Logs: 2003

February 2003

Tsunami's wet tunic contest - what better way to pick new wingmates?
G'ram, of course, would NEVER wolf-whistle at the girlies. Just not like him. The fact that the sound emanates from his general direction is pure coincidence, no doubt, as he looks accusingly over at F'red.

March 2003

A firelizard hatching - eggs in the living caverns hearth.
Firelizards hum happily as a frazzled looking Pyrene shepherds a passel of brats around the hearth, coaxing them each in front of an egg or as near as possible. "I'm going to flame Tyara alive for this idea, I really am…."

Little girls and firelizards - Pyrene tries to knock some notions out of and into some of the weyrbrats, her daughter included.
Auryn looks slightly amused at Pyrene's critisism towards her mother. "Mom says she's fed up with all these impossible children of lusty greenriders, and if she doesn't get quali… qualified assistants soon, she'll quit!"

Vaeli becomes a member of Esprit - Pyrene gets lumbered with the job of inducting the newest Weyrwoman into her rightful wing.
In case Vaeli wasn't aware, Esprit, like most of HRW, revolves around Pyrene.

May 2003

Cadgwith's mating flight - she's the first gold to rise since Areiah stepped down as Weyrwoman, which means…. Pyrene is now Senior! (Eeek.)
[Pyrene] …wheels around, giggling slightly hysterically at their faces as she savours her last moment of coherent thought for an hour or so.

Nissionath's maiden flight - everyone has to start somewhere.
B'ane clears his throat and scratches the nape of his neck idly, unsure of how exactly to break the news to Vaeli. "Um, actually there's going to be a Flight here, at Reaches." How's that? Not exactly blunt, but he doesn't want to be the one to rain on the goldrider's parade. "You free for a time?" Like she's got a choice.

Changing the Weyrlingmaster - a drinking competition between Lylia and Fyria has a knot at stake.
Lylia takes another sip, before wincing. "Not the best taste. Honestly Fyria, don't you care at /all/ 'bout the taste of it? Really, you're so uncouth."

A guard is missing - Kesher hasn't arrived back from his errand, and the other guards are worried.
"Kesher always reports in when he returns, you know that..?" As [Tekin] speaks, his voice takes on a more nervous edge. "If he hasn't that just means he's not back yet. He's probably just been delayed at Tillek, wouldn't you think?"

June 2003

Time for a search party - when some of the Weyr guards go to track Kesher down, they find more trouble than they expected.
Donis scrambles through runner legs towards the other guard, kicking one of the attackers in the groin for good measure as he tries to reach his superior.

Nissionath and Cadgwith clutch! - High Reaches Weyr's 10th PC Clutching
Pyrene jumps at the sight of the eggs - and then right to her feet, tugging hastily at Ike. "That's got Cadge going! C'mon!"

July 2003

Lauria becomes a Candidate - if she's Wyn's sister, she must have good dragonriding blood, mustn't she?
Wyn's task: "To be more specific, writing up a bunch of blank letters so that later I simply have to fill in the Candidate's name and position, and their superior's. Just in case Search riders get overzealous and yank someone away without their area leader's permission… Bah, it's much easier just asking people from around the weyr."

Getting in the Candidates - visiting the lake brings an unexpected result for Reuben and Llewellyn
Lylia: "You shouldn't go home. Here is far more pleasant than home. There's /llamas/. And /snow/. Really, why leave?"

Zarelyn is asked to Stand - Tiareth tries to learn how to Search; Almyath shows her how it's done.
Tiareth sweeps across the surface of the gestalt, breaking its still waters to swirl around you in layers of sunshine and strawberries. « My Nuff asks if you would come test a Human for her. For Them. » Them are in brilliant big letters of emotion, smelling of Sands and sweat and dragon eggs.

Donis is told to Stand - Ciera and Nuff are past the age of subtlety, and simply tell Donis he's to be a Candidate.
Nuff: "I don't know if this is such a good idea. You know what Pyrene is going to say. Nevermind his mother." Still, there's cots to be filled and robes to be stuffed full of Candidate.

Ulimi is Searched - Nuff recruits herself a Baker, and Druseth magically transforms her into a Candidate.
"We, the Weyr I mean," yuh, like Nuff would say no to her own personal baker, "We'd like to see if they wouldn't release you to High Reaches for a few months. What with all the Candidates and visitors coming to the weyr, not to mention the double hatchling later in the season, we're in need of the extra help."

Alasse is 'stolen' from Ista Weyr - Tsunami riders are on the loose and looking for… naked things? That's not quite what they end up with, though.
"If High Reaches doesn't have public outdoor nude parties, I don't see any reason why Ista should," Tatia points out…

Auryn is asked to Stand - Pyrene was feeling snarky, and decided to pit one weyrbrat against another in the robe-making stakes.
Auryn grinds her teeth together and /glares/ at Pyrene. "Mother didn't /teach/ me anything," she informs the goldrider with much haughtiness, crossing her arms defiantly across her chest. "'Specially nothing about cooking. She doesn't know how to cook at all; she's only good with /other/ people's children."

