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We are the coolest wing, and we've got the @doing messages to prove it. Here's a list of everone's @doing messages and a list of honorary Comrades (those people who aren't Tsunami members, but have Tsunami @doings).

Honorary Comrades: Diane, Quara, Etain, Siannen, Sinead, Areiah, Lesana, Seilyn, and Pyrene.


1: Tsunami is a warm gun.
2: Tsunami is the walrus.
3: Tsunami, yo. Foshizzle.
4: There is no %N.
5: Tsunami: Like Flan, except criminal
6: There is no Tsunami.
7: Tsunami makez the baby jeezus cryz!!1
8: Dance. Boogie. Tsunami.
9: HRW: Sexier than the avg. weyr
10: Tsu to the Nizzle
11: Tsunami, comrade. Dah!
12: Tsunami: the only Comrades you need
13: Tsu: The Revolution will be Busty
14: Tsunami: Not Capitalist Pigs
15: Tsunami: T'am's mom says we're cool
16: Tsunami: where the wenches are free
17: Tsunami: Your mom thinks we're sexy.
18: Tsunami: Sexier than T'am's mom
19: Tsunami: We be hella tight homiegfunkdawg
20: Tsunami: Bringing the BlingBling to Pern
21: Tsunami: 100% all natural, baby
22: Tsunami: K'nex's bare buttock
23: Tsunami: Strapping into Ris' cheese
24: Tsunami: Ndi scares me too.
25: Tsunami: llamas turn me on
26: Tsunami: You're not ready for this jelly
27: Tsunami: Lenin lives!
28: Tsunami: Busty Bolsheviks!
29: Tsunami: Ain't Nothin' but a Comrade Pa-arty.
30: Tsunami: Ris watches 'Clueless' the TV show
31: Tsunami: yo llama!
32: Tsunami: Wadin' in the Tide Pool
33: Tsunami: Spread the Red
34: Tsunami: Leftie power!
35: Tsunami: Us Passes Gases
36: Tsunami: Us Spreads the Big Love
37. Tsunami: Big Tatia is watching.


1: Tsunami: Not Pregnant? We'll Fix It
2: Tsunami: TyeDye'd 4Evar
3: Tsunami: Knockin' HRW Black'n'Blue
4: Tsuuuuuuuuuuuuunami!
5: Tsunami: Makes HRW Sexy … Er
6: Tsunami: Fight da Powah!
7: Tsunami: Dunking Inferno's Flames
8: Tsunami: Even My Mom Wants In
9: Tsunami: GreenridersRUs
10: Tsunami: Mmm, Tastes Salty
11: Tsunami: Busty by Nature
12: Tsunami: Breakin' Dem Stereotypes
13: Tsunami: Begin the Revolution
14: Tsu: S'lo's Stuffie Beats Yours
15: Tsu: Beware the Hug of Tilla
16: Tsunami: The Cake is a Lie
17: Tsunami: Ph3aR the Tye
18: Tsunami: Dex =/= Sex
19: Tsu: No Mud, No Fire, Just Awesome
20: No Business like Tsu Business
21: Ride it Baby, Ride it! Tsuuu!
22: Tsunami: Shake It!


1: Tsunami: Wet Pride.
2: Tsunami: Even I can't spell it.


