News Post: The Attack

Date: Mon Nov 10 14:22:32 2008 CST
From: Chey (#25855)
To: *High Reaches (#3155) and *TinyPlots (#2060)
Subject: The Weyr Turns…

It was a day like any other. The eggs slumbered on the sands. The
candidates were dragged out of the barracks and forced to exercise in the
snow. Dragons flew. Drudges labored. The people of the weyr went about
their business.

Until, that is, the scream of a dragon split the weyr. On the sands,
Mynwiyath woke in agony, thrashing awake. Outside, Chey… fell, a
horrifying ghastly echo of Pyrene's fall from so many turns before. Healers
were called, and horrified candidates — witnesses to the disaster — were
shooed away without guidance or direction. On the sands, Mynwiyath's frantic
thrashing miraculously avoided damaging any of the eggs, though her wing was
crushed and broken beneath her as she fell.

While the bleeding and unconscious Weyrwoman was carried to the infirmary, a
total absence of official information went out, and panic grew and grew. The
dragonhealers, working with Mynwiyath, pronounced her stable, her wing
immobilized. She would not leave the sands, and would not speak to the other
dragons, locked inside her own head. It look longer for a verdict to come in
on Chey.

The Weyrwoman lives. Barely.

Her injuries were severe: broken bones, internal injuries, a punctured lung.
Most seriously, though, are the reports of a skull injury, the bone crushed
and damaged. Chey lives. She breathes. But she does not wake.

It took too long before anyone thought to look at the ledge from which she
fell. When they did, they found blood: tacky and just starting to dry. The
implications are breathtaking: did someone try to kill Chey?

More importantly: did they succeed?

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