Candidate Cook-off Summer 2009

The Candidates were divided up into teams, girls vs boys, and to raise up an edible plant in the Weyr Greenhouse, then come up with a dish to be judged by Tilla and Jacob for a prize.

The Instructions:
Early morning one day, Tilla placed two large pots with semi-grown plants in the middle of the greenhouse, that look like in a month or so they may be ripe for picking. One appears to be a blackberry plant and the other is a peppermint plant. With the plants comes a label bearing the names of candidates.

You are already taking care of an egg, but that can't be sufficient enough to show your abilities to care. So we have one more thing for you to take care of. But don't worry this time because you will have a /team/ of people (listed below) helping you take care of it. So water your plants, give them lots of love and talking to them definitely wouldn't hurt.

But wait, there's more! Since Jacob is part of this event, it wouldn't do to not include some relation to food. After a month of /growing/ your plant, you will harvest and cook something with them. Don't worry, Jacob will have given you all some basic cooking lessons and you may even ask him about recipes floating around in his head. Jacob will be the judge of the recipes, so
hopefully you don't burn the food as he's a pretty picky guy.

The prize you may ask? Well, the winning team will earn themselves an extra rest day and a mysterious item that may help you through High Reaches winter.

Team Blackberry: Darden, Ethan, Matej, Mikah, Aloniel
Team Peppermint: Linnau, Imre, Erarei, Sutri, Salen

OOC: Work as a team to keep the plant watered, and you have a week (July 6 to end date July 13th) to create a /basic/ desc and look up a fun recipe for food online (or offline) and @send the desc/recipe to Tilla and Jacob. Good luck and have fun RPing trying to cook up something in your spare time.

Blackberry Bush
A nice and well watered Blackberry bush.
A large pot that has ribbons of black and blue wrapped around it, tying to a bow in the front. Inside the pot there is a rather large bush that is starting to grow, there are even blossoms that are developing into berries, black berries it would seem. There is a label on the pot with the names: Darden, Ethan, Matej, Mikah, Aloniel.

Peppermint bush
A nice and well watered Peppermint bush.
A large pot that has ribbons of black and blue wrapped around it, tying to a bow in the front. Inside the pot there is a rather large bush that is starting to grow, with the characteristic fuzzy stalks and ovate leaves of peppermint. When in blossom, light purple spiky flowers form at the top of tall stalks. There is a label on the pot with the names: Linnau, Imre, Erarei, Sutri, Salen.

MOO Time: 2009-07-14 21:16:00
Internet Time: @136 beats
And on Pern …
The time is 19:16.
It is evening of the twenty-fourth day of winter.
It is the thirteenth Turn of the Tenth Interval.
It is a winter evening. As the first stars appear in the cloudless sky, the air gets much colder. The breeze makes the air bitingly cold.

Heat and a large, unidentifiable morass of pungent odors assail those that pass through the herb-strung doorways and into the broad depths of hearth-filled kitchens. From the earliest hour of morning to shadows of latenight, the cavern is never empty: mealtimes bring vast crowds of drudges and workers scurrying 'neath cooks watchful eyes, while at other times a handful of clean hands tend the many fires and huge ovens that bake and broil breads and meat. A smaller hearth sits near-idle but for the ever present pots of klah, soup, and stew kept warm and ready.
Several anonymous doorways lead into storage caverns, stairwells, and cabinets that line the walls… surely anything needed can be found.. somewhere.
Hoping for food are two firelizards.
Jacob, Darden, Sutri, Dex, and S'lo are here.
Obvious exits:
Cellars Caverns

Jacob has actually cleared out majority of the kitchens, besides the spare drudge stirring the night stew and an apprentice or two hovering around to keep an eye on all that is going on. Jacob is sitting on a stool with a clear and empty table awaiting food items, his hands scribbling a few notes on a pad, potentially developing an intricate scoring system.

Dex comes up from the cellars.

Ethan is lingering in the kitchens, leaning against a counter a small, secretive smile playing on his lips. Darden is looked at, since he's the one with the tray. Thus, he'll be the one to get the blame if there is any!

