Chapter 1: Prelude: Memorable Events

Spending too much time with the same people over and over again can have many, many results… Friendships form, so do crushes, alliances made, betrayed, and the resulting enemies are inevitable. A good cycle — a long cycle — with a group of candidates really not unlike that of a High School LockerRoom. So, we bring you the "High School" Yearbook, to commemorate the great time we had with each other, and the memories we don't want to forget! Here are some of those memories:

[***] Rhaenyra: I think we could sum up all of this candidate class by how they react to the need. Feilan is suggestive with the need. Jhai is raunchy with the need. Vostarik denies the need. Iasri runs after the need uselessly. Rhae is the only one that talks logically about the need. Tilla has the need… to make everyone get along. Deni needs, and doesn't give a damn about what anyone else has to say about it. (And Darden is utterly clueless as to what this 'need' thing is!)

  • The guards who kidnapped Vostarik pre-Search have to make amends.
  • Iasri burns "down" the kitchen; everyone has to eat veggies for a sevenday.
  • Denalia steals Rhaenyra's clothes while she's bathing, and wears them.
  • Tilla flashes Jhairecki in a show of ridiculous bravery.
  • Rhaenyra and Denalia harass Vostarik most of candidacy about his crush.
  • Denalia tries to beat up Vos — and hits Feilan's nuts — after discovering that Vos tried using her BF to get her to leave him alone.
  • A few raunchy Truth-Or-Dare sessions in the Cobweb'd Caverns.
  • Denalia tries to convince Darden that dolphins are edible.
  • Iasri almost beats up a kid, later pays for it with a visit from Tye.
  • Feilan tries to play match-maker… With everyone! Specifically Darden and Tilla. Doesn't really work.
  • Darden arranged a trip to the marvelous warm beaches of Ista!
  • Sex is had. But, no disclosure on whom with whom! Not gonna tattle.
  • Chey slips into a coma after she's attacked! Oh my!
  • Vostarik makes enemies with Salen; WHAT a surprise.
  • The candidates engage in a ruthless game of Scavenging! Items are stolen, bargained for, and just generally looked-cute for.
  • Murder! A body is discovered in the catacombs!
  • Krummolt is apprehended as the murderer/attacker, but only shortly before Chey finally passes on, leaving HRW with only promise of a gold.
  • The Hatching finally comes! 'read 18 on yearbook' for more on this!

Chapter 2: THE SULKER: Iasri

Still coltish and ungracefully tall, Iasri has just hit the peak of her adolescence, filling out just a little into her lanky frame. Nevertheless, 5'10 and still knobby, she has started to fill out a little in her hips and chest, with just the hint of curves at the bust and waist. Her face, boxy and boyish, has started to lose a bit of baby fat, but she's still plagued with youthful, chubby cheeks and a plethora of freckles that densely cover the bridge of her large nose, and splay outwards across her face and body. Soft, round auburn eyes are framed by thick, untamed brows. Her mousy brown hair is untamed, a thick, wavy halo splashed here or there with streaks of sun.

Iasri cocks her head up, peering up at Vos with a blank stare, her bottom lip tucked behind her front teeth. She's mulling over the situation, eyes narrowing more and more as Vos talks. "Me?" She responds defensively, "Me, prove I like guys? Oh, Faranth, /please./" There's a moment's pause and her hands are gripping the fabric she's holding tightly. Palms are sweaty. Now Iasri is totally annoyed. Prove it? PROVE IT? "FINE." She suddenly yells, slamming her work down on the table roughly and clammering to her feet. There's no time for Vos to move. Nope none. She's grabbing him with both hands at the back of the head, and pulling him towards her face. And then, SMUSH. Right on the lips. SMUSH. The world stops, time slows. Vos and Iasri have kissed. Hell, has frozen over.

