Weyr Trivia: Things You May or May Not Want to Know

There are many oddities about HRW that are hard to describe to new-comers; things that are traditions, legacies, famous people, personalities, places, and events that usually you come about knowing after years of spending time with the people that remember them. But, since old players pass away and things are sometimes forgotten, below is an on-going record of things that shouldn't be forgotten — or should, but we're not willing to give it up just yet!

Benden Wine Raids A bad habit of notoriously hard-drinking Inferno Wing in its early days. Apparently discontinued after a past Weyrleader discovered too much and gave the wingriders a punishment of holding a children's party.
Brat Cave Home at one time or another to most of High Reaches Weyr's children, particularly the offspring of riders. Overseen by an over-worked group of nannies; at various times led by Tyara and the current Weyrwoman Pyrene… Siannen is now in charge.
Cobweb'd Caverns Famous for being a hide-away for Candidates during the Search cycle. Has a crack in the wall which you can view the Hatching Sands out of; also contains items left behind by previous clutches to be remembered by.
Duck "ICly, this llama is a spazz. He won't sit still, he makes a LOT of noise, he's impossible to catch if he gets loose, and OMG he poops a lot. Have fun cleaning that up." Was created for Candidate Clutch 17, in which the candidates were split into two teams, each charged with taking care of a designated llama. [Image Here]
Inferno Wing Currently led by Iasri, Inferno have a certain reputation as a bunch of drunkards and their annual trips to raid wine from Benden Hold are a badly-kept secret.
It A llama adopted by the candidates for High Reaches' 5th PC clutch and painted in interesting shades of puce and chartreuse. It lived many happy turns, tended by successive Candidate groups, and even managed to father a couple of offspring born during the candidacy for the 8th clutch: Boy (female) and Girl (male). Sadly killed at the age of around 23 during the 12th PC clutch, when It got accidentally caught in flamethrower fire. Read "Kippy" and "Duck" for more information on later llama successors. [Image Here]
K'ano's Hair Arguably the best hair in the Weyr. Also, he has probably the best taste, and is probably the most feminine bronzerider at HRW, currently; however, it is under speculation as to the nature of his sexuality.
Kippy "Kippy isn't *really* a goth llama in-game. She is, however, more angry and spitty than Duck, and you have to milk her. Have fun with *that* while she tries to kick you… " Was created for Candidate Clutch 17, in which the candidates were split into two teams, each charged with taking care of a designated llama. [Image Here]
Llamas See It, Kippy, and Duck.
Mudslide Wing Now lead by Jh'rek, those in Mudslide tend to have a reputation of being easy going — too easy going. Easily judged as being similar to California beach bums and stoners. Famous for their surfing traditions, although such things have seemingly been uncommon in recent years.
Suncrusher Wing The only(?) named NPC wing. Led by greenrider Estara for a very very long time.
Tsunami Wing Currently lead by S'lo, is often described as being the craziest wing, harboring the craziest personalities, sexaholics, busty greenriders, and numerous questionable traditions, such as the Wet Tunic Contest. They have their own site, here.
Wet Tunic Contest Tsunami Wing's infamous initiation ceremony; described by many as just an excuse to ogle well-endowed women. Discontinued when K'nex became Wingleader, for no obvious good reason - reinstated (presumably) when Lylia took over the wing.
Winter Festival A festival held most Turns at High Reaches Weyr (although only very sporadically on-camera) involving lots of snow. Typical events include eating competitions, ice-skating and snowball fights.
Zephyr Wing Now an NPC Wing, Zephyr have a reasonable reputation despite having had an overabundance of blue dragons in Turns past. Their favourite collective pastime is hunting wild felines on the Southern continent, and just about every Zephyr weyr sports a striped or spotted fur rug.

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