Darden walks in, carefully carrying a tray of Team Blackberry's final dish. They smell wonderful, and Darden walks forward to put the tray down in front of Jacob, stepping back with a grin. "There's Team Blackberry's entry, sir." He grins widely at the baker and then hastens away to stand by Ethan.

Twig of Blackberries Dish: The main part of the dish is a pastry, in the shape of a slightly bent twig. The pastry itself is brownish in color and thick, long and round. It's bent halfway down and textured with klah shavings to resemble bark. Placed on either side, 'held' to the twig by klah shavings rolled into a tube, are blackberries in a blackberry glaze. Full, round blackberries are in the blackberry glaze, giving the impression of a bunch of blackberries. The dish itself resembles much the actual blackberries on the vine, only with a barkier look and with the blackberries swimming in a glaze. As soon as the eater bites into the main part of the pastry, white cream will spill out in a tasty, sweet addition to the otherwise simple dish. Its simplicity is its value.

Dex has had a thoroughly boring evening. Being a weyrlingmaster with no weyrlings is an excessively, excessively boring job, which seems to have put the bluerider in a particularly bad mood, as she stumbles in from the cellars… Though how she got there in the first place? No one knows! "Mmf. Food." She grumbles as she rubs cold hands together, stumbling towards a fire near the food-judging so she can keep a firm eye on the dishes… And, hopefully, sneak some away if no one sees her.

Jacob is a man, which means he was once a 16-Turn-Old boy, therefore he /of course/ will get the situation that the Blackberry team was planning on passing on so sneaky like. The cook folds his arms and smirks, eyes squinting at Darden, "Very good job Blackberry Team. Team Peppermint, whattya got for me?" He gives a more friendly smile, cause girls (and Salen) wouldn't be so crude.

Ethan stands there looking all innocent-like. He flashes Darden a cheeky grin when the boy comes up to stand next to him. "They're tasty." Especially what's on the inside! Curiously, he looks to the girl's group to see what they have to offer. Dex, upon her entrance, is given a sharp salute, and a surreptitious nod of the head. No more is given away though.

It wasn't crude! It was very…artfully done. Darden grins and leans against the counter beside Ethan, giving his fellow Candidate a grin and little nudge. "Oh yeah. I loved eating mine." He too looks curiously at the other group, and then mirrors Ethan in a salute for the rider.

Tilla runs in, breathlessly. "Sorry I'm late!" She's not going to give a reason at this time, although she looks around to see the dishes of the two teams, murmuring up to Jay, "What'd I miss?" She halfway leans her elbow on an empty countertop and surveys the scene.

Sutri has the cake for Team Peppermint, heading in and settling it down before she's stepping away and looking to Team Blackberry's creation. She looks to Darden and then Ethan, eyeing them both quietly. Then, she's giving a salute to all present before she's off on her own. Can't mingle with the other team.

Peppermint Chiffon Cake: Set on a pale green plate is a rather large round, pink frosted somethingorother. It's a cake, as a matter of fact: white cake on the inside is swirled with pink, matching the outside color nicely. Beside the plated cake is a cauldron of something that tickles the senses, smelling of klah, peppermint, and some sort of alcohol, a complimenting drink to the dessert.

Not only does Dex look frustratedly bored, she looks hungry. Especially at that.. blackberry log thingie. "Man, who the heck on the boys team is a /baker/?" she mutters as she stares at the dish, eyes squinting at the fact that, somehow, someone was able to put that together and make it actually.. stick. Haha. Pun intended. "Candidates," she remarks to the saluting Ethan and Darden, with a stiff nod of her head, and.. even a returned salute. How nice of her!

Jovin peeks right into the kitchen, chewing on his bottom lip just slightly. Alright, so he's a bit reluctant to come all the way in, but he's there all the same.

"Do we get to taste any?" S'lo quietly asides to the greenrider as he follows her in, looking not AS rushed. He shoves his hands into his pockets for the time being, just in case he's feeling tempted. You know, to snatch food. Dex is offered a little grin. Hi. And the others? Just an assessment.

