Candidacy: Winter-Spring 2012

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Currently, High Reaches Weyr is in it's cycle for it's 23nd PC Clutch.
The current candidates are:

Haris, Rocco, Teyaschianniarina, Tuli, Jedi, Galadrid, Solren
Maliya, Myckren, Ceryeri and Sercain

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[ Rocco's Logs/Info]


Haris has only lived in the High Reaches for a Turn or so, having come to the Weyr from a small cothold looking to the Minecraft Hall at Crom. His bloodline is from the Weyr, though, as he's the grandson of R'sli, rider of green Zaqith. This fact makes him related to a large number of people…most of whom he doesn't know yet.

Most people who know Haris know him to be a generally affable fellow, even-tempered and steadfast to his friends and superiors. He has a very plain way of looking at things due to his holder upbringing, and he's been known to derail people completely with his logic. Tangential to recent dramas that have involved his ex, Haris still had a pretty decent reputation, until he got into a fight with the rider of the dragon who sired the latest clutch.

Candidacy was leveled on Haris as punishment for said fight by Lendai, who has sworn to make him behave like a civilized human being or send him packing. Haris is fairly sure that this will entail dainty tea cups and lessons on how to walk properly, all of which he deeply dreads. The rest of candidacy he's looking forward to, particularly as it gives him a chance to get to know his new-found cousin. He doesn't anticipate any drama, no matter what people might think.

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