The Candidate Packet

Current Candidate Packet: Spring 2010 Search

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So, how does it feel to be a candidate? :)

Welcome to High Reaches. We're excited, pleased, and overjoyed to have you, whether you've been here before or not. As with all new roles, candidacy has a few logistics, advice, suggestions, and general recommendations to go with it, so that's what this is for — to make the transition into this new role as painless (and question-free) as possible. If anything seems weird, odd, questionable, or heck, if you just feel like badgering us, please come to us with any questions you might have. We're here to answer them (or point you to a person who knows the answer).


You're a candidate. A High Reaches Candidate, if you weren't sure. ;) This means that you should have been installed at High Reaches by a High Reaches Searchrider. (Somehow I would doubt a Searchrider's sanity if s/he installed you at Ista. Anyway. :P Mistakes do happen…) This means that a few things should have been taken care of, and if they haven't, well, here's what to do.

When you and the Searchrider arrived in the Candidate Barracks, the Searchrider should have made you a candidate with a handy-dandy command.

Voila! Now, what this command should have done is the following:

  • Added you to the candidate channel [HrwCan] with alias 'hc'.
  • Added you to the area channel [<SnowZone!>] with alias 'sz'.
  • Added you to the candidate mailer *hc and the area mailer *hrw.
  • Tweaked your title to include Candidate.
  • @residented you in the barracks; you'll want to @sethome.
  • Made you a cot to sleep in… which you're welcome to recycle if you don't really want the extra drain on @quota, or you maybe have one already.

In addition to the command's nifty stuff, you should do the following:

  • 'addcom sc=SnowChat' and 'sc on' (An OOC channel for HRW. Created to focus RL chatter and gossip and hellos and goodbyes and 'How's your cat?' questions and the like off <SnowZone!> which we hope to use solely to further RP.)
  • Add a blurb to your @wearing or @knot message which describes your new knot of plain old candidate's white.
  • @subscribe *hrn, which is our area's equivalent to *gossip.

If you have any questions regarding these instructions, please ask a member of SearchCo! Confusion, while a nice, giddy state of mix-up, is not generally conducive to good relations.

Okay, so now you're installed at High Reaches, and the logistics of /being/ installed have been taken care of. What next? What's expected of you, both ICly and OOCly?


You're now a candidate: in some people's minds, this means that your character is at the bottom of the totem pole. However, you're not a slave. Candidates are generally treated as individuals who need something to do while going through the necessity of waiting for the eggs to crack. They also need to be familiarized with the running of the Weyr and the work which will be involved should they chance to Impress a dragon. Dragons are /work/. Candidacy is a preparatory stage for this in many ways. Get those callouses now, when you can afford to soak bruises in hot water and not have to jump up at a dragonet's fear or need.

This means that candidates will have assigned chores. The Head Person is traditionally in charge of issuing these chores, but others can as well — in this regard candidates /are/ at the bottom of the totem pole; they have to do the drudge work. These chores can include sewing, mending, mucking out the stables, seeing to the general tidiness and readiness of the Weyr, cooking, helping riders care for their dragons if requested (hey, who would refuse that? XD), and just about any other chore that you can think of.

This isn't to say that candidates have no free time of their own. They certainly will. And candidates /are/ allowed to leave the Weyr for short periods of time (up until about a sevenday before the Hatching is expected). They'll need to have a rider know where they are, and cannot stay away too long (having the rider /with/ you is even more advised - quick transport back if need be), and so forth, but they do have that freedom. And an NPC rider works just as well as a PC, but it's much more fun with real people!

A candidate is a candidate is a candidate. Previous ranks hold no meaning here, and everybody's on the same level — and have to share the same living quarters! :) While this may be a new and unfamiliar place, it's also a good opportunity for bonding together, whether it be through chores, living together, having similar backgrounds, or simply being thrust together in a strange environment. Feel free to get to know each other, share dreams and fears and stories, quests for the secret entrance to the Sands, midnight snacks, pranks accomplished…

On the subject of pranks: candidates do tend to be prone to creating mischief, and the Weyr is generally lenient about such occasions – most riders likely have juicy stories of their own candidacy to relate, so pester them for such stories! However, there are limits, and please use common sense when judging what a good prank would be. ICly, a candidate is not likely to do something which would get them expelled from the Weyr; this /could/ happen, ICly, and has! Any pranks involving sneaking onto the Sands (there /is/ a way!) must be checked out FIRST with our delightful clutchparents' riders! And please note, pranks should not all be about underwear, dye and/or nudity. Creativity is key!