Jacob bobs his head toward Sutri with a grin, "Looks awfully wonderful there Sutri. You should really consider being a Baker." He winks to the girl as he nods to Tilla with a wave, "Over here Tilla. Get a good look at it before we dig in." The cook is already scribbling a few notes on his pad of paper, "Very nice join Team Peppermint, your addition of a complimenting drink… that smells /wonderful/ by the way accents the food well." He says aloud, before shifting his eyes to the Blueberry dish. "Yes, /someone/ must've known how to bake, the crust is practically perfect." He flicks the surface with his finger, just a little tickle, and then sucks on his forefinger in thought. "Nice design and use of the klah to resemble… bark." He grins, marking a few things and leaning to Tilla to murmur some things.

Jacob mutters "That looks like a penis don't it?" to you.
You overhear Jacob mutter, "… … … … penis don't it?" to Tilla.

Ethan bobs his head, "Why thank you sir. We had quite a few us helping cook the pastries with some instruction by an actual baker." He salutes Tilla and S'lo and then elbow-nudges Darden, winking at his fellow Candidate. Hearing the tail end of Jacob's mutter, his smile merely gets wider. He tosses his head to get his hair out of his eyes and waits for someone to /taste/ their dish.

Darden grins at Sutri, waving at her before he gives Tilla a salute. He smiles at Dex and keeps his mouth shut. And clears his throat at Jacob's words, pressing his lips together to keep from laughing. He mutters something aside to Ethan.

"Cheate—- /Ahem/." Cough cough. No, Dex didn't say that! But, perhaps, she's just teasing. Okay. Maybe she's not… But Ethan does get a very bright, sparkly smile. Even if it looks a bit.. frightening. "Tilly, we get to eat all this afterwards, right?" her voice whines slightly, eyes flittering from the blackberry log to the chiffon cake with a decisively covetous glare.

Jovin does finally scoot a bit through the doorway, inching along the wall. He stays out of the general grouping of people though, chewing absently on his thumbnail.

Darden grins at Sutri, waving at her before he gives Tilla a salute. He smiles at Dex and keeps his mouth shut. And clears his throat at Jacob's words, pressing his lips together to keep from laughing. He mutters something aside to Ethan.
You overhear Darden mutter, "Beauty … … /both/ enjoy eating …"

Sutri blushes and gives Jacob a shy little nod, fidgeting before she looks to her teams dish before she looks back to the other teams. Brows shoot up at Jacobs mutter and the girl is turning another shade of red, coughing. She waves in return to Darden before frowning and peering at the opposite team's creation. Both boys over there are eyed once more, but she says /nothing/.

S'lo starts to scratch at his temple, but turns it into a half-salute since those seem to be flying left and right. For now, he just kind of hangs in the back like a puppy; a puppy waiting for table scraps. At least he's not whining!

Tilla grins over at S'lo, "I hope so!" And then she grins and nods to all who are present, with a special nod to Dex as she scoots closer to Jacob, watching his notes. "That drink with the peppermint cake smells good..I wonder what's in it?" She /peers/ at the Blackberry team's dish. And then glances towards Darden and Ethan. And then looks back down at the bent twig, tapping it with her finger except her finger smushes through it, exposing the creamy filling which oozes out a little. Widening her eyes, Tilla yanks her finger away. She mutters a few things to Jay as well.

You mutter "I guess it has creamy filling, too." to Jacob
You overhear Tilla mutter, "I guess … … … … …" to Jacob.

Jacob nods to Ethan with a smile, "I'd like to see the inside, cause you gotta be careful not to get the outside too hard." He tosses aside while grabbing a /large/ butcher knife and onto one of the 'twigs' he comes slamming down with the blade on the twig portion, snipping the tip. No sympathy pains hopefully. Then grabbing the pastry piece he lifts it up and looks at it carefully, then taking a bite out of it. "Very nice job Team Blackberry." He then looks over to Tilla, nodding to her reference of 'creamy filling' with a chuckle. Then with a more light touch he slices the pink cake and offers a piece to Tilla, analyzing it himself. "Well done, a very dense cake." He notes aside, is that a good thing or not? A nibble also taken out of it. "Well, you folks all enjoy the rest of it while Tilla and I deliberate." He stands back a moment, scribbling a few more things.

