News Post: A Body Found

Date: Mon Dec 1 19:30:02 2008 CST
From: Krummolt (#25572)
To: *High Reaches News (#7862)
Subject: Disturbing discovery

In the early hours, a young boy came racing into the guard barracks to unburden himself about a shocking discovery: the body of a young woman, believed to be that of a woman who had only just been granted residency about a sevenday before the apparent time of her death. At the time, her disappearance was largely attributed to her unexpectedly moving on.

More alarming, however, is the fact that her body appears to have concealed in some of the deeper catacombs, stuffed into a crate and apparently sprinkled with some sort of herbs or spices to keep the scent from attracting notice, and it seems to have worked for quite some time. In fact, healers estimate her time of death to be very close to the time of Weyrwoman Chey's catastrophic fall into the bowl. Speculation is rampant, though answers are scarce.

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