Smith Apprentice Rusalochka

“If you are a dreamer,come in. If you are a dreamer, a wisher, a liar, a hoper, a prayer, a magic-bean-buyer. If you're a pretender, come sit by my fire, for we have some flax-golden tales to spin. Come in! Come in!” ~ Shel Silverstein



A rather plump 5'2", Lockie is all cuddly roundness. Chubby cheeks are naturally rosy, with myriad freckles dancing across them and the bridge of her somewhat snub nose. Her slightly too big eyes are a soft dove grey, framed by thick long lashes and neatly shaped eyebrows, the same russet colour as her hair, which, when left loose, falls in thick, gently-spiralled curves to roughly mid-back. More often than not, its styled into two manageable pigtails. For all shes plump she still has an hourglass-like figure, with a definite waistline complemented by the curves of her bust and hips. Her pale skin has the slightest tan, with plenty of freckles.


Lockie wears a simple white shirt, over which she has a plain black, thin sweater - just enough to ward off any chills. It's scooped low at the neck, and shows the collarline of her shirt beneath. Her legs are clad in a pair of loose-fitting trousers, the once-black wool mix faded to a much-washed charcoal, with the turned-up ends covering her black boots.


My inspiration for Rusalochka comes from many sources. She’s a splash of Luna Lovegood, a dash of Adam Sandler’s Waterboy character, one part magpie, a sprinkle of hippie and a good dollop of me. Squish it all together, bake under an Istan sun and then freeze in Reachian ice, and you’ve got a Rusalochka.
Her name, by the way, is the name of The Little Mermaid in the Russian cartoon version of Hans Christian Anderson’s story.

Pronunciation ROO-sah-LOK-ah
Nicknames Lockie (preferred), Rusa
Title Smith Apprentice
Gender Female
Age Late teens
Craft Smith
Specialty Jewellery
Favourite Colour Purple
Favourite Person S’lo
Likes Fluffy animals, anything shiny and sparkly, cookies and cakes
Dislikes Anger and fighting, things that hurt, needles and other spiky things


Through and through, Lockie is a dreamer. Her favourite place is away with the fairies, but that doesn’t mean to say she’s not all there. Eternally child-like, her immaturity, and her habit of referring to her mother (“But mother says… but my mummy thinks… but mum wouldn’t do it like that!”), even if it’s tapered off of late, can be incredibly irritating to many people, but they seem to be quirks that she’s finding it hard to grow out of.
While she may come across as a bit dozy, there is a working brain in that curl-covered skull of hers. She’s not, by any means, dim, even if she isn’t the brightest glow in a room. It may take a while for her to pick some things up (constant repetition is the key!), but once she’s got it, it’ll stick. For a while, anyway. Her memory’s not exactly great.
She tries her very best to be nice to everyone. If there’s one thing that Lockie can’t stand, it’s animosity, and she’ll try her very best to be out of any situation that involves – or will potentially involve – conflict. Because of this, she tries her best to make friends with everyone, and will make attempts to quash any volatile situation. These attempts though will quickly cease if things escalate though, and if she’s not involved, she’ll either run away or back into a corner and sit with her eyes closed and hands over her ears – see no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil, right? If, by some chance, she does happen to be involved in the conflict, then she’s the most pathetic fighter in the world. She’ll be floored with one hit – no matter how hard – because those tears will come welling up in an unstoppable flow.

Lockie… … believes in love at first sight.
Lockie… … wants a happy ending.
Lockie… … is very naive.
Lockie… … thinks S'lo is amazing.
Lockie… … wants to have a weyrfull of bunnies.
Lockie… … is very cuddly and giggles if you squeeze her.


