Logs: 2004

January 2004

Tsunami discuss the situation - Tsunami Wing isn't happy with the way things are- part of The Leaders Return TP
Tatia: "Well. I'll be sure to let you know as soon as I get an actual decision out of the leadership."

Tatia informs the Weyrleader of Tsunami's opinion - unfortunately it all backfires…- part of The Leaders Return TP
"Butt my.. settled long enough.. Sii'kyn, stop being an ignorant wherry!" Tatia explodes. "We've been sitting under quarantine for sevendays now! And apparently you /aren't/ going to ask.. you're going to sit around and pretend that it's not affecting the weyr /you're/ supposed to be leading! Or did you forget that that's part of your job? Yeah, it's a big headache! Yeah, it's a complicated mess! A /smart/ weyrleader might turn to his leadership for help with that! He might talk to his weyr! He certainly wouldn't sit around doing /nothing/."

Cadgwith's leadership(?) flight - politics aside, this is one of the most competitive (and brutal) flights in Turns- part of The Leaders Return TP
Ducking under the tail of another oldtime bronze, [Umiheth] finds himself near Sidramutalath and his ebon talons reach out, striking at the brown tail as he snarls.

In the caverns - discussions while Cadgwith's flight is happening - part of The Leaders Return TP
Tatia sends a withering glance toward the groundweyrs. "You know who'd I'd rather punch," she answers, dropping heavily into a chair. "But contrary to why is apparently the popular belief, I am /not/ out to ruin this weyr by giving Cloudburst a written invitation to the Weyrleadership."

The quarantine is lifted - although it's already been broken a few times, Wyn finally declares the quarantine over- part of The Leaders Return TP
Pyrene: "Standing on a table and proclaiming is good. Would you like me to get Cadge to announce it as well?"

The Weyrseconds have a civil discussion - shame the rest of the rival weyrleaders can't do likewise
Wyn: "Oh Faranth… Pyrene will have M'nty on toast for breakfast in short order. It's not that he's a bad lad, it's just that he's… a lad. Fresh out of weyrlinghood."

Pyrene and R'meld clash - it doesn't take much for tempers to flare- part of The Leaders Return TP
R'meld clenches his teeth, his hands following suit, though staying at his side at all times. "What choice have you given us? None of you recognize myself as Weyrleader or Adel as Weyrwoman. We are not given the respect we both deserve!"

R'meld announces his decision to the Weyr - they're going back… but what happens to history?- part of The Leaders Return TP
Pyrene stares after him. "The man's a fool," she says, but her voice is definitely unsteady now. "He can't mean it…. it'd either be suicide or murder."

February 2004

Thranduith rises - Cloudburst returnee Thiern's green goes up … and the catastrophic flights continue with collisions and faintings galore - part of The Leaders Return TP
L'uc will gladly go into the ground weyrs if she beckons him to, but, until then he'll just stand and lean against the boulder. "Are you sure? It's such a nice day out.." Ok, he's making no sense now. Nevermind that the girl is about ready to tip over, he just fancies looking at her and swooning.

The Weyr Meeting - the entire Weyr meets to decide what to do with the Cloudburst riders- part of The Leaders Return TP
"Ah, if we can vote on it then," [C'radoc] calls, raising his voice over the hubbub and silencing it. "All in favour of Cloudburst returning to their own time, say 'Aye'."

Tsunami aren't happy with their leadership - post-sweeps, and the wing's not pleased with their new leader K'nex.
Good luck on the peace and quiet with Tsunami in the room.

Chayath's mating flight - the Reaches' smallest queen goes up again!
At this particular moment in time, Nylanth is kind like one of those really annoying drivers during rush hour who simply cannot stand to be behind anyone. He's certainly going out of his way to make sure there's nothing in front of him but the glowing hide of Chayath up ahead. Of course, he's not the only one with this idea.

March 2004

There's a thief about - and Donis is investigating the resident dorms.
Axle: "I haven't *seen* anything, but then again, I'm not the one responsible for looking."

Tatia confirms some suspicions - the thief has confessed to her. Stupid man.
"Mocked you? That's just his style, isn't it?" Donis is righteously disgusted.