'You folks enjoy…' is all that got out of Jacob's mouth before Dex's face is quickly stuffed with one of those log-thingies. The cake would take too long to slice. Bite size portions > non-bite-size every time. She gets a little blackberry on her cheek, but she doesn't care. She's not the only Tsunami rider here who is going to kick everyone else's butt at stuffing themselves silly.

Ethan glances between Dex and Tilla and looks back at Darden. "Ohhhhh, yes. I definitely think so." However, as Jacob goes all Loreena Bobbit on one of the little pastries, the boy manages to contain the wince, but not the snicker. The snicker definitely escapes as does another rib-nudge to Darden. At least, Jacob mutilated only one of the little pastries. They are /festive/.

Darden eyes Jacob and snickers, shaking his head and laughing as Tilla's finger goes into one of the twigs. He nudges Ethan back with a matching snicker. He steps forward at the invitation to scoop up one of the little pastries, waiting for a sliver of the other team's cake as well. "The cake looks great, Sutri," he tells her with a wide smile. "Want to, uh, try mine - uh, ours - uh, our dessert?" He stumbles over the corrections and then just blushes.

"What happens if you both don't agree on one?" S'lo pipes up, offering his two cents, if only because he can. But as the desserts are turned over to the crowd, the bluerider's eyes go a little shifty, looking for a plate for himself to stake a claim before it's all gone from each offered. Or his hand. His hand works just as well.

Jovin hurriedly scoots around the gathering, before he finally manage to end up near Ethan and Darden, peeking at them curiously. "You guys didn't get in trouble, did you?" His voice lowers rather obviously, unable to maintain an actual whisper…but at least making the attempt.

Sutri makes a face as Jacob cuts one of the pastries. She's watching, and seeing as the man isn't spitting it back up. Shoulders shrug before she looks towards Darden, there's a soft laugh as he stumbles over his words and blushes. "I think it is.. The cake that is. I'll try some." And then, she's snagging one for herself and taking a very slow bite.

Tilla jumps as Jacob shows his prowess with a knife yet again. "Very nice." She snickers as she notes the reactions of the others in the room bfore waggling her eyebrows at S'lo. But she's more concerned with murmuring more things to Jay and examining his notes. After tasting the pink cake. "Mmmft!" she says, mouth full. "Dis tafty cak."

Dex is done with blackberry thing. What does that mean? More blackberry thing! The peppermint cake is still ignored. She'll get around to it. She just wants sweet things, in her bellay, and until someone cuts her a piece of cake and puts it on a plate for her, dammit, she's going to eat those silly little stick things. "Yah, ders no way yoo guyz mayd dis on uur own," she mutters through a stuffed mouth to Ethan and Darden, eyes thinned slightly.

"I'm sure, Darden, she would love to try /yours/," Ethan teases the other boy, propelling himself forward to pick up one of his own pastries and a slice of the girl's cake. He looks back at Darden over his shoulder and laughs, before stuffing the twig thing in his mouth and licking the cream off his lips. The cake is eyed while he chews and swallows the fruits of his own creative mind. Jovin is spotted and gets a grin, shaking his head in the negative. "Try one!" Angling towards Dex, he offers her the bit of cake from the girls team, smiling widely, "Yes we did. We had every boy make a pastry. Darden and I assembled them ourselves." With a little bow, he offers her the cake, "Some cake?"

Jacob nods a few moments to Tilla and then grins a bit toward the group, a nod to S'lo, "Oh, I think we were unanimous." A wink at the bluerider, the cook stepping forward to the table and clearing his throat while imposing his size, that'll make them quiet for a moment. Then nodding to a drudge who pushes a small trunk onto the clear space of the table, "First of all, very good job to both teams for the care /and/ baking of the food items. They were both fantastic and I urge all of you, should you sadly not impress, to consider joining the Baker Craft." Yeah, he just shamelessly plugged his craft. "The final decision was based on taste, appearance, care of plant, and… creativity." He says slyly and he bobs his head, "And we decided the winner is the Blackberry Team for their delicious pastry dessert! Congratulations." He claps a few times loudly, "And your reward is a rest day from chores and these lovely scarves that Tilla was so good at procuring."