1: Tsunami: Drowning in a Wave of Ecstasy
2: Tsunami: RideTheWaveOfMoralCorruption
3: Tsunami: Wetter is Better
4: Tsunami: We're Always on Top
5: Tsunami: The Best and the Bustiest
6: Tsunami: Brown and Sexy
7: Tsunami: We're hot
8: Tsu-Tsu-Tsunami!
9: Tsunami: The only Comrades you need
10: Tsunami: Better than T'am
11: Comrade K'nex, dah!
12: In Tsunami you'd be: Comrade %n
13: Tsunami: Riders of the World Unite!
14: Tsunami: WhineyBoy to the rescue!
15: Sickle and hammer …and Wave!
16: Tsunami: So much wing pride, it's scary
17: Tsunami: You can't surf without The Wave
18: Power to the Tsunami!
19: Tsunami: Where cleavage isn't about rocks
20: Tsunami: The revolution starts here
21: Tsunami goes bump in the night
22: Tsunami: We have It
23: Tsunami: Mighty Comrades!
24: Tsunami: Can hold its breath for 10 min.
25: Go, Tsunami, go!
26: Tsunami is Hokusai/StormySeaOffKanagawa
27: Tsunami means Big Love
28: Tsunami: We seeee yoooou!
29: Tsunami's Ken doll
30: Tsunami is like oxygen
31: All you need is Tsunami
32: Tsunami: The green stuff on your cheese
33: Tsunami: Don't Panic
34: Tsunami: Because I'm hot
35: Tsunami. Tsunami? Tsunami!
36: Join Club Tsunami!
37: Tsunami: We don't need no stinkin' sleep
38: Tsunami: The thing in the bathtub drain
39: If you love Tsunami, clap your hands!
40: Tsunami: They plump when you cook 'em.
41: Tsunami: 98% less T'am than other wings
42: Tsunami: We're just special like that
43: Tsunami: Obey your thirst
44: Tsunami: /The/ Wing with the Surf!
45: Tsunami: %n's Hero
46: Tsu:HasMoreFunWith@DoingMessagesThanYou
47: Tsunami: More breasts than KFC
48: Tsunami: Silicone Free
49: Tsunami: Just like Momma Made Us.
50: Feel the power of the Tsunami!
51: http://sphosting.com/tatia/tsunami/
52: This @doing message sponsored by Tsunami
53: Tsunami: Can't spell AmUSing without Us
54: Tsunami: Propaganda sluts.
55: Tsunami: Propaganda pimps
56: Tsunami: That warmandfuzzy feeling
57: Auri: No longer a Comrade.
58: Tsu:TakingOverTheWeyrOne@DoingAtATime
59: Tsunami: Started the @doing war
60: TSUNAMI: Stalking Zai
61: TSUNAMI: Zai's Hero
62: TSUNAMI: Limiting Lis' perversion
63: TSUNAMI: Being abused by Tatia since '01
64: TSUNAMI: Where the Lylia bites
65: TSUNAMI: M'rin is hiding in his hole
66: TSUNAMI: Lacy S'titch a must
67: TSUNAMI: Drinking with Tai
68: TSUNAMI: Not understanding Ndi's sarcasm
69: TSUNAMI: Jiu's our bluerider
70: TSUNAMI: Has R'sli and ninja hamsters
71: TSUNAMI: Alymath is to blame
72: TSUNAMI: Causing trouble with Vespurath
73: TSUNAMI: Auri is our muppet on crack
74: TSUNAMI: Tatia is our fearless leader
75: TSUNAMI: Lhana looks good in a wet shirt
76: TSUNAMI: Rana Rana Rana! Ra ra ra!
77: TSUNAMI: Soon to have Olia too
78: Tsunami: Wet T-shirt contest sponsors
79: Tsunami: The rehab wing
80: Tsunami: Stalin, Lenin, Mao, Peron…
81: Walk like a Tsunami
82: Tsu: The Best of the Best of the Best
83: One by one the Tsunamis steal my sanity
84: Tsunamis steal my underwear in the night
85: Tsunami: We'llGetYou&YourLittleDragonToo
86: Tsunami: The Fertile Crescent.
87: Tsunami: Carnally.
88: Add a Tsunami @doing today! It rocks!
89: Tsunami: Clothing optional.
90: This is my 90th Tsunami message. Scared?


Tsunami: Token Bluerider
Tsunami: Wetter is Better
Tsunami: Blues for Pyrene
Tsunami: Love Radiation
Tsunami: RideTheWaveOfMoralCorruption
Tsunami: Creepy Stalkers
Tsunami: K'nex stalks Zai!
Tsunami: We love %n
Tsunami: Auri is no longer a Comrade
Tsunami: Friend of the State Jiu!
Tsunami: Where Auri is Grand Marquis!
Tsunami: @doings'r'us


Tsunami: The only Comrades you need.
Tsunami: Like a neverending brain freeze.
Tsunami: Drink me.
Tsunami — imanusT
Tsunami: Good to the last drop.
Tsunami: K'nex is our drug mule.
Tsunami: Not on crack. Really.
Tsunami: RideTheWaveOfMoralCorruption.
Tsunami: Green and Terrifying.
Tsunami: Wetter is Better.
Tsunami: You can't surf without The Wave.
Tsunami: You know what you did.
Tsunami: Insert comedy here.
Tsunami: Weyr Flotation Device.
Tsunami: So cool, we're hot!
Tsunami: K'nex eats money for fiber.


1: Tsunami Power!!
2: Tsunami: Wetter is better
3: Tsunami: We're hot.
4: Tsunami: Brown and Sexy
5: Tsunami: Better than T'am.
6: Tsuuuuunaaaaaamiiiiii
7: Tsunami: The only Comrades you need
8: Tsunami: Because K'nex is hot
9: Tsunami: Like a neverending brain freeze
10: Tsunami, yo. Word.
11: Tsunami: Because we love %n
12: Tsunami: We live in your fridge.
13: Tsunami: The only Comrades you need
14: Tsunami: Drink me.
15: Tsunami: The revolution starts here.
16: Tsunami — imanusT
17: Tsunami: Where the wenches are free.
18: Tsunami: Where the Lylia bites.
19: Tsunami: Auri loves youuuuuu.
20: Tsunami: Sexier than %n's mom.
21: Tsunami: From eyeballs to entrails.
22: Tsunami: Good to the last drop.
23: Tsunami means Big Love
24: Tsunami: …Salsa shark.
25: Tsunami: Clothing optional.
26: Tsunami: Pregnant Comrades Unite!


1: Tsunami is that thing under your bed.
2: Tsunami: More Cleavage than is necessary.
3: Tsunami: Watching %n all the time.
4: Tsunami: Lacy Underthings a Must.
5: Tsunami: The place for %n to be!
6: Tsunami: Not on crack. Really.
7: Tsunami: Too cool to ignore.
8: Tsunami: Busty? Lusty? Us!
9: Tsunami: Us Rocks.
10: Tsunami: The only Comrades you need.
11: In Tsunami you'd be: Comrade %n
12: Tsunami: RideTheWaveOfMoralCorruption.
13: Tsunami: Green and Terrifying.
14: Tsunami: Warm and sticky.
15: Tsunami: You will comply.
16: Tsunami: Wetter is Better.
17: Tsunami: We have T'am's underthings.
18: Tsunami: You can't surf without The Wave.
19: Tsunami: Word to your mother.
20: Tsunami: Show your cleavage at the door.
21: