News Post: Gossip Tossed

Date: Tue Dec 2 15:02:53 2008 CST
From: Chey (#25855)
To: *High Reaches News (#7862)
Subject: The Witness

"She woke up! She woke up!"

The cry broke the air in the middle of the breakfast rush in the living caverns: a young drudge came streaking into the crowded room, shrieking at the top of her lungs.

"The Weyrwoman woke up!"

The healer senior apprentice who was supposed to be on-duty paled and hurried back to her post — "I only went for a quick cup of klah!" — to find the Weyrwoman… just as she had been. Quiet and still. Only her hands lay differently, hanging off the side of her cot instead of neatly positioned beside her. The guards, stationed as always outside the door, insist they saw and heard nothing.

""It was just for a minute!" the drudge babbled meanwhile to the cavern. "But she said who did it. She said he killed the girl, and then pushed her! It was that /greenri/—" Just in time, a guard was there, clapping a hand over her mouth.

"Guard Headquarters," he ordered. "/Now/. Someone send for the Weyrleader! And the captain!"

Nothing else has been heard since the drudge vanished into Guard HQ. But the Weyr is abuzz. Can it be true? Who has been named? Could it truly have been a rider, lashing out against the Weyrwoman?

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