Jacob drops a trunk of prizes.
Darden removes a High Reaches Weyr scarf from a trunk of prizes.

a High Reaches Weyr scarf
A knitted scarf of midnight black wool base with stripes of deep cobalt running through the thick cable knit. The woolen item is wide, thick and long enough to engulf ones neck and head in warmth. Fringe of the blue accent each side with long strands of knotted yarn. A distinctly llama-shaped form of creamy white has been embroidered into one end of the scarf. On the other, in the same bright white color is stitched the name 'Aloniel' along with 'High Reaches Weyr, Aevryscienth's First Clutch' A High Reaches Weyr scarf is not being worn.

"Pro'lly cheated," are S'lo's words from the peanut gallery. It's best to agree with the general consensus. It just makes him sound all the more cool, right? Surely. And really, his words came before Ethan's denial. It makes more sense that way. As the winner's proclaimed, the bluerider offers a little grin towards the winners and a "Woohoo," for kicks.

Darden watches Sutri for a long moment before tearing his eyes away and looking at Jovin. "For what?" he asks the apprentice innocently. He stares at Ethan and rolls his eyes. Then chokes a bit at Jacob's announcement. "Seriously?" he says, clearing his throat. He glances over at Sutri briefly before he's stepping forward to get his scarf, "Thank you, sir. Ma'am. Uh. Jacob and Tilla," he corrects himself with a crooked grin. "Thank you."

Jovin looks just as surprised as others might, brows lifting as the winner is announced. "You.. You guys won!" Cue a slightly giddy noise from the baker, and then he just looks at Ethan, nodding slightly. "Oh! Oh that's right, I wanted to try one.." And thus, one is in fact grabbed, the 'twiglike' thing promptly having a bite taken out of the end.

"DANKS!" The cake offered by Ethan is grabbed, and Dex, barely even through chewing her last Twig Dessert, begins shoving cake into her mouth. "Mm, wow. Why don' dey make dings like dis around here more /offen/. Jacob. I insist." She finally swallows. "Either that, or force the candidates into slave labor for — ahem." She didn't mean to say that out loud. "Yer pry right," she mutters under her breath to the nearby S'lo as she pushes another chunk of cake into her mouth, though, she doesn't seem to care. It's tasty, and she's got her own scarf, thankyouverymuch.

Tilla claps. "Very hard decision, congratulations, Blackberry team!" She beams, "I managed to get a good deal from the Weavers on some scarves, enjoy them! You'll need them for the cold weather this season, I think." She shivers, wrapping her arms round her self. A snort and eyeroll over to Darden, "I still /hate/ being called Ma'am. I'm not that old, Dar!" She laughs and eyes Dex, "Leave some for the rest of us, won't ya?" But she elbows the bluerider because she's just joking.

Ethan winks at Dex and then makes his way to the trunk to get his scarf. Bowing a little to Tilla, he grins playfully, saying, "Thank you! This will definitely come in handy as my own scarf has seen better years." He winds the thing around his head goofily, and grins at Darden. "Can't believe we actually won with our Twigs."

Sutri nibbles on the twig idly, watching and then giving a smile to Darden and Ethan as they both win. "That's great! I'm glad for you both." She doesn't chime in on the cheating, instead moving to take another twig and eating that before she moves to take a piece of the cake as well. There's a happy hum before she shoots Darden a look.

Jacob leans over to Ethan and Darden with a smirk, "Aye, they were good twigs, although I'm sad to say they do look /quite/ small." He winks at the pair of men before giving a brief nod to Jovin and a secretive wink as well before he turns to the group, "Yes, eat up and enjoy. Very good job both teams." The cook then turns to Dex as he shrugs his shoulders, "I'd love to cook more like this more often, but we can't have all of our fit and pretty riders getting all fat on us." He grins widely at the moment as he shifts to grab a mug of klah that has been hiding somewhere, staying his distance from the sweets.

S'lo leans in to whisper something to Tilla. Maybe his words are inappropriate for others to hear. Or maybe there's just too much commotion to be heard otherwise. But whatever the case, it's said and done with a wicked little grin at the end and he takes a step back, swiping a finger full of frosting from the edge of the cake nearby to suck on and he offers a quick nod Dex's way. And a big grin. Maybe she's wearing the filling on her face. That would be awkward.

