Chapter 1: Introduction!

OOC: Welcome to the Candidate Class of Summer '09! This book is intended to be a scrapbook/memory book of our time spent together as Candidates for Aevryscienth and Nylanth's first clutch together. In this book you may include favorite poses, character thoughts, short vignettes, sketches, thoughts about Candidacy and other Candidates, summaries of RP sessions (You'll never /believe/ what happened to Matej today!!), etc. Anything you'd find in a scrapbook or memory book! Please @mail all entries to Ethan, and he'll code them into the book.

IC: A very simple hidebound book has been pieced together by scraps of hide found in the storecaverns. The outside cover is thick hide, and the inside pages are of varying thicknesses. Some of them have been used so many times that they're nearly paper thin. The book itself is floppy and lays flat when opened. The inside inscription is simple: Candidates of High Reaches Weyr - Twelfth Turn of the Tenth Interval. Contained within this volume are the thoughts, moments, fears and joys of this class. Beneath the carefully penned inscription is a list of all of the Candidates of this class.



IC: Candidacy has been nothing that I expected! I have been given chores and told not to drink or have sex. The eggs themselves are bottled sex, which makes it so difficult! I even found myself about to strip right on the sands. I walk around with Wilson everywhere. Wilson being my egg that I've had to carry around. I really hope that getting Wilson wet won't hurt him. He floated around in the baths for a while. I'm rather kind of sad to see Wilson hardening. Soon he'll be hatching. Just like the dragon eggs. The eggs themselves are so… different. Unique. And soon the dragons will be hatching and my time here will be done. I'll go back to being a busboy and life will resume normalcy.

The eggs… the eggs… that put such thoughts in my head. The curl of Linny's hair. The twinkle in Erarei's eye. Taking off the Weyrwoman's underpants… I am a little apprehensive just /what/ is going to hatch out of these eggs that are like bottled sex. I have never wanted to get laid more in my life as I have felt after touching Aevryscienth's eggs. That must be ONE unique gold dragon.

(An addendum, hastily scrawled)
Hot damn! It was hot to see Linny kiss the Weyrwoman.

(scribbled along the bottom)
My thanks to Aevryscienth and Nylanth, Rhaeyn and G'deon. I can't imagine living in that hot, hellish environment — the Sands.


Oh wow, where to begin. This is my second Candidacy and it's markedly different than the first. Firstly, I'm older and not one person has rubbed my hair. I kind of miss that, to be totally honest. But it's nice being more grown up. Though they are so strict on the rules this time around that we can't do anything even if we wanted to. I guess the last class ruined it for the rest of us. (Just kidding - you guys know I love you.)

I was the first one Searched. Or ordered to Stand. I'm proud of that. Rhaeyn found me after the clutching and ordered me to take the knot. I had the barracks to myself for a short period of time before Tilla brought Sutri in. And then the rest began to arrive. It's a very fun class. Dynamic and different. We don't all get along, but I know beyond a shadow of a doubt that we'll all be looking out for each other come Hatching Day.

This Candidacy has been rough, for so many reasons, but it's been a growth experience and for that I'll always be grateful.

*Darden has included sketches of most of the Candidates, as well as one of the clutch on the Sands*

(scribbled later:)

We were given eggs. I messed up. If any of those former Candidates ever read this…I'm sorry. I'm so, so sorry.


This candidacy has been one of a kind. With it being my first, I didn't have any expectations going into it about what it would be like, and thank Faranth for that, because it would have blown any expectations I had out of the water. It's been fun, it's been bad, it's been everything in between.

Thank you to everyone involved, most importantly Rhaeyn and G'deon, Aevryscienth and Nylanth.

And to my fellow candidates: Some of you I know better than others, but it's been a pleasure regardless. Thanks for making my first candidacy a memorable one. And please don't remember me JUST as the candidate who kissed the Weyrwoman. Please.

PS- Sorry for kissing you, Rhaeyn. I still blame the eggs.

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