You're still kind of a loser, but if you stop obsessing over that whiny prat Vostarik, I'll forgive you for almost burning the kitchen down. — Denalia

No. Just .. no. NO. — Vostarik

Iasri, my dearest, if you ever finally get past this rather disturbing obsession you have with Vostarik's pants, you may be a rather fine Herder some day. — Rhaenyra

I hope you stop being confused and you and Vos realize what you got going there..and make a lot of grouchy babies! JK. I hope you find someone who is kind to you and is good in the sack. And by that I mean good sacking up tubers and rolls. Men who cook are really hot! Except Master Alf- he's old and pruny. — Tilla

Sorry I didn't get to know you better. Uh…not like Vos did, though. — Darden

Chapter 3: THE INNOCENT: Hari

A thick plait of dirty blonde hair falls past her shoulder blades, only an occasional wisp escaping as its confines to curl around her rather masculine-shaped face. Green-hazel eyes, thin eyebrows and full lips do little to counteract her defined jawline or her sharp nose, while her great height certainly is no feminine advantage either. She is reasonably tan, and from her build certainly no stranger to the rougher jobs in life, though quite possibly one to the more lady-like tasks.

Guess you're off the hook… For now. — Denalia

I'll always remember our pillow talk. Literally! Thanks for coming back with me to the Weaver Hall and facing down my irate mother (I hadn't written her in nearly 3 sevendays..oh well!). Good luck with everything and your new promotion! — Tilla

It was great to meet you! I hope we can get to know each other more in the future. — Darden

Chapter 4: THE HARD-ASS: Denalia

While not of a looming height, Denalia is by far tall for a woman; long legs and built, stretched limbs make her appear even taller than she actually is. Every facial feature about the young woman is delicate, but forced into a disposition opposite such. What could be locks of beautiful golden length are chopped to a mere finger-length, fraying wildly about her head in distastefully odd directions. A petite nose and rosy lips are mocked by the intense, hard expressions they bear, and the pudginess of youth is aged by wrinkles of frustration and tightness, worsened by the blindingly pale skin that covers her body. Even what could've once been the elegance of her limbs are brought upon with muscles unlike that of a respectable lady, causing obvious stockiness to her appearance; the girl looks strangely masculine, but, even in her lack of femininity, she still carries a charming sparkle in her cold, clear blue eyes.

"Nice towel." And thus, Denalia appears in the doorway of the candidate barracks. Her eyes drift from person to person as, with particular malice on her face, is sucking on a sweetstick; however, what is of interest isn't what she's doing, but.. what she's wearing. Linen, tan trous, a green shirt, and a pair of boots, all that don't exactly look like they were meant to fit her. Well, at least, were meant for someone a LITTLE more curvy and a lot less bulky in the arms. "I have to say, I don't look bad, but there's a /little/ too much room in the butt." (To Rhaenyra.)

I hate you. Please don't hurt me. — Vostarik

Denalia, Denalia. I love you, but if you steal my clothes again, you're going to find out how much it hurts to be trampled by a runner. Twice. — Rhaenyra

Dolphins are not for eating! — Darden

Maybe so..but I think being a candidate has made us all crazy! Ooga wooga! I enjoyed sharing rolls with you and getting advice. If you ever punch Fei in the tuber and berries again let me know, I still 'owe' him for setting Darden on me. — Tilla

I'm keeping the whip. Ask me nice, might let you see it again. — Jhairecki

Chapter 5: THE HEARTTHROB: Feilan

Dark hair spikes shortly from this young man's head, black locks easily maintained in their length. Thin brows rest over faintly almond-shaped eyes, set in a dark olive tone. His nose slants in a slim angle downward, nestled in an almost sharp point above his lips. Scars are not uncommon on his darkly shaded skin, a pale line etched above his right brow, and another nicked into the left side of his jaw. Suitably muscled, his limbs carry the tone of one who works for a living, carrying his frame to a height of five feet and eight inches.

