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Who we are, why we're special, what makes us tick.. check out why Tsunami riders are the best of the best!

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If baby Jesus is crying, it could only be one person's fault: Dex. Not known for her ability to sugar coat anything, or her soft shoulder to cry on, bluerider Dex is a woman with boundary issues and a cold exterior that could take most people a lifetime to melt. Strong-willed and very opinionated, she's almost a vigilante of sorts, doing what she feels is right, even if it isn't always fair, and expecting — no, demanding — that others do the same. Though she is no pain on the eyes, her beauty is tarnished by the overly athletic build she works desperately to maintain; after Turns serving as a guard before Impression, she's pre-disposed to love a good punching match, and has a habit of winning against most opponents. Just like her social behaviors, in the ring she's no pretty flower or agile creature — for a woman, she's got the unexpected advantage of being a very blunt, direct-hitting weapon. While her ways make most people run in the opposite direction — especially when her phantom-esque lifemate Nazkriuulth is lurking around — she certainly isn't a bad person to have on your side, and on the off-chance that one doesn't end up pissing her off, she can be a remarkably intelligent, sarcastically-witted partner in friendship. She may have issues, but she's still human after all… even if she'd like to believe otherwise.


K'nex is debatably the easiest person to pick on in the wing and the most confused, so he often finds himself being teased by both wingmembers and non-wingmembers alike. Perhaps this stems from him being a rather sensitive and spineless pushover who will do anything if you ask him nice enough - or threaten him loudly enough. Like his dragon though, the one thing Kez finds he's not so spineless about is his family and he's darn proud of his son with Tatia, Eitanex. Being rather secretive and quiet makes him rather nervous and embarrassed when subjects involving anything the least bit intimate come up and this had led to jokes and rumors about him being 'celibate'. As for trend setting he's probably the only male in the weyr who regularly has their hair done up in multiple braids.


Sexiest rider in the wing, we like to think, she pulls off a corset hotter than anyone else in these parts, and keeps the good name of 'Tsunami Greenrider' quite well intact. She is Liza's twin, as well as S'lo's older sister — best keep family in the wing, huh?


Some know Lylia as a woman of sadistic tendencies, whipping weyrlings into shape without mercy. For the most part, the dominatrix side seems to end there. A fairly friendly personality in Tsunami, she spends most of her time in a comfortable bubble of contentment, with the occasional sudden swing being a catty and smirking presence. She always knows where the nearest wineskin is, and since Druseth tries to deprive her from it with his sorrowful murmurs, she's too willing to share. Happily weyrmated to Quara, she's still been known to be a bit of a flirt — and often will blame it on her brooding brown's studliness. When in doubt, it's the lifemate's fault. Even so, she's fiercely loyal to those whom she likes… and fiercely snarky to those she doesn't.


Our mascot when It isn't available.


Nu'ra is probably one of the Weyr's most unlikely bronzeriders. He is easily intimidated a bit more than sheepish when it comes to other people, and has been known to make rather tragic mistakes in certain situations out of clumsiness, over-eagerness, or just plain not being able to do anything right. There's many implications that the boy has masochism issues, or perhaps his lack of a back-bone is, in fact, utter cowardliness, but his lifemate Ckiezeluth does a remarkable job of offsetting his impish ways by trying to save the Weyr one blue at a time.


Has an unhealthy obsession with fish, and has been known to force others to sit through long tales that involve actual demonstrations, using fresh (or worse, not-so-fresh) examples.


A transfer from Wing Zephyr when it was made NPC due to small numbers, we believe that she is still clinging to the remnants of her old wing, spending quantities of time hunting down wild felines and covering her weyr with their furs. We're not really sure. She's too scary for any of us to want to find out.


