High Reaches' Past Candidacies

Below is a compilation of all the information given by previous candidates from other candidacies; TP plots, some logs, blurbs about each candidate. They are stored here for reminiscing purposes, and to help future candidacies know what kind of fun times are to be had here at HRW, and get to know what some of the people here used to be like before they Impressed!

If you have any information from any of these candidacies that you would like to submit to keep on record (logs, images, or something that is recorded incorrectly), please contact Tilla in-game. Thanks!

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Search Summer 2011

The candidates from High Reaches' 22nd PC Clutch:

Rysta, Yalishean, Arienne, Dirna, Jerushai, Rikane, Shizl
Syriene, Rilhden, Yzabet, Kanika, Paige, and Lucian

Below is a compilation of some information about candidates that they decided to submit!

Rysta's Livejournal


Rysta hails from Southern Boll originally, and she retains the accent, which gets thicker when she's upset or just trying to be obnoxious. (Also, I have declared that Southern Boll ~= New Orleans. Deal with it. ;) ) She hasn't been there in a while, but she has been pretty much everywhere else, from Herder Hall to High Reaches Hold (ancient history), to two different Trader trains, and finally to Ista Hold to settle down as a barmaid. She has one sibling, her brother Rell, a Herder Journeyman who she loves more than life itself. Everyone else? Eh.

Personality wise, Rysta is a loose canon who plays by her own rules! Alright, maybe less explosion-fueled cop drama, but she does value her independence and has been known to canter off in the opposite direction is someone attempts to tell her what to do, even if they're doing it for her own safety. Maybe even especially then. Other than her peeve against authoritarianism, she doesn't take life seriously and has a tendency to nettle and mock those who do. As far as she's concerned, if you don't enjoy life, what's the point in living? She's energetic and social and can be a barrel of fun, but has earned the nickname Trouble for a reason.

(Also, she's actually R'yst's uninhibited female side.)


Search Spring 2010

The candidates from High Reaches' 20th PC Clutch:

Ethan, Reyston, Cerko, Sutri, Dorian, Erarei
Gavin, Daniiya, Sobene, Matilda, Tikaani, Tronar

Below is a compilation of some information about candidates that they decided to submit!

Ethan's LiveJournal


Who is Ethan? The sparseness of this is mostly due because I rather people find out about me via RP rather than reading about my character. So bare information is this: He's from a valley somewhere off in the High Reaches Region, born into a family with ten sisters, a mother and a father. He came here seeking adventure, got Searched, got left Standing, traded for awhile and ultimately found his niche as Rhaeyn's Assistant. What he actually does for Rhaeyn is a mystery, beyond the day-to-day administrative tasks she might give him. It's pretty common knowledge that he enjoys tweaking Lendai too, and usually, he can hide behind his rank — if he could be called hiding. It's a mutual love-to-hate thing! Now, of course, he's Searched again, accepting Lendai's demand that he be her bitch (Candidate).

Search Summer 2009

The candidates from High Reaches' 19th PC Clutch:

Darden, Sutri, Matej, Salen, Erarei, Linnau
Ethan, Mikah, Imre, Aloniel

Below is a compilation of some information about candidates that they decided to submit!

Darden's LiveJournal


Darden hails from a cothold outside of Ista Hold originally. Apprenticed to the Dolphincraft at twelve, he accepted Search on a whim and traveled to the freezing cold High Reaches. He Stood with the whole Rat Pack, and was left standing at the end of it. He returned to the Dolphincraft, but realized while back in Ista that he'd lost his heart to High Reaches. He wrote a pros and cons list, trying to decide if he should stay in his beloved craft or return to the weyr, and ultimately it was the 'Friends' on the pro side that won him over. He returned to High Reaches.

He almost went to work for Dredos, but decided in the end that he loved children too much, and went to work in the brat caves as a Nanny. Darden is an excellent Nanny - patient, kind, funny and caring. The kind of person the kids can bury in a 'dogpile' and then curl up in his lap and go to sleep while he tells them a story. And he's tough when he needs to be. The children of the weyr adore him.