Feilan does look a tad disappointed when Rhaenyra goes, but gives her a parting wave. Denalia even gets a little squeeze from his arm at her depiction of what went on. For the newcomers, anyway. "Aw, now Deni, you were hardly doin' anything but staring up at the sky, and making faces at it. Thought a bird might've done some business.." Didn't he say earlier he was worried she'd frozen? Oh well. "Oh Jhair, really now. A masochist I am not, I assure you. But I just can't /help/ cravin' a bit of you again. ..And I assure you, Tilla. Anything involving my pants is /very/ likely to be filled with much action."

I think it would be best if we were never seen exiting a room together ever again. — Vostarik

Your ability to flirt with anyone, irregarding even if they just kicked you in the crotch, is astounding. I have yet to decide whether this is actually a good thing or not. — Denalia

Feilan. That thing that you do? Yeah, the thing with the tongue. Don't ever stop doing that. — Rhaenyra

Thanks for teaching me…stuff. And for being a friend. — Darden

Fei..what can I say about you. I don't think that boys are that evil..but some are evilly good at having nonstop parties in their pants. Just make sure you clear out any 'uninvited guests' from time to time if you know what I mean? By the way, if you sic Darden on me again, be prepared for a double threat. Denalia's been giving me punching lessons. — Tilla

That tongue thing. How /do/ you do that? — Jhairecki

Chapter 6: THE SHORT: Moldimehrallenkai

Tawny hair flowing in long bouncy waves sprawls out slightly, reaching down to narrow shoulders. Not a tall individual by any means, he barely reaches four feet in height, but what he lacks in size he makes up for in attitude. With a thin straight brow, sparkling chocolate eyes and cheeks that look slightly pudgy when his bow shaped lips curve into a devious smile, he just oozes cheeriness and energy.

Moldi, please don't piss Chey off any more. You may give her a heartattack. — Rhaenyra

I hope you find what you're looking for. I'm always here for you. — Darden

Good luck with the card tricks, someday I hope I can see what you can do and show you what my Uncle taught me. — Tilla

Chapter 7: THE WHINER: Vostarik

Broad-shouldered, long-legged, and rangy - the impression is that of a frame well-built but unfinished, filled in with sinew instead of muscle. He has brown eyes, deep-set over a long nose, and ash blond hair grown unruly and long enough to leave a considerable amount of fringe flapping in his face; he is fair-skinned but ferociously freckled. At nearly 6', his habitual slouch does little to hide his height, and the gangly knees-and-elbows look to him only emphasizes his coltish awkwardness.

Vostarik, my apprentice, my mentee, my minion. Give it up to Iasri and nobody will get hurt. — Your owner, Rhaenyra, Herder Journeyman

As disappointed as I am in you, I feel it would be incorrect not to congratulate you in discovering your penis. — Denalia

You can't run forever. — Feilan

Apple juice and footie pajamas! I'm sorry I teased you about being weak. You're a good guy at heart - let that out occasionally so people can bask in the glory that is you. Have a great summer! — Darden

Vos, does that mean if I flash you enough you'll be friendly to me? HA HA, as IF. Good luck with Iasri-I hope you two end up having lots of grouchy babies! Joking!. I know there is a goodness in your heart, you just have to let it out. — Tilla

Chapter 8: THE RAKE: Jhairecki

Dark-headed Jhairecki is about six feet tall, with the light tan and athletic, muscular build that hint at a lot of manual labor in his background. That roughly-cut, lank brown hair reaches down to his cheekbones, parted on the left and constantly pushed back out of his hazel eyes; they're his best feature, long-lashed and expressive to make up for their run-of-the-mill color. A straight nose and a small mouth round out Jhairecki's features, along with a slightly squared jaw that always has a good day's worth of stubble on it. Also notable is his left hand: his pinky finger is missing to its first joint, while the fourth finger is missing just the tip. Enough of the nail bed remains that it's formed a smooth round bump of nail there.

"Us three?" So innocent! Jhairecki just blinks at Denalia as though he doesn't have any clue what's going on, and in the meantime Feilan is advancing on him. He catches onto the demonstration only too late, but for all his visible surprise there is not a lot of resisting of the kissing. Although there is one very dirty word afterward. "Hell, man. Works better if you pull her in for a hands-on one," he complains, jerking his head toward Denalia to indicate her.