Chayath clutches - Chayath lays a clutch of rather nostalgic eggs, to join the (NPC) ones Cadgwith has already clutched.
Cadgwith gives an approving croon at the flock of seagulls egg. She likes that one. Pyrene is starting to make furtive glances at Cadge's eggs in between watching Chayath produce hers. She doesn't want to be shown up, now.

A thief is arrested - Axle has not only confessed his persistant theft of wine to Tatia, but has boasted the guards will never catch him. Donis is out to prove him wrong.
Axle: "Show me a comfortable holding cell worth being polite for and I'll hold my tongue."

Rajanigandha becomes a Candidate - Peorth has a question she needs answered.
R'gis chuckles softly and pats Peorth's neck and shrugs slightly. "Well, she wanted to know if I could take you to Southern again soon and when I told her no, she said she'd have to arrange things another way."

Axle is released from custody - but he's not getting his knives back.
Donis steps out of the shadows. He'd been unashamedly eavesdropping, but complaints about the food weren't what he wanted to hear.

Axle gets 'Therapy' - Weyrsecond Wyn, being a Mindhealer, has been following Axle round, trying to probe into his motivations for being a thief. But she's decided that what she really wants is to prove a theory.
"Search. I have reams of eyewitness reports of dragonriders gabbling along about how Impression changed their lives, and made them beautiful, shiny people. I have people talking about how Candidacy alone saved them from a life of crime, et cetera, et cetera. Now, while I do believe there's a certain element of hyperboles," [Wyn] drawls. "One must test such a theory. You, my dear Axle, are the perfect test subject, because even a minor change will improve you immensely."

Desba is Searched - a visit to Ista Weyr by Wyn and Vorkoroth gives Desba a chance to change her job.
A swarm of screaming bratlets come running through the living caverns out toward the bowl, their hands wave in the air and their shreaks are just below only being heard by canine's. Another nanny follows after them at a run and looks at Desba who hasn't moved just yet and the kids are dissappearing into the bowl, the older lady speaks, "Aren't you going to help me stop them??" Desba looks back at Wyn and takes the knot with a smirk to the nanny and a look to kill, "Well you see, I can't, I'm not a nanny anymore."

Games with Minoyath - there's a romp in the snow and a lot of tickling involved…
Livesta grins at the reactions to her mention of tickling, nodding enthusiastically. "Yes, they are really -quite- ticklish, if you know where to tickle. Every dragon is diffrent. Firelizards are ticklish, too. See if you can get your own to react?"

Axle is now a Candidate - and some people are very unhappy about it.
"I can't imagine who thought it'd be a good idea to add him to the candidate group anyway," Tatia mutters.

Amanecer becomes a Candidate - Zai isn't about to let Amanecer (or anyone else, for that matter) get away with being lazy.
First rule of Weyr life: Never tell a rider you've got nothing to do.

The Candidates do the dishes - but the volcanic pool's got a funny taste (and a stranded Axle in the middle - blame Pyrene).
Ashli: "Long trek? Nah. Think about it. Takes, what, five minutes to do each platter? With there being, what, fifty platters yonder, it'll take us a little over four hours to finish. But, if we take them all up to the pools, wrap 'em all up in a blanket or something and bring them all up, dunk them all at the same time, then bring them all back down, it'd take less than four hours."

April 2004

Desba in the lock-up - the brats locked her in, and she's relying on Kalaeya to help her…
[Kalaeya] snarls, "It seems to me, in fact, you're the one who's in trouble."

Cadgwith and Minoyath's eggs hatch - there are maulings, pranks, semi-naked Candidates, an Impression from the Stands… what can go wrong, does! (NPC Hatching)
Minoyath watches as the candidates troop onto the sands after A'ran. Like ducklings. Aww, how cute. … M'nty chuckles and beckons them forwards. "A little closer please… we want this to go as smoothly as possible."

Repairs to Dom - Dominicke got mauled on the Sands, and needs stitching up.
Mhairie: "If he's permanently maimed, partially maimed, you know the story. I'd ask about brain damage, but this is Dom after all."

Donis is asked to be a Candidate - but his answer isn't what Pyrene expected.
[Pyrene] deigns to turn a cold gaze on Axle, although there's resentment in it that indicates her proposition to Donis may not be entirely well-meant.