Living a family life in Ista was where Lockie always thought she’d be. That all changed though, when she got speaking to a Smith during a local Gather. Upon discovering that she could learn to make jewellery and play with sparklies all day (or so she thought, anyway), she persuaded her parents to let her go off and study at the Smith Hall. When the time finally came for her to leave there was reluctance on both sides, but finally, the excitement of seeing somewhere new overrode the fear and Lockie went to the Istan Smith Hall.
She found that she was actually pretty good at what she wanted to do, but her performance in other areas of the craft let her down. While her work with fiddly filigrees and stone settings became very good in a short time, her woodworking and metalworking was terrible. And so she was held back, until she was able to perform satisfactorily in the other disciplines.
Out of the blue, Lockie was one day asked to stand for a clutch at Ista Weyr. She became a candidate, but was left standing. It didn’t bother her too much – she didn’t think she was cut out to be a dragonrider anyway, because she found weyrfolk were far too raucous in comparison to the reserved way in which she’d been brought up. So she went back to the Hall, only to be asked a few turns later to stand again, but for High Reaches this time.
Being a Candidate for Mynwiyath and Bandeleth’s clutch was a pivotal point in Lockie’s life. For a start, it was the furthest away from home she’d ever dreamed she’d be. This meant no visits from her interfering, busy-body mother, for a start. Throughout the candidacy, Lockie blossomed, really coming into herself – and it was definitely a time of ‘firsts’. Her first crush, her first love, her first kiss, her first fight… Her crush on Nulerak lead to her first fight, and when her feelings transferred to Slogan (and amplified), she got her first kiss, too.
Apparently though, Lockie being a rider just wasn’t meant to be, as two days before the hatching she slipped and fell awkwardly, fracturing her wrist. The injury meant she couldn’t be on the Sands while the dragonets emerged, so she had to watch from the galleries as her friends impressed.
Again though, it didn’t bother her too much – she’s far too happy-go-lucky to let something like that get her down for long – but she decided that she would stay on at High Reaches to continue her Smithing studies, so that she could be close to the friends she’d made and, especially, close to S’lo.
Although she's sure she wants to impress a dragon so that she can share more ridery-type things with S'lo, the events surrounding Frusha and Griellitath's last clutch - ie, Chey threatening to have Hari executed - prevented her from volunteering herself as a Candidate. When Mynwiyath rose shortly after Grie's disastrous hatching, Lockie was determined to ask if she could stand - until a number of things got in the way.
First, her flouting of apprentice rules (having a boyfriend and living with him, namely) was finally discovered by the Hall, and she was asked to go back in order to be reprimanded for her actions. She did so without telling S'lo; in fact, she asked the first rider she saw to take her to the nearest harbour so that she could sail back the long way. Why didn't she go between? Well, that's probably got something to do with what she'd told her honey-bun just a sevenday or so earlier. For the time being, she's stuck on Ista Isle while she works through her punishments, and while she decides whether she wants to continue in her chosen craft or not.


Mother Rusalka, Ista Hold resident (NPC)
Father Ochkarin, Ista Hold handman
Sister Alochkarina, Herder Apprentice (+2 turns)
Brother Rusalan (-5 turns)


gold Bug

Sooty grey blows smoky spirals across the rose-gold of her body, the soft, rouge-blushed colours cheerful, even though sullied. Her figured is pleasantly plump, thick bones well-fleshed though elegantly sculpted to accent each and every fluctuation of muscle and sinew with a sun-kissed blush of the palest pink.

bronze Uggy-Bug

Pointed rusty headknobs juxtaposed with a bulbous near-orange snout set the tone for the whole of the little bronze's body; the joints of his wings are sharp, and each ebony talon bears a wicked curve, but his short body is an agglomeration of bronzed pudge and softness. His dark neck and tail are long and defined, while the lumpy upper halves of his limbs bear an almost golden colouration. One might call him cute… but one would probably have to be standing at a great distance. (desced by Bajiren)

blue Not-Bug

Bright and brash in his colours, this blue firelizard is an elegant specimen, whose garish hues are worn quite well across a small stature. Cerulean sweeps along his head, followed by an electric neon shade, which creates lightning-bolt ripples down his neck, along his back and to the tip of his whipchord tail. Along his belly is smudged a sultry sapphire, speckled with lapis lazuli, while his wings and legs revel in a lively turquoise, the former with tracings of subdued navy crimping their edges.

green Green-Bug

Spring-like greens cover her hide in a patchwork quilt of verdant hues, ranging from the palest new leaf jade to the deepest jade of a succulent stalk. Her figure is slender and lithe, with overlong wings looking slightly awkward against her short tail and stunted legs.

I'm currently taking a bit of a break from HRW while Lockie sorts her head out ICly - there's something very big happening in her life right now! :D She can be found for RP at the Smith Hall on Ista Isle!

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