Jhai, you better hope we don't Impress together, because I would mentally scar your dragon. Yeah. Like that. You know what I'm thinking about. — Rhaenyra

You're… disgusting. Mess with Rhaenyra too much and I'll kill you. I know where you sleep. And never play with Tye's whip again. Please. — Denalia

Hope you enjoyed the show, remember to 'keep it tucked in' so it doesnt break off. I doubt you want a trip to the infirmary. HA! No really, I feel like I wanted to get to know you more. Rhaen is making me write more in the boys she suggests that I write also 'Yer cute' Ok, I'm going to go hide under my bed now. — Tilla

Don't beat me up for this, but I think you're cool. — Darden

Chapter 9: VOICE OF REASON: Rhaenyra

Sunkissed and fit, Rhaenyra shows the benefits of a hiatus from Southern: she has finally shed the last remnants of baby fat, and her build is one of a muscled athlete, tempered with a bountiful dose of the curves of womanhood. Rich chocolate-brown hair has been faded and sunstreaked with lighter tones, and cut to midback, though the thick curls are still nigh unmanagable. Hazel eyes are framed with dark 'lashes, her nose straight and a little too short for her face. She stands a half-head taller than the average.

Rhaenyra looks as if she's sorely tempted to say something. For some reason, she doesn't, instead turning around, and grabbing a brassier. She busies herself, momentarily, then stalks towards the front of the barracks, hair still up in a towel, and just as shirtless as Feilan. "Denalia." Her voice is even. Sweet, even. Scary. "I think I figured out who Vos -really- has a crush on." Her smile turns… frankly… sadistic. "Vostarik," she calls out, tone once more sweet. Way too sweet. "You have it out for greenrider -Palia-, don't you?" Her eyes never leave Deni's face. "I understand, of course. She's very attractive. Beautiful, even." Really, if she wasn't so busy being cruel to Denalia, she would be flirting with Feilan or Jhairecki or talking to Tilla. Really. "I'd hit that myself."

I've definitely come to respect you over this exhausting period, but, I'd prefer if you weren't so easily succumbed by sexual activity. Keeping track of your emotional attachments, if there even are any, is impossible. My brain hurts just considering where your breasts have been. — Denalia

You can't kick me out of the craft until we are back at the Hall, Rhae. — Vostarik

You have been like a big sister to me and I love you tons. I have to admire your skills with the beasts and the men around here (is there even a difference between the two for some of the candidates around here? HA!) Good luck with everything! — Tilla

You can scar my dragon anytime. Whore is a compliment, promise. — Jhairecki

Thanks for sticking up for me. — Darden

Chapter 10: THE PEACEMAKER: Tilla

Thick copper tresses, with hints of blonde highlights mixed in have been newly bobbed; they extend to just below her earlobes. Her oval face is framed with side swept bangs and wisps curling delicately around the ears. Hazel orbs peek from beneath blonde/red lashes. Fair skin is dotted with some freckles, and her frame, although petite, is curvy with a well proportioned figure.

Tilla peeks over her blanket a little more, after Denalia seemed to be addressing her. She sits there, worried for a minute. And then leaps to her feet. A determined look crosses her flushed face. She runs over to Jaireki and yells out. "Is this what you wanted? Do you need to see /boobs/ to calm down and be friends? yes? yes? Yes?" In one swift move she peels up her nightshirt and FLASHES Jhairecki. And wiggles her hips around for good measure. FOOMF down goes the shirt and back to her cot. That took more courage than she's had in a while…being at this place. Perhaps the others influences are starting to rub off on her. But not in the literal sense.