On a side note, we are big fans of ICA=ICC here at High Reaches, and powerplay takes a back seat to this concept. You don’t always have to ask or give warnings when you plan for your character to do something stupid, but be aware that the consequences could be equally as un-fun to you as your original action was to others. Use common sense. We cannot stress that phrase enough. To avoid something as unpleasant as –say- expulsion, when organizing pranks or other shenanigans, please be sure to run the idea by the appropriate parties, first.

Though candidates’ previous ranks no longer hold sway in the world of candidacy, rank /is/ important in the wide world of the Weyr, especially at High Reaches. Candidates will be expected to salute and respect their superiors, though, considering that most candidates are newcomers, many riders will allow some leeway in this rule. Some riders, on the other hand, will not be so lenient, so please be aware of this; while it’s not likely that your character will get kicked out of candidacy for talking sass, it could mean extra chores, lessons, drills, etc.

However, please do remember the golden rule of High Reaches: ICA=ICC. Expulsions have been somewhat rare, but they have been known to happen. Please ask yourself if your character’s plans to break the rules are more important than your desire for them to Impress, because once a candidate is out of candidacy, they will not be brought back in for any reason.

Think of candidacy as a precursor to bootcamp – the Pernese equivalent to JROTC, if you will. You get a taste of what it will be like being a rider, but you can still back out, if you want to. Following the rules is important. Following orders is even more important, because a rider who does not follow orders may get his wingmates killed. Some riders are very serious about this, others less so. Anyone who has been playing Pernm*s long enough know the two main rules of candidacy: no sex and no booze. Realistically, these rules should be no pregnancies and no binging, but the only way to ensure that these things don’t occur is to outright ban the action that causes them, so…! No sex and no booze. Again, use common sense. Your character is obviously not going to stop loving someone overnight, and they can’t just turn off their basest desires, but characters /can/ be ousted for breaking these rules, so don’t give in!

So now that you know the basic goings-on ICly of a candidate, what about the OOC? Well, in many ways it's similar, but with a few things of note:

OOCly, there are a number of people looking out for you. (ICly too, but they'll be people like the Headman and Weyrlingmaster, who may or may not be OOCly involved with this Search.) You have SearchCo - that's all of us involved with Search. You'll probably get to know who most of us are; if you don’t, check out the @doings! All available SearchCo members should have something in their @doing regarding Search. SearchCo should be able to answer anything relating to the Search process itself: 'What if I've decided I'd rather have blue than green?'; 'I'm going to be away next weekend'; 'When's the Hatching going to be?'

We are not allowed to give away any confidential information regarding Search - including whether or not any of your fellow candidates are Stand-Only! That's up to them if they want to tell you, and only if they want to, so please do not pester your fellow candidates.

SearchCo runs /Search/. This time around, Xilaros is OOCly co-ordinating. /Any/ questions or comments on Search can go directly to him if you're seeking confidentiality. Otherwise @send the SearchCo mailer *hrsearch or talk to any SearchCo member.

You are free to take your issues out onto LiveJournals, weblogs and/or discussion boards, but remember that it is common courtesy to raise the issue with us directly before complaining publicly. And the best way to get something done about an issue is to talk directly to us. We are always looking for ways to improve.

Please be open and honest with us and we will try to be the same with you! Let us know if you have issues with us or Search in general, or, indeed, any of your fellow candidates. We're not expecting you to tell us that Candidate X mixed her tenses during RP last night, but we do want to know if a candidate is making you feel uncomfortable and why. And the same goes for anybody on SearchCo. You'll often be surprised at what SearchCo does pick up on, but it's even more common for you not to realise what they're missing. If you wish to make a complaint in confidence, you may page or @send Xilaros when you're ready. As with all correspondence with the Searchlead, anything you say will be kept confidential unless you specifically ask for it to be shared.

