Logs: 2005

January 2005

Two sets of clutch-parents on the Sands - and the riders chat amongst themselves.
Pyrene grins. "Still, nothing like a clutch to keep dragons happy."

Eshe tries to find a job - but Marond's being funny about weapons (again).
Marond's pretty sure most women have feelings for small fuzzy creatures.

Which kind of meat is tastier? - and what use do bunnies have?
Eitanex: "I can't look at llamas without thinking of fire any more."

February 2005

One of High Reaches' own comes home - Sii'kyn's back, but doesn't get quite the welcome he might have expected.
"You're the sharding sadistic idiot who screwed up my family for fun, for Faranth's sake." Actually, Eitanex was /thinking/ that while, ah, 'silently' appraising Ram and finding him a pathetic dragon, of course — it takes him a couple of seconds to realize that he said that out loud.

Tunnelsnakes in the catacombs - Eshe is hunting, Eitanex and Kalaeya are just lost.
"I /know/ they're dead," Eitanex splutters. "I still don't want to step on them!"

High Reaches' dragons do Ista a favour - and end up with a worrying collection of Threadscores.
X'ner registers the pain lancing into his hand a second before Nezdarvyth does, the bronze bellowing out a rather sudden..and most unmanly shriek for his rider even as X'ner himself bites out a string of curses.

March 2005

X'ian just doesn't like guards - and gets in a fight in the caverns with Krummolt.
That's it. X'ian has apparently crossed a line, and just as Krummolt was apparently trying to get control of his temper.

June 2005

Isamath clutches - a small clutch of black and white eggs is laid (and Bronze_Guest is very annoying).
A'ran says, "I don't know. It was only about a dozen, last time, wasn't it?" Not that he even remembers how many eggs he had for breakfast. But if the time it takes to form a depression is proportional to the amount of eggs, this clutch is going to be a doozy.

July 2005

Egg-touching (clutch 13) - A couple of Candidates visit Isamath's eggs.
"They really are very different," [Auryn] tells Ashli, looking slightly surprised as if she hadn't expected as much from black and white eggs.

August 2005

A contest between Candidates - and Ashli kicks it off with some egg-related trivia questions.
Ashli: "Don't worry, you're not actually here for extra chores. Well…you sort of are. But they'll be fun, I promise! You see, it all revolves around…well…a herdbeast."

October 2005

The weyrlings graduate to the senior wing (clutch 13) - G'deon doles out some knots.
G'deon: "A wingleader and 'second in the weyrling wing are chosen for many reasons, both for their own personal growth and for that of the wing. Can they lead? Can they think? Can they support? And perhaps more importantly, will the others follow?"

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