If you keep flashing people, they might be friendly. Someday. Don't give up. — Vostarik

Your personality is disturbingly unusual. Or rather, extremely difficult to make sense of. Is this because of the Weyr? Or how you were raised? I advise you seek the counsel of a mind healer. — Denalia

Boys aren't evil. But if you like, Rhae could show you the lovely world of women. — Feilan

What can I say? I know this will be read by everybody, so I'll keep our true love and passion hidden for the time being. You know you're my best friend. <3 always, your honey-bunny-smoochie. — Darden

Think it's about time to flash me again, yeah? — Jhairecki

Chapter 11: THE SARCASTIC: Dredos

A light mocha complexion gives Dre's hazel green eyes a striking appearance. He has a round, cheery face, with high cheekbones, a small knobby nose, a wide mouth, and ears that stick out just a little bit. Dark lashes and brows help his features stand out, and his curly black hair is kept cut short while trim sideburns frame his face. Chances are, he doesn't need to shave everyday yet, but luckily he doesn't go for whatever patchy stubble he might be able to grow. Dredos is a little on the short side of average, but it is possible he hasn't quite stopped growing yet. Going by his build and calluses, he's probably more used to manual labor than hidework.

Hey Dre, you're pulling that crap again. Smile! — Darden

I'm surprised that your incredible ability to be an ass to everyone hasn't merited you a guard knot. Keep up the good work! It might actually get you somewhere; right. — Denalia

I'm glad you and Rhaen made up. Seriously, you don't want to cross her- she has guard friends. I will never forget how I got to 'know' you in the Baths.. well.. everyone did because you're not shy about walking around without a towel! Good luck with everything! — Tilla

Chapter 12: THE SHY: Rozalija

Of average height, Rozalija doesn't really draw too much attention to herself. She is fairly thin and not quite curvaceous like others, though she's still growing a bit into her body. Her face is oval, with a bit of baby fat still in her cheeks and a light scattering of freckles that are nearly lost in her coffee complexion. Her hair, far too black to ever have been called dark brown, hangs down past her shoulders but forever tangled in tight frizzy curls that puff out around her head. Usually it is kept back with a band at the nape of her neck, but a few shorter strands remain as bangs to curl an outline around her face. Out from her dark features are lighter amber almond-shaped eyes, striking with the dark long lashes around them.

Thanks for the help in the Records Room. I gotta admire a gal who loves to read, just like me! I wish I got to know you better, I think you're really nice! — Tilla

You'll get far places if you actually learn to open your mouth and vocalize. Try it out. See the miracle of attention if you scream! — Denalia

Kippy llama! — Darden

Chapter 13: THE SLOB: Shivahn

Cheerful to a fault, Shivahn has a very round face and full cheeks that forever seem to be pulled into a blissful smile. Tilted eyes bear no hipocanthic fold and are a deep brown that edges upon black; lashes black as well and eyebrows somewhere in between as they arch above. Hair as black as a raven's wing and thick like oversliced bread hangs to either side of her face; long, shiny and soft it dangles to her jawline in a bob, though is oft ignored and faintly frizzy at the ends. Her lips are narrow, but that detracts not at all from her near-constant smile above a prominently rounded chin and the chubby fold beneath.

Good luck growing your hair out. At first I thought you were full of yourself..but Candidacy..and having our locks almost totally shorn off were great equalizers Do Sisters! Wait..that sounds bad… I mean Sisters of the Do…wait no..I mean Hair-do Sisters! Yeah. Ehheh! — Tilla

Nice to meet you! Good luck on the Sands! — Darden

Chapter 14: THE FIXER: Isabeau

Soft ginger-blond locks curl in whispy tendrils around her face. They've been cropped short and the curls go every which way in a puffy, fluffy mess. Her deep set eyes are a rich green-blue, like a tropical sea. The small, strait nose falls just a trifle too short of her bow shaped mouth. Her skin is only lightly tanned over the base pale. She is not overly tall, but gangly has given way to lean. Her body is slim with wiry muscle over a slender figure. If it weren't for the delicate features of her face she would be relatively easy to mistake for a boy in normal clothing.

