Assistant Headman Marlon
Title Assistant Headman
Gender Male
Age 22
Firelizards Green Flirt, Bronze Banter, Brown Cruiser


At 5 feet, 10 inches, this young man isn't overly tall, but that is more than made up for by his looks and build. His most striking facial features are his eyes, dark and sparkling beneath low, straight eyebrows and a broad forehead. A Romanesque nose is placed over sensuous lips, and the whole is pulled together with a strong chin and a chisled jaw. He has dark brown hair, nearly black, which has a slight wave to it, and wears no beard or mustache. His skin is an even olive tone, tan but not dark, with few freckles to mar it. Those bedroom eyes, combined with wide shoulders, a solidly muscled chest, well-defined arms, and a small waist, mean that he's built like a maiden's dream. Or, he would be, if it weren't for the fact that his left leg looks as if it healed wrong from a bad break, twisted in the shin bone where there should be no twist, the muscles much less defined than in his right leg.
Two firelizards are perched on his shoulders.
He is a young adult of about 22. He is awake and looks alert.


Marlon wears newly-dyed, dark brown trousers, ironed to a crisp crease down the front of each leg. They fall neatly over good, sturdy boots of a similar color, which look almost new. A tunic of good-quality cloth in an earthy reddish color is overlaid by a cream-colored vest, well-woven and sturdily constructed. Around his waist is a broad new belt in same dark brown as his boots, with a modest, shiny steel buckle, engraved with the image of a redfruit tree. When outdoors, a knitted cap covers his head and the tips of his ears, but he stores this in his coat pocket when inside. The coat itself is spartan, woolen, and charcoal-colored, and falls to mid-calf. Gloves and an olive-colored scarf that matches his sweater protect him from the winter's cold. Not one for ornementation, he wears no jewelry of any kind. Despite his spartan garb, he takes care with his appearance, and is always clean-shaven, with his wavy hair neatly combed, and clothes in impeccable order.
A double cord with a single loop and a long tail and single tassle, in the High Reaches Weyr colors of dark blue and black, is pinned to Marlon's shoulder, denoting his status as an Assistant Headman.


Marlon is the penultimate optimist. Not to say that he never experiences moments of fear, doubt, or worry, but negative emotions don't last long, with him. Always willing to laugh, especially at himself, he's almost constantly wearing a smile. Friendly and outgoing, Marlon makes a point to be nice, polite, and helpful whenever he can.
A natural flirt, Marlon loves to make a woman's day by giving her compliments, though it's quite well-known that he never means anything serious, and that at the moment, he's ga-ga over his girlfriend, Ailae.
He's also very patient, a quality instilled into him after he was bed-ridden for six months after badly breaking his leg at 19. Unable to run, jump, or climb, his natural exhuberance must be displayed in other, necessarily more sedate methods. Often, it's a belly-laugh or a cheerful whistle.


Born and raised in Five Trees Hold, a sizeable redfruit orchard in High Reaches territory (south of the weyr), Marlon was raised, as the eldest son, to take over the hold when his father retired. Plans changed, however, when he fell from a tree during harvest season and badly broke his left leg in several places. Six months of bed rest and another six of slow, careful physical therapy made it clear that Marlon's physical capabilities were going to be limited for the rest of his life. It was during this time that he began to build his upper body strength in earnest. Once the reality of his crippling injury set in, Marlon voluntarily abdicated his inheritance to his younger brother, and everyone has confidence that the lad will do well. Feeling out of place at home, though his family would gladly have supported him for the rest of his life, Marlon took the suggestion of the local Healer and traveled to High Reaches Weyr, where he spent over two months as a general weyrfolk helper, before applying for the position of Assistant Headman. Due to his previous experience helping his father run Five Trees, and his excellent interpersonal skills, Marlon was accepted to the post.

Not long after moving to the Weyr, Marlon became romantically involved with a nanny. He threw himself into the relationship, especially after learning that they were expecting a baby. For unknown reasons, the woman left only a month after giving birth to a son, Mailo, who looked exactly like Marlon. Marlon devoted his time to caring for his infant son, whom he loved deeply. A mere two sevendays later, Mailo succumbed to SIDS. Currently, Marlon is dealing with the emotional turmoil of his son's death, though he still manages to complete his work. While he grieves, he is not outwardly very chipper, and a wan smile replaces the ebullient grin of before.


Green Flirt

More grassy than emerald, more dusty than grassy, raw aventurine stone casts the lightly curved body of this feminine form, rippled with shade and texture only a Southern sea-shell could dare to compare. Her pointed features carve mystery into her composition, a statue that shan't threaten chip or wear — only a quick-moving structure dipped in pearly white along winspars, tailtip, talons and 'ridges. But not a pure vision of innocence is she, as deepend jasper encircles the thin tilts of her eyes, before stroking a line leading nearly to touch each base of her 'knobs. And in those eyes, is her essence revealed: a cool nature of authority and domination, unlike anything expected in a green.

Bronze Banter

Sculpted features form the foundation of this firelizard. Highly polished pieces are proudly presented, bound in burnished bronze. His heavy head has highly arched ridges, giving him a delightfully disdainful look. His arrogantly arching neck, needs no embeleshement. Primed and powerful shoulders share the same brightly burnished bronze as the rest of his body. Winsome wings give partial pause to the ascetic and athletic air. Silvered sails shimmer in tantalizing translucence, while sharp spars shoot a convincing contrast through out, a steadying strength. His compact conformity contradicts his liquid lines. The flowing features implying interesting anomolies to his otherwise auster appearance.


A rich, earthen brown, this firelizard carries his long frame with pride. Darkness whorls and eddies along the stretch of his spine and the furl of his wings, wicked tendrils curling across the length of his hollow featured face, to spill down his neck and envelop his left shoulder. Broad hindquarters taper into an equally broad and powerful tail. The cool calculation in his gaze lends an eerie tone to the crimson splatter against his otherwise neutral hide.

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