News Post: Killer Apprehended!

Date: Tue Dec 2 22:02:56 2008 CST
From: Krummolt (#25572)
To: *High Reaches (#3155)

Chaos seems to have gripped the Weyr. In the middle of the afternoon, Mynwiyath was suddenly heard bellowing and flailing on the hatching sands. With her injured wing, she was unable to leave, but Bandeleth took flight, landed in the bowl and smashed straight through the huge, barn-sized doors of the infirmary, leaving a most unholy mess within.

Inside, Chey remained comatose, though she seems to still be alive. The weyrleader was hurt, arm broken, looking absolutely like death, but not so much as the guard captain Krummolt, who was extricated from the unconscious pile in which it seems Bandeleth left him.

Krummolt has been ordered close confined by the guard, accused of the murder of Merisol and the attempted murder of the Weyrwoman. The guard, and much of the Weyr, has been rocked by the abrupt and startling apparent end of spate of turmoil that has plagued the Weyr. Exactly what happened, now? That is a story few seem to have perfectly straight.

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