His romantic history is rather complex, mostly because he's an idiot. He doesn't usually think before acting - just ask Mikah. Darden is ruled by his emotions, but is learning (slowly) to think before speaking or acting. He is a loyal friend (to a fault) and optimist, seeing the best in everyone. He doesn't usually have a temper, but sometimes it flares up - when things aren't fair, and when there's someone he feels needs protection, specifically children. He's a kid at heart, and carefully walks that line between childhood and adulthood. He's a genuinely nice guy, and it's rare for him to speak poorly of anyone. He's also That Guy - who bounds out of bed every morning with a wide smile and 'C'mon, let's go do chores!' attitude. Feel free to be annoyed.

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Search Winter 2008

The candidates from High Reaches' 18th PC clutch:

Iasri, Hari, Denalia, Feilan, Moldimehrallenkai, Vostarik, Jhairecki, Rhaenyra, Tilla
Dredos, Rozalija, Shivahn, Isabeau, Erarei, Darden, Inesa

Below is a compilation of some information about candidates that they decided to submit!

Iasri's Character Sheet


Iasri was born on a fairly secluded cothold in the Keroon area, loved runners, loved racing them, and totally wanted to become a jockey. Her family wasn't educated in the least, and well, neither was she. After that huge Keroon hurricane, her father started making long trips to the hold to help with the runner stock, and there, Iasri was picked up and shuffled off to the Herder Hall. After being placed in the Hall, she's experienced, what she assumes to be, not an average stint in the craft. Promotions to new positions, travels to a weyr, seahall and then a deserted island, all led up to her search. Horray!

In the troughs of insecure adolescence, Iasri initially comes off as a snarky, unmannered, dysfunctional individual. In certain ways, she is, but for the most part, she's just dealing with the fact that she's a young, awkward teenager. She's insecure about almost everything; her looks, her heights, her sexuality, and the way she acts revolve around her constantly worrying psyche. She's not very good at taking teasing: if you bug her too much, she'll start to whine, yell, pout, and if worse comes to worse, she'll punch you.

Iasri is deep down, a genuinely nice person. She wants to make friends, but at the same time, try to show any sense of maturity and cool factor in any way she can. She brags a lot, doesn't think before saying anything, and naturally seems to grate people's nerves for being annoying. She tries her best to listen to authority, but fails, miserably most times; her better judgment is locked far away in the back of her mind. If she needs to shirk chores, or orders to further her sense of betterment and self, she'll do it. And then face the consequences.
All in all, she comes off a bit rough around the edges. But deep down, she's just looking for snuggles. Promise.

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The Candidate Yearbook is finished! Want to look it over? Go to: The Yearbook

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Search Spring 2008

The candidates from High Reaches' 17th PC clutch:

Dredos, Isabeau, Khanyl, Kiano, Loren, Mohitani, Nulerak, Onberlie
Rusalochka, Rynael, Slogan, Tanis, Winston

Below is a compilation of some information about the candidates that they decided to submit!


Team Duck
Dredos' LiveJournal

Searched by Shazi and T'ii whilst they were trying to escape HRW for a drink.

Dredos was raised by a single dad after his mother ran off, which may have skewed his outlook a little. He's from Blanksands but ran off to Ista Hold the moment he was considered man enough to live on his own. There, he weaseled a job out of the head bartender at the Flying Mug and worked pretty much as a glorified busboy, hoping to someday earn enough trust to learn the real workings of the tavern. Dre is ambitious, sometimes reckless, and can be a bit of a hothead at times. He means well, though, and isn't afraid of hard work, but he always wants the biggest and the brightest and isn't exactly afraid of stepping on toes (or shoulders) to get there.

This cycle, the candidates were split into two teams, each charged with the care of a particular llama (Kippy and Duck), and for the care of these, and their behavior during candidacy (actually based on points through submitted logs), they were judged and the winners at the end awarded for their awesomeness. To read about the trials of these candidates and what took place, please visit this external page about this candidacy: Kippy vs. Duck

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