Logs: 2006

March 2006

Ashli decides to redecorate Pyrene's weyr - and ropes the Candidates in to help.
Ash launches into her story. "So, we all know that Pyrene has been through a…rough time, recently." To put it diplomatically. "And you, as candidates, represent the hope of the weyr, especially in times such as now when inter-weyr and inter-hold relations are crucial and may come to a head during your potential careers as dragonriders. As such, it is my plan, to welcome Pyrene back to her weyr with a bang!"

April 2006

High Reaches' 14th PC Hatching - dragonets crawl out from…under the bed?
Ashli: "I swear, I warned them to put sandals on."

December 2006

High Reaches' 15th PC Hatching - the moons bring forth starry dragonets.
Iliad to Khalylai: "If one tries to maul me, I'm /so/ sacrificing you, by the way."

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