Candidacy: Winter 2008

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Currently, High Reaches Weyr is in it's cycle for it's 18th PC Clutch.
The current candidates are:

Iasri, Hari, Denalia, Feilan, Moldimehrallenkai, Vostarik, Jhairecki, Rhaenyra, Tilla
Dredos, Rozalija, Shivahn, Isabeau, Erarei, Darden, Inesa

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Iasri's Character Sheet


Iasri was born on a fairly secluded cothold in the Keroon area, loved runners, loved racing them, and totally wanted to become a jockey. Her family wasn't educated in the least, and well, neither was she. After that huge Keroon hurricane, her father started making long trips to the hold to help with the runner stock, and there, Iasri was picked up and shuffled off to the Herder Hall. After being placed in the Hall, she's experienced, what she assumes to be, not an average stint in the craft. Promotions to new positions, travels to a weyr, seahall and then a deserted island, all led up to her search. Horray!

In the troughs of insecure adolescence, Iasri initially comes off as a snarky, unmannered, dysfunctional individual. In certain ways, she is, but for the most part, she's just dealing with the fact that she's a young, awkward teenager. She's insecure about almost everything; her looks, her heights, her sexuality, and the way she acts revolve around her constantly worrying psyche. She's not very good at taking teasing: if you bug her too much, she'll start to whine, yell, pout, and if worse comes to worse, she'll punch you.

Iasri is deep down, a genuinely nice person. She wants to make friends, but at the same time, try to show any sense of maturity and cool factor in any way she can. She brags a lot, doesn't think before saying anything, and naturally seems to grate people's nerves for being annoying. She tries her best to listen to authority, but fails, miserably most times; her better judgment is locked far away in the back of her mind. If she needs to shirk chores, or orders to further her sense of betterment and self, she'll do it. And then face the consequences.
All in all, she comes off a bit rough around the edges. But deep down, she's just looking for snuggles. Promise.

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