News Post: The Passing

Date: Fri Dec 5 20:10:53 2008 CST
From: Chey (#25855)
To: *TinyPlots (#2060) and *High Reaches (#3155)
Subject: A Farewell to Arms

The eggs have been hardening steadily, and although it has been hard for anyone to gain access to the sands to check, it is clear the hatching will come any day. The candidates are nervously preparing to step onto the sands. The riders are waiting for the telltale thrumming. The days grow hotter as summer approaches. The Weyr is in waiting.

In this waiting stillness, Mynwiyath shifted on the sands. She gave a low rumble to Bandeleth, who responded in kind, then spread her damaged wings and launched herself skywards, beating a shower of dust up from around the eggs. Her flight was ungainly, and it took more wingbeats than it should have to gain altitude. But she did not have far to go.

Just above the hatching sands, Mynwiyath vanished. A heartbeat later, the Weyr took up the mournful cry. A queen has passed.

Those in the infirmary would later report that Weyrwoman Chey breathed her last at almost the same instant, but that would come as almost secondary news, already known. High Reaches Weyr is without a queen.

And on the sands, guarded now by its sire alone, the gold egg gleams, a promise laid against an expanse of golden sand.

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