Its always the quiet ones you have to worry about. Or is it? S'lo has a very sweet albeit a little odd personality. Or let's just call it quirky. From building a bunny hold in his weyr to constantly losing his socks, or being on a constant hunt for puddings and pies, or just taking in one of Pern's most prolific wanderers, this bluerider is full of surprises. Despite having intermittent bouts of shyness, he's an excellent singer and dancer, we can credit his short time in the Seacraft for some of that. But underneath it all, is a big heart that cares, sometimes too much about everyone. And, by age twenty one turns, he's started to grow a backbone, assumed his roles as Wingleader of the Tsunami, and started putting furniture in his weyr as well. All in all, not bad for a shy guy on the flyby from Igen, oh my!
— Written by Tilla

S'titch (NPC)

S'titch… love him, hate him, or simply tolerate him, he's certainly one of the more… interesting recent additions to Tsunami. When he's not busy fawning dreamily over brown and bronzeriding males, or getting airsick during Drills, his life's goal is to see all Pern trimmed with lace. Lots of it. Entymeth, in one of life's interesting little mismatches, loathes the stuff, and the tomboy green is constantly attempting to reform him. As yet, with little success. Fond of wearing outrageous designs of leathers featuring garish colours and miles of lace, half of his wingmates want to strangle him, while at least a few the other half are known to have sought fashion advice in the past.


Tatia is know for her.. erm… mercurial temper. Or maybe just for her temper. She's often hot-headed, she's easy to anger, and you don't have to know much about her to push her buttons and get vehemous glares. She's also been known to swing a punch and catfight with the best of them. Her lifemate, green Vespurath, is perhaps the most talented at pushing her buttons, and conversations with the star-loving, childish dragon often leave her frustrated and ready to take her anger out on some unsuspecting victim. It's a great way to vent and easy to hide behind when she doesn't know what she's doing - which, truth be told, is often. Tat's not so good at relating to other people, but give her a chance and now and again she may surprise you. If you bother to get beyond the glare. She's most proud of her darling son, Eitanex, her weyrmate K'nex.


If you don't like Tilla, something is really wrong with you. Everyone likes Tilla. Tilla is, in short, one of the most lovable members of HRW. Despite her obvious cuteness in the physical sense, she's got a plethora of habits in all her relationships, friendship or otherwise, that make a very dependable, trusting person to rely on. While some of her gushy, lovie-dovie muck might make some want to make some throw up in their mouth a little, her openness to affection, even PDA, is just one feature of what makes this greenrider a unique person that nearly anyone can come to for a shoulder to cry on, and a hot cup of tea waiting whenever they need it. However, despite her aptitude for hugs and lovable-ness, the expected ferocity of redheaded greenrider is not too far behind — it's a bad idea to get on her bad side, even if her temper is well controlled and almost — but not quite — non-existent. However, since this IS nearly impossible to manage since who the heck would want to cross Tilla, it's a very rare possibility that most people only dream about in nightmares. Because only in nightmares would Tilla be mean. … (Or so, we're lead to believe… *ponders*)
— Written by Dex


Even the bravest and noblest of people crumble in the presence of Tye. She is undoubtedly the most frightening person in High Reaches Weyr, for a decent selection of reasons. First, she is the Weyr's Weyrlingmaster, carrying on the steady tradition of tyrannical WLMs with extreme dedication — thus most of the candidates and weyrlings have passed through her scrutiny, leaving them with the dread reminder of what it's like to have her up-in-their-face and berating them for having their shoes untied. Second, she is a firm believer in strict, non-wavering abidance in rules and regulations, and she's willing to enforce this with an iron boot, and the threat of a large, scary whip she carries with her. Third, she's only got one eye, having lost it from Threadscoring — that's just creepy in itself, even though she wears an eyepatch. One of the few that can talk any sense into her is her how-could-you-get-any-different lifemate Valedath, whose romantic gestures and lovable nature grant him the unique ability to pacify the bluerider when all else fails.
— Written by Dex



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1. HRW's Little Beam of Sunshine
2. The Ultimate Oxymoron: The INNOCENT Blonde Busty Greenrider
3. Rider of Miravith, Terror of the 'Reaches
4. Tsunami's Official Spreader-of-Love, Peace, and generally Cute and Fuzzy Things


Alasse is the chick that tries to sit with the Comrades at lunch. Her favorite thing to say is "Hey guys, can I come?"