Glad to see my mother hasn't scared you back to Ista, yet. Reaches is by far superior; you made an excellent choice in staying. — Denalia

You are so skilled with making stuff! I love the soaps you gave me. I hope to talk with you more because you always have interesting things to say. Thanks for tolerating my abysmal baking experiment- and not dying after you ate it! Keep on being sweet! — Tilla

This was so much fun! Good luck on the Sands! — Darden

Chapter 15: THE PERKY: Erarei

Holding fast to heritage her face is a reluctant oval grounded by a good, strong jaw. A centered mouth is narrow, completed by an upper lip as thick as the bottom. The nose is nothing much but a straight bridge an architect would endorse. Her eyes are sepia brown that skipped a couple shades lighter than her lush dark hair. A composition of curls riot under an inept caretaker where tangles and mats are tolerated with beads, strung arbitrarily, that often click when she moves her head. The total of Erarei is a capable amount of force and volatile grace with boy hips and brown skin acquired by ancestry and maintained by being outdoors impossibly more than in.

For Erarei, Darden has simply drawn a picture of a dolphin jumping out of the waves. There are no words.

Nothing happened at the beach. I swear, guards honor. — Denalia

Crying is no shame, I agree with your thought there, but I hope you don't have to do it much. Good luck with everything! — Tilla

Chapter 16: THE OPTIMIST: Darden

Darden is a young boy with a round face and plump cheeks, still trying to leave the baby fat behind. He has dark black hair that's rarely cut. When it is trimmed, it's done messily. Either he did not have a skilled barber or he fidgeted so much that the person holding the shears just did the best they could do. His eyes are a pale green hue that shift in shade with changes in the humidity - darker when it's dry. He's short for his age, and slender.

Darden giggles, "I would if we had any. I think those are great! Your feet never get cold." He scans the snow for anything black, and finds nothing. He turns away and digs into his pockets, staring at his own pair of gloves. Well, they're too big for him anyway. And the Headwoman wouldn't be /too/ mad. He drops them in the snow and mashes them around a bit before bending and picking them up, "I found them!" he says, turning and racing back to Vostarik, slipping a bit in the snow before presenting him with the pair of soggy black gloves.

For the record, I don't hate you. In fact, that presumption is preposterous, and may inevitably cause me to dislike you. PS: Dolphins are yummy. — Denalia

Always here for practice sessions. Yours is next tuesday. Bring dip. — Feilan

You're the cutest Dolphincrafter I know (okay the only one), but still. Someday you'll be breaking hearts and have all the girls chasing you like a flock of crazed wherries! (Maybe even me, who knows? *wink* Stay sweet. <3 P.S. I wouldn't tell many more people about your 'juicy sheets'. — Tilla

Chapter 17: THE RESERVED: Inesa

Long, straight, dark black hair falls down this young girls back all the way to her waist. Bangs fall over her forehead but not in a perfectly even proportion. Her oval face is ivory white and holds her large violet eyes rimmed by long smoky black lashes and topped with thin black eye brows. Her nose is rather small and childlike, giving her a gentle appearance along with her small mouth. She is thin and stands at an average height for a girl her age.

Thanks for the compliments on our snow sculptures..I'd love to see those snow canines you told me you wanted to make! Good luck with everything! — Tilla

Wish we'd had more time to play together. Good luck! — Darden

Chapter 18: GRADUATION TIME: December 7th, 2008




gold Aevryscienth
Rhaeyn (Rhaenyra)
bronze Svitelloth
V'arik (Vostarik)
bronze Zsivanyoth
Jh'rek (Jhairecki)
brown Krobeskeluth
brown Vosteyath
blue Nazkriuulth
Dex (Denalia)
green Amuirnith
green Utonalloth
L'fei (Feilan)

Thank you for such a wonderful cycle, everyone! I hope the best for all of you, whatever your fate may be — but hopefully we all some good memories to look back at this with!

Thank you for such a wonderful cycle, everyone! I hope the best for all of you, whatever your fate may be — but hopefully we all some good memories to look back at this with!

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