Just remember that Candidacy is a time for us to get to know you and you to get to know us. Yes, we'll be watching you, but please don't take that to mean you're on trial. What we're looking for is how well a person bonds with fellow candidates and the Weyr, general role-play meshing, and the sense that this candidate really wants to be here and will be involved with the Weyr after the hatching. So if you're having fun, relaxing, seeking out people to role-play with (and being sought out, we're not going to simply be hiding behind mirrored glass) and basically doing all the things mentioned, you shouldn't feel like you're on trial, right? :) Hopefully not, and remember, there doesn't have to be a Searchrider online for you to RP; making meaningful connections for you and your character is just as important. We want candidacy to be as comfortable for you as possible.

In regards to chores, you do /not/ have to constantly be doing them. That can get boring-boring-boring! Still, working out TPs involving chores with fellow candidates and weyrmembers can be such fun. There are no command-driven chores. It's all role-play, so use your imagination.

There's no need to contrive any Grand Scheme or happening, either, and you don't have to be involved with pranks if you don't want to be. Not everyone is comfortable doing such things, and pranks do not have any bearing on deciding Impressions. They're for stimulating RP, and if you're RP'ing anyway…

Candidates are ICly required to have physicals. If you can, find a PC healer to do your physical - RP, RP, RP! If not, an NPC works just as well, but it's not nearly so much fun. ;) These are not an on-camera requirement but can offer a different sort of RP.

Candidates are responsible for making sure they have something to wear on the Sands. A robe! A white one, at that. While it may be a boring color, it is a required one. ICly, you can hunt up old robes, restitch them (or hey! they may even be intact still), or make your own. OOCly, you'll need to have your @wearing message set to that come Hatching day. A good thing to do is make up the robe desc in advance and then store it in your change property - see 'help change'. The desc should be Spartan: no ruffles, sequins, or jewelry, please. No hidden embroidery, or pockets, or any of that. Any candidate ICly caught with any of these things on Hatching day could very well be requested to remove them before going on the Sands. You /can/ wear sandals, but not boots. (Or of course you can go barefoot, burn your feet, then 10 Turns down the road boast about how brave and traditional you were. We'll forget idiotic. ;>)

As candidacy progresses and the Hatching looms nearer, there will be a mini infopack, similar to this one, and questionnaire sent to your e-mail. You will be asked to give us your final dragon-color preferences; yes, we know we asked this during your application and interview, but things can change and we don't want to give anyone a color they'd be unhappy with. If there's something dear to your heart, say so! This will occur shortly before the Hatching, but please do not think that what you state as preferences cannot be changed - even up to the Hatching day itself, though of course we'd prefer a bit more advance notice. XD

Other events may be organized, too. Candidate get-togethers, picnics, outings, egg-touching, Rest Days, etc. Even if you cannot attend such events, there will probably be a log available. We're log fiends! We encourage you to organize events of your own, as well. All of you are more likely to know what you want to do than we are. Keep an eye on the bulletin board in the candidate barracks and on *hc for scheduled events. Above all, RP! :) If you don't know someone, get to know that person; you live here now, you have just as much right as the next person.

Log! Log! Log! – but only if you want to! Some candidates have been known to keep journals simply for the sake of posting logs. If you’re one such candidate, feel free to pass the link onto SearchCo. We love logs!

So hopefully you now have an idea of how candidacy at High Reaches works. It's not a waiting period (want a magazine?) for the Hatching; the Hatching is really an anti-climactic production, for decisions will be made based on and during candidacy. If you have /any/ questions, please feel free to ask. Comments, grievances, clarifications, suggestions, kittens… Your opinion matters, so don't be shy about voicing it. More information about specific events will be sent as candidacy progresses; a Hatching guide will be sent out, so you know what you're in for prior to being thrust into it, and later on you'll be getting a questionnaire that'll help us learn a little more about you, your potential clutchmates, and your potential dragon.

Welcome to candidacy, and have fun! :D

HRW SearchCo 2010: Ice, Ice, Baby!

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