S'lo whispers, "I think I'm gonna go get ready to bed. Tell Eric I said hi! If he even remembers who I am. He forgot the last time I saw him. And……blah blah blah move along nothing to read here.

Dex mmfs. "/No/." She's not really /quite/ serious, as she responds to Tilla, but the posessive, I-don-wanna-share look in her eyes is pretty easy to see. "Unless you plan on hiring Jacob to do some real cooking for the next Tsunami party. I'll even agree to let him come." The last bit is said hush-hushed — no one is allowed to Tsunami parties. Not even some Tsunamis.. Since some can't handle the excessive drinking.. Excessive sexing.. Excessive… excessing. "Oh, we won't get /fat/. Drills every day. I don't imagine the ingredients are cheap, though, since you'd have to import more plants and stuff since the greenhouse isn't exactly providing for the entire Weyr." S'los look makes Dex look… Peeved. "/What/?!" … "Oh." She reaches up a sleeve, and wipes some blackberry filling from her cheek. Huh. Forgot that was there!

Ethan winks back at Jacob and says, "Oh, they are merely a quarter sized to what they /should/ be. If they were life-sized, all of them wouldn't fit." Snicker. Grabbing a slice of cake, since he gave his away to Dex, he tastes the girls dessert. Yum!
Darden looks back at Ethan, shaking his head with a low laugh. "Me neither." Jovin is given a wide but secretive smile. Fixing his scarf around his neck he grins. He looks at Jacob and manages to say with a straight face, "Not all of us are as…endowed…with skill…as you are." He walks over to Sutri and smiles at her, taking a bite of the cake. "This is delicious. What's in that drink? I doubt I'll get to try any. Is there alcohol in it?"

Tilla flushes as S'lo whispers..something or other to her and she /eyes/ the frosting demonstration. Cough. Cough. And To Dex, "I'm sure Jay wouldn't mind cooking for us, would you Jay?" She elbows him and waggles her eyebrows. And then mutters something to S'lo about socks. Socks?! "Nope, we don't get fat. They do exercise us alot, you know!" She flexes her arm to demonstrate.

You overhear Tilla mutter, "… … your … …" to S'lo.

Jovin continues to munch on the pastry in his hands, even though he looks a bit confused at some of the…odd terms floating about. "I think they're perfect sized.." Yes, yes the baker /is/ that clueless. A finger wipes some of the filling away from the end of his treat though, and then just licks it off, before giving Darden another grin. "Well..good job. Really good job..and everything." But with that, the apprentice rather hurriedly makes his escape from the kitchen.

Jacob tosses a final nod and smirk to the male candidates before he turns to the bluerider with a shrug of his shoulders, "Well, I'm pretty sure my Mudsliding pa wouldn't appreciate me helping out your kind, but I might be able to cook up some things for you folks." He winks at Dex as he sips at his klah, leaning further away from all that sweet food. Blech.

S'lo tosses up a salute to both Dex and Tilla—though it's more a 'see yuh later!' type than anything respectful, and bounds through the kitchen back towards his lifemate who presumably awaits him somewhere close by. And not without a Big Grin on his face. Must be the cake.

"Inter-wing treachory is a wonderful thing, Jacob. Remember that." Dex gives the baker a wink before, stealing another piece of cake onto her plate, she begins easing off into thte direction of the caverns. "Gonna go uh… well… Um. /See you later/." She disappears, giving all an uncharacteristically affectionate wave before gone entirely. Man. Does sugar have an effect on that woman, or what?

Sutri lifts a brow slightly, nibbling on some cake and nodding her agreement. "It's good. Yours was really good, too." She giggles and gives a very slight nod before she takes another bite. "It wasn't my idea, I just helped." She gives him a teasing smile before she looks down to the scarf curiously.

Ethan waves to the departing blueriders, finishing the his slice of cake and then also pondering leaving. Although, tomorrow will be nice with no chores! "Thanks, Jovin!" he calls after the apprentice who helped provide the recipe for the boys to follow. He runs the scarf through his hands, and also ponders escaping.

Tilla smirks, "You better help us out, Jay, or I'll be real sad!" She eyes the departure of both blueriders and decides to head on out, herself. "Later, guys! It was a pleasure, surely!" She hugs Jay and makes her departure.

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