Caeran is Searched - Caeran is having girl problems; Nylca reminds him that absence makes the heart grow fonder.
Caeran: "Let me get this straight. You want me to come up to that freezing place while I scrub floors and peel tubers for free while I wait for a bunch of giant eggs to crack open?" He pauses to consider the alternative. "Sounds good."

Kodisan gets new knots - Nuff has a delivery for the weaver apprentice.
Nuff reaches into her pockets and, wonder of wonders, she doesn't come up with cookies. She does come up with - well, you can't quite see yet - but she carefully places two closed fists on the table.

Lexia is Searched - Pyrene and Cris go to Ista in Search of someone who can do something with flamethrowers.
"Aren't you that Smith apprentice I talked to awhile back? You were making a pot for Cinestioth? P'renn's brown?" Pyrene pauses, trying to make the next bit sound casual. "You don't know anything about flamers, do you?"

Candidates in secret places - Donis takes some of the others down to the not-so-secret peephole to the Sands.
Lucan: "Faranth.. I -can- see the eggs.."

Egg-touching - the Candidates pay a visit to the Sands.
Ciera clucks her tongue at Kibai. "And if they hatch this early in the morning, candidate? Will you whine about being rousted out of bed to come to the Sands then? Considerations like time of day are meaningless to eggs, which means they're meaningless to you."

The Candidates want to leave their mark - and they've got together some materials to build a fort in the cobwebbed caverns.
"Girls," Donis mutters, adjusting the glowbasket he brought so that the cavern is better illuminated. "No snakes are going to come in here with us around, Ulimi. And there's nothing else down here than could be dangerous. Even the weyrbrats can't get down here by themselves."

A Candidate physical exam - Auryn visits the healer.
"I thought you'd be bia… bias… you know." [Auryn] obviously thinks of a physical as a test you can fail, rather than a check-up.

Inappropriate relationships - Candidate Pycia and rider F'ish are a bit too friendly.
F'ish is always happy to play along. Unfortunately, it's anybody's guess to what he's playing along with.

Practising to be groundcrew - but practice doesn't always make perfect.
"You missed again," Donis tells Monty rather clinically. "Although to look on the bright side, you haven't flamed anyone else yet."

Pycia might be in 'trouble' - and she's certainly been seeing too much of F'ish.
Auryn: "I heard from Lexia, who heard from someone else, that she's been seeing F'ish… you know!"

Donis's groundcrew had a bad Fall - and he's wondering if he's really cut out for being a rider (and there's some discussion of Pycia in the Candidate Barracks).
Auryn: "Silly girl. And with /him/. F'ish. Don't understand her. Who'd want /his/ child when they could Impress a dragon?!"

August 2003

High Reaches' 10th PC Hatching - Cadgwith and Nissionath's eggs hatch out hot & wet things.
Pyrene: "Does Ulimi look like she's going to faint? I've got a mark on her to faint, and…, Adrin to throw up, I think it was."

December 2003

Impersonating Pyrene - Pyrene seems to have a hate campaign running against all blueriders (nothing new there) so one of them tries to campaign back, in a very odd way.
A'ran: "Unjust, I repeat! Just because of some silly dislike of Taiith's color he's being discriminated against! And all the others like him. Pyrene should be ashamed."

The Leaders return - out of nowhere appear some dragons last seen 26 Turns before- part of The Leaders Return TP
Alasse slides off her dragon, making a beeline for Pyrene. "/Pyrene/!" she exclaims as she gets close enough to be heard. "They say they're from High Reaches! And they called /him/," an arm is flung in R'meld's direction, "/Weyrleader/!" It's a bit much for the girl, who stands in confusion as she finishes this announcement. "Who are they?"

The day-old quarantine is already broken - a quarantine was set in case the returnees had brought infection with them. It's already been broken, and Pyrene commands M'nty to sort it out- part of The Leaders Return TP
Pyrene: "She must have talked a dragonrider into taking her to Keroon. So that's one person to flay. Alright, M'nty. Since you're worried about it and you know her, I want you to find out - via firelizard - what happened and what Keroon think."

Nocturnal conversations - one of Cloudburst's dragons is not well- part of The Leaders Return TP
"Zipheroth is off color. He has been since the day after we got here, actually. He's starting to become even paler and he's getting… well, sniffly." L'vek shrugged. "I thought it was just because of the jump… but now, I don't know what to think."

Adel and Nuff have a chat - the goldriders discuss aging and Cloudburst's apparel requirements, amongst other things- part of The Leaders Return TP
Adel: "Two days. That's all. Two days, and everything turns into such a mess."

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