High Reaches' 11th PC Hatching - things that normally come in pairs, find someone to complete them.
L'shil scrambles down hurriedly. "So I heard - and see, I managed to dress up this time, too, Shae!" Mr. Enthusiasm calms slightly and bows to the sire and dam, offering a beaming greeting to Tatia, Zai, and L'uc. "Isn't it exciting? I've got my dragonhealer-hat, too, just in case they run over each other. They do, sometimes."

June 2004

Graduating to senior weyrling (clutch 11) - restrictions are lifted on almost all the weyrlings, and there's an unpopular choice for the Wingleader.
Wyn may be amused, but on another level, she doesn't want to go down in history as the weyrsecond who irritated her weyrwoman to death.

Why X'ian? - Pyrene wants to know why Wyn's made X'ian weyrling wingleader
"Don't think for a moment that I will settle for being one of a range of flipskirts whose primary function is to sleep with a person chosen by lottery and thus make him Weyrleader," Pyrene snaps.

July 2004

What do Weyrseconds do? - Lauria interrupts Wyn's vacation to find out.
Lauria is finally understanding the use of weyrseconds, and it's basically 'be the closest you can to appointed weyrleader'.

A new Weyrsecond - Pyrene chats to the new Weyrsecond Lauria.
Pyrene on Wyn: "Most of what she tells me involves me minding my business and making it clear to me that her business and mine are mutually exclusive. Despite being the rider of the one dragon that all other dragons in the Weyr will obey, I apparently need know nothing about what's going on with the riders of my Weyr."

Dragonhealers talk fellis - G'deon and Wyn discuss the toxicology of fellis as it applies to dragonkind.
Wyn: "Although since fellis addiction in humans usually has a certain psychological componant, I wonder if tunnelsnakes would get the full effect…"

X'ian's first Fall - and his first score gets treated by Wyn.
Wyn: "As the score heals, assuming that it's been properly tended to, the charred flesh is replaced by new flesh growing in from underneath, so there's significant amounts of itching until it sloughs off."

Fleas in the Weyr - and what's the Headwoman doing about them?
Marond: "Someone should let the bloody Weyrwoman know, she'd put a stop to this-" Scratch, scratch, scratch. Fingers nimbly dance from one red bump to another. "Inefficiency."

Aislinn gets a visit from Wyn - and not just a visit.
Vorkoroth rumbles something dire to Esryth about a weyr being taken over by cushions.

Pyrene gets a visitor and a gift - both of them are flea-infested.
"Sadly, this basket is for me, not you. I wouldn't want to offend the givers by giving away their gift," [Pyrene] tells [Marond] sweetly. "You might want to go assure them that fleas will not bring about the end of Pern as we know it though."

What to do about fleas - Pyrene braves the living cavern and there's discussion of just how to get rid of the fleas.
Niusia seems bound to protest, though she does it quietly. "Ma'am, we're working as fast as we can, if it's humanly possible to finish by the deadline we'll do it. Do you know how /long/ it takes to hand-clip a herdbeast?"

No pets allowed - Pyrene's laying down the law about no animals in the caverns, amongst other things.
Pyrene welcomes a new stablehand: "I shall have to dismiss you as a stablehand then, Aslin, as I believe 90% of the animals in the weyr have fleas, and the rest are just between cases. You'll also find that most cushions, blankets, rugs and tapestries contain the little critters - and they've no doubt already welcomed you. Enjoy your stay."

Kalaeya's tapped for Tsunami - Lis has a slap for Donis and a knot for Kalaeya.
Lis: "Well, I was just wondering if you were especially busy lately. Or if any of the wings had you doing stupid errands, or anything. A lot of them do that, as hazing," she remarks disparagingly - as if she were innocent.

Desba is tapped for Zephyr - an old tradition is revived.
Donis: "Does this mean Desba has to wriggle her fingers into your trouser pocket, Zana, to get the badge? Can I watch?"

What to do about X'ian - the Weyrleaders talk over just what to do with their problem weyrling.
Pyrene raises a brow. "X'ian?" she asks. "Good Faranth, I thought this would be about the fleas or some such. What's X'ian done now?"

