The Candidate Scavenger Hunt

To give something to bide the time during the last week of candidacy, we present to you… The Candidate Scavenger Hunt! In a repeat of what was already posted on the mailer, the items and rules for scavenger are:

The Items:

  1. The Underwear of Shazi
  2. An Item of "Power" From Each PC Wing: (Each will count as 1pt.)
    1. Inferno: Red Leather Jacket OR Benden Wine from a Wine Raid
    2. Tsunami: Blue and White Striped Scarf
    3. Mudslide: A Surfboard (Owned by a member)
  3. Proof That Il'ad Isn't an Idiot (Must be Tangable)
  4. A Whip from Tye's Office
  5. Identification from a Dragon of Each Color (Footprint, talon markings, etc)
  6. 5 Fish Caught Ice Fishing in HRW's Lake
  7. Personal Item from a Member of The Other Team (Journals! Underwear! Stuffies!)
  8. A piece of hair CUT from the Kippy llama.
  9. Boots Stolen from Someone in the Baths
  10. A Bucket Full of Hatching Sand
  11. Create a Sculpture that someone outside your group can recognize who it is
  12. A Lock of K'ano's Hair
  13. Get Bandeleth's Dress Straps from T'ii'/Il'ad's Weyr
  14. Krummolt's Fighting Staff
  15. S'lo's Treasured Stuffy
  16. A potted plant from Rajani's ledge
  17. A record of something BIG and JUICY that happened during HRW's History. (may use the internet search).

The Rules:

Rule #1: You do not talk about the Hunt.
Rule #2. You DO NOT talk about the Hunt. (Outside of Candidates!)
Rule #3. If you reveal the nature of the Hunt outside of candidates, you will be disqualified. (Possibly your whole team.)
Rule #4. Items obtained by disqualified members will not count.
Rule #5. Items obtained with knowledge that they were obtained for The Hunt ((ICly, by the person you're taking it from)) will not count.
Rule #6. A log must be taken of each obtaining as proof.
Rule #7. Items MAY be stolen from the other team. Thus, each team must hide the whereabouts of their items.
Rule #8. Teammembers who help the other team, if discovered, will be disqualified.

Log of Each Discovery


Team One: Darden, Dredos, Feilan, Iasri, Iasbeau, Moldi, Rozalija, Tilla
Team One (Feilan) finds #3, Proof of Il'ad's Intelligence: A Note from a Greenrider
Team One (Tilla, Darden) finds #10, Bucket of Hatching Sand: Stealing the Sands
Team One (Tilla) finds #16, Potted Plant from Rajani's Ledge: A Trek to Rajani's Ledge
Team One (Rozalija, Tilla) finds #17, A Record of Something Juicy from HRW History: Hidebound Disasters!
Team One (Darden, Feilan) finds #6, Fish Caught from the Lake: A Fishing We Will Go!
Team One (Darden, Roza, Tilla) finds #8, A piece of hair CUT from the Kippy llama: Fuzzies are Mean
Team One (Tilla, Rozalija) finds #2/1, Inferno Jacket: Cleaning Up a Weyr
Team One (Tilla, Rozalija) finds #5, Item Marked by a Brown Dragon: Marked by Death
Team One finds #1, Shazi's Panties: Laundry Diving!
Team One finds #9, Boots Stolen from Baths: Poor, Wet Feetsies
Team One finds #5, Item Marked by a Green Dragon: A Peorth Paw
Team One finds #7, Item Stolden from the Other Team: Vos's Stuff is Trashed

Team Two: Denalia, Erarei, Hari, Inesa, Jhairecki, Rhaenyra, Shivahn, Vostarik
Team Two (Denalia, Jhairecki, Rhaenyra) finds #4, A Whip from Tye's Office: Whip it Good
Team Two (Jhairecki, Rhaenyra) finds #8, A piece of hair CUT from the Kippy llama: Attack Llama
Team Two (Denalia, Rhaenyra) finds #17 A Record of something Juicy From HRW History: Message from the Past
Team Two (Erarei, Rhaenyra) finds #10 Bucket of Hatching Sand: Buckets of Deception
Team Two (Jhairecki, Rhaenyra) finds #9 Boots Stolen from Someone in the Baths: Boot Scootin Boogie
Team Two (Jhairecki, Rhaenyra) finds #13 Bandeleth's Dress Straps from T'ii'/Il'ad's Weyr: Peeping Kleptos Invade T'ii's Weyr
Team Two(Vostarik, Rhaenyra) finds #14, Krummolt's Fighting Staff:Tiptoe Softly Away, Carrying a Big Stick

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