One of the oldest blueriders at the Weyr, Ethree can take credit for starting Pyrene on her path to irrational prejudice after psychologically scarring her at an early age by trying to feed her to the wolfish Wiranth. Ethree herself is as hard as nails, although rumour has it that she has a softer side and even kept a journal at one time. On the other hand, she's a mean shot with a snowball and once picked a knife fight with Evan. So, Ethree, Badass Bluerider, we salute you! (Claim written by Pyrene. Thus, the punishment of lazy Tsunami riders. ;)


Rumored to have a crush on S'titch and shows signs of jealousy when he pays too much attention to lace.


Supposed to be in the wing, but we don't think we've ever seen her. We like it that way.


Lauria was gone (Down on the Southern continent with a male 'acquaintance' or so the rumors say) for the first few turns of her life as a Tsunami wingrider, but appeared again one day and with the Weyrleader's unforeseen and unexpected help (M'nty, a lovely fellow Tsu and clutch-sibling) was almost instantly promoted to Co-Weyrsecond with Wyn. Lauria often has a hard time comprehending why it happened, but has delt with being thrown into politics as best she can— avoiding conflicts and generally being Nice and Sweet to everyone. One of Wyn's many half-sisters, she's often accused of just being a yes-woman for the Weyrleader and Wyn, simply because of her friendly relationship to M'nty and her familial relationship to Wyn. She does paperwork almost constantly, but is extremely educated when it comes to usage of words and enjoys it. She would enjoy writing her own stories better, but that doesn't come with the job description. One more important note: Pyrene actually likes her.


Lhana is easily the best-looking person ever. Or so she seems to believe…thus establishing her as one of the Most Conceited People Ever. She could honestly care less for any situation or plight that does not benefit herself in some way, and is only willing to be sympathetic if she thinks she can gain something from it. The winner of Tsunami's first ever on-camera Wet Tunic contest (woo hoo!), she's also the most hair-obsessed rider I know. Also, she's more than a bit pink-obsessed. She could also probably be voted Most Oftenly Mistaken for Being Proddy, as RegularLha acts like your average, everyday Proddy Greenrider /all the time/. Moody, flirty, and absolutely unpredictable. And she's never wrong. Ever. Also, it should be noted that Lhana is the only one who's allowed to whine, yell, complain, cry, flirt, or lose her temper. Everyone else is expected to either grovel, praise, flatter, or otherwise worship the Lhana-Goddess. So there.


Lis is best known for being both busty and loose-moraled. Aside from the first, the other's not really true - she just has a hard time saying No when she's given an offer. (You know that song from Oklahoma? /So/ her.) Although she is techincally weyrmated, she's absorbed Alymath's male-tormenting tendencies through osmosis and will happily dominate anything sperm-producing. On the whole, however, she is sweet and cheerful with a penchant for creampuffs, save those few days every three-odd months when Alymath glows and anything goes!


Ndi wears the placid and beautiful shade of neon orange. Pastel neon orange. She sports the stylish hair-do of five zillion pigtails sticking off her head in every which way, and has an unerringly sharp sense of fashion. She is a very nice person. In fact, she is nicer than Auri. Where Auri says, "Hi! I'm Auri! Wanna be my friend?" Ndi will counter with, "Grrnph. Eat my shoe, worthless denizen of Pern." Ndi tries very hard not to get pregnant. This is because she loves children so so so so so much.


Actually likes S'titch's designs for wing uniforms.


Rumoured to be having an affair with It.


Ris is the bookmaker of the Weyr. If there's a wager to be made, his little black book comes out, and even the most casual comment can become a flat wager. One of the perennial Weyrlingmaster staff, he doesn't get to spend a lot of time with his wingmates, and after seeing what they're like, can anyone really blame him? The greenrider has /something/ going for him. He's able to collect bronzeriders and children with incredible ease. He's a friendly guy, who's fun and funny at the same time. But be warned. If you find yourself on his angry side, all bets are off.


Zai is Tsunami's resident prude - determined to keep herself from the clutches of pregnancy, she takes her greenstuff religiously; although to judge from her lack of a love life, it is most likely an unnecessary precaution. With a mercurial temperament, Zai will love you one day and hate you the next, no matter if you're her best friend or worst enemy. But be warned, should she ever deem you a friend, she'll be possessive and protective 'till the end of her days.

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