August 2004

De-fleaing the Weyr - tackling the flea problem once and for all, though not all the goldriders are happy to be working hard along with everyone else.
Pyrene actually gasps in shock. "/Who/ is sitting back on their heels?" she fairly screeches at Vaeli. "Go on, look around you. Point out to me one single person who is sitting back and letting somebody else do the work."

Marond gets a promotion - and High Reaches Weyr gets its first headman.
"First off, my dear -dear- Pyrene." Fingers ease from his lips as [Marond] leans towards the Weyrwoman with a sniff, "you're not my nanny anymore."

September 2004

G'deon and Wyn fix a wing - and Wyn gets a promotion.
G'deon, meanwhile, stretches one shoulder while he picks up the indicated bucket with his free hand. "Thanks, Nyls," he says to his 'mate as he stops at Wyn's side. "So, what do you think? Will he live?" He very carefully keeps a straight face, which is actually possible during certain phases of the moon.

November 2004

Ainth wants - and Ainth gets… a Candidate, Seabert to be precise.
Ainth prods, her mindvoice rising in pitch with her excitement. « Lauria! Bring him /closer/. I think he's the one!! »<

Donis becomes a Candidate again - well, his son Rennis isn't old enough yet!
Dyamith waits patiently for the child to be presented, the dragon sniffs at the child and then snorts heavily hot air blowing out in large quanities. Smells funny.

Tatia gets a job offer - although she was visiting Wyn about something completely different.
"One of these days, you're going to come over for nothing but girl-talk, and I will die of the shock of it," Wyn teases.

Marond sets chores - and X'ian tries to convice the headman to take Donis's knives away.
Donis: "Someone should tell that Marond that he's not the absolute ruler of the Weyr."

Some grain has gone missing... - or maybe someone just isn't any good at arithmetic.
Pyrene: "As for the missing grain, make sure we can prove it's not the candidates. Prank or not, we're not supporting thieves in this weyr."

Ashli's lost a hide - and Pyrene is definitely not impressed.
X'ian: "It was just one hide, Pyrene. What's the matter? It wasn't a page out of your personal diary or something, was it?"

The Candidate touch the eggs - and get some unexpected sensations.
Silas's breath catches at the back of his throat, eyes widening as he stares at the egg, though there's a faraway look in them as if he's not really seeing it at all.

Cleaning the Galleries - the perennial Candidate chore is enlivened by some interesting conversation.
Desba on Marond (famous last words!): "I think he's good company, but I wouldn't want to know what he's like in bed. Ever."

Another leadership flight - Cadgwith rises… Will Minoyath catch again? And X'ian and M'nty come to blows.
X'ian to M'nty: "Look at that…In light of you catching again, she's actually looking at /me/. You must be pretty damn pathetic in bed, boy."

Abcessed teeth are no fun for dragons - Donis and Silas get to help Wyn clean Ainth's teeth.
Getting a whiff of that delicious smell emanating from Ainth's mouth, Silas almost looses his lunch and turns away for long moments.

December 2004

Painting A'ran's weyr - A'ran and Taiith borrow a couple of Candidates.
Donis: "Got a ladder anywhere, or do we just stand on Taiith?"

Exploring the catacombs - the Candidates go into the depths of the caverns.
"Just follow me he says," Silas mutters, letting his yarn roll out behind him as he follows Donis, still not quite trusting that the candidate will lead them safely back to the weyr.

A major casualty during flamethrower practice - famed llama It gets caught in a little accident involving some of the Candidates who were supposed to be looking after It.
Oh look. There's a large llama moving slowly across the bowl, not even remotely afraid of Cadgwith.

High Reaches' 12th PC Hatching - with classical dragonets from Tiareth and Dyamith's eggs.
Nuff eyes the impressions, as Tiareth eyes the rest of the eggs. "Yes Tiareth, it is nice that dragons give people new names. Better? Well, perhaps. Yes, you are lucky we small creatures don't need to name you."

A post-hatching party - congratulations and commiserations all round.
O'don: "You know, I'd rather hoped I'd be left Standing, just so I could get a decent drink."

The Weyrsecond chats with the Tsunami Wingleader - Wyn and Lylia discuss matters of professional interest, including Pyrene.
Lylia: "So that's the grand plan? Save us from starvation by having our dragons starve the Holders?"

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