.

A picnic at Green Lake - some High Reaches riders head for Istan sun.
Jiu: "Why can't we import this weather up to Reaches? I mean, if we got enough dragons to haul a whole bunch of sand *between* and… Somehow bottled the heat in a really big jar…"

A fatal Fall - high winds and a heavy Threadfall combine to cause tragedy for High Reaches Weyr, with scores galore, daring rescues, and a sad ending.
Saoirse takes a moment to turn her collar up higher against the crosswinds that stir the fall into a cauldron of chaos. "Oy! You there!" She gesticulates at a wingmate. "Behind you!" She shivers, and not just with the cold. She's got a bad feeling about this fall.

August 2002

Threadfall - with a nasty surprise- part of The Asteroid & Mudslide TP
A fiery rain begins to fall, amid the Thread… only it's not rain, nor is it thread… Thread and meteorites fall together, a deadly rain showering down on the unprotected dragons and land below.

Mud! - the aftermath of the earthquakes cause a land&water-slide to deluge the Weyr- part of The Asteroid & Mudslide TP
The only warning is a smell…

Rescuing the herdbeasts - the herdbeasts are swimming in mud and the dragons have to air-lift them out.- part of The Asteroid & Mudslide TP
Pyrene: "And no snacking!"

Feeding after the mud - the animals are up in the Alpine Meadows, and the dragons are hungry- part of The Asteroid & Mudslide TP
Cadgwith finally finishes with her starter and goes back for a second course (she's saving the llama for dessert).

Brat-fights in the mud - a simple mud-fight ends up with Siren being 'eaten'.
Nope, Ashli's not going for mud-throwing this time. She's going for wrestling!! With a mighty roar, she pelts herself towards Rianna, set on grappling with the girl, insults being thrown left and right…

Cleaning the mud off the Sands - Pyrene and Cadgwith marshal some helpers to get the Hatching Sands back just the way they were- part of The Asteroid & Mudslide TP
Cadgwith creels imperatively at Catiminith, waving her head. He can play mudplough too. The two of them will have to make paths for the wheelbarrows so they can ferry mud out and to wherever it's going to. She isn't interested in the details, but she does know exactly which spot of the Sands she wants clean. And nicely raked afterwards, don't forget.

September 2002

P'rru's 50th Turnday Party - High Reaches Weyr knows how to celebrate - and the Kamikaze clutchmates have a special surprise…
P'rru grins happily, colour already infusing his cheeks. Just how many cocktails did he taste test before the party started I wonder?

October 2002

Tiareth clutches - Tiareth and Orbyth spawn a worrying collection of purple and gold eggs. Though not as many as Nuff hoped for.
Nuff starts humming to herself. "Uhuh. One hundred and three. And one hundred and two of them will be blue. Orbyth can choose the color for the one hundred and third one." Nuff's teasing, she is, she really isn't entirely brainless and stupid, she just acts that way.

Donis wants to be a Candidate - Donis decides he's old enough to be a Candidate (unlike certain other pesky brats) and he picks Pyrene as the person to ask.
"Well, my father /was/ Weyrsecond and Weyrlingmaster. And my mother's been a Wingsecond too," Donis points out perfectly rationally. "I'm a lo..logic…locigal… obvious choice, aren't I?"

Enceladus and Larnat become Candidates - Tyara is ordered to sacrifice a Nanny for Tiareth's clutch… and Bandicooth interferes in C'rash's flirting attempts.
Shaela: "Why, if everyone stood around in the bowl all day, there'd be no one to fight Thread, no food to eat, and those poor eggs on the sands.. well, they'd hatch and there'd be no one for the dragonets to Impress."

Aladden becomes a Candidate - it's never a good idea to get on the wrong side of a pregnant bluerider. Or even non-pregnant ones.
Urzketh's snout whuffs, pauses, sniffs, whuffs again, and scratching sounds can be heard outside through the stone. Sniffle sniffle… Let me /in/.

Marina becomes a Candidate - T'am decides that Marina would make a good private nanny.
T'am: "You'll be a candidate." Which is so much more convenient. Close to the nursery, no messages to run…

Seana's asked to Stand - half of Esprit wing descend on the living caverns for porridge, and Seana gets pulled into their arguments.
Pyrene nods darkly. "The dragon chooses… A little half-addled, shatter-witted, newly-hatched dragonet. Oh, /that/ makes me feel comfortable. That's /why/ we have the Search process. So that we can make sure the dragonets are most likely to choose somebody worthy, and not just any oldrandom stablehand."

Vaedelle and Myliren are Searched - Jakith and Sidramuntalath cause havoc at Tillek Herder Hall.
These are herder apprentices, not playthings for bored dragons.

Nylca and Bronagh become Candidates - Nylca gets an order she can't refuse; Bronagh gets on the wrong side of Tatia.
Note the look of pure, blissful ignorance on Bron's face. Obviously, no, he hasn't met Tat before and he doesn't seem to care that he may have placed himself in a very precarious situation.

Graiham is Searched - healers ride up to the fields… and have their runnerbeasts scared off.
"Are you angry at me?" Auri's pert little mouth forms an 'o'. "You shouldn't be. Anger is bad. Anger leads to Suffering. Suffering leads to uh… hate. Hate leads to um… Miravith?" Auri stiffens as she looks back at the demurely purring green who looks as calm as a button in a basket. "No massacre! Massacre baaad." She turns back to Aerrin. "Uh, sure, a ride's fine. Hee!"

Seilyn's Searched again - J'asre's heard that there are Searchable apprentices at Gar's Star Hall. And he wants one of 'em - even if others aren't so keen.
"Just her? Only her? And you won't come back looking for more? Well…" The apprentice master shrugs, giving in.

November 2002

S'tuff's back - Bronagh's father attempts to charm Tyara. The old reprobate.
S'tuff isn't afraid of insane women. In fact, he considers them a challenge!

Bronagh's been a bad Candidate - and he's not going to get away with it.
…the young man begins to realize that this has to do with more than just his sneaking out at night; his lack of enthusiam for all candidate events; and his lackluster fashion of doing any chores assigned to him…

The Candidates play with leather - G'deon wants helpers to repair Nylanth's straps (though it turns into a lesson).
"You guys are pretty bright," [G'deon] comments, again in that totally open way that says he's not teasing.

December 2002

A pretend Hatching - the Candidates play make-believe.
Graiham: "I expect to be fed and oiled regularly, Marina…"

High Reaches' 9th PC Hatching - Tiareth and Orbyth's eggs hatch…
Orbyth croons in delight as his first egg hatches. Even if it was purple. But the blue dragonet is /so/ much nicer. And it's not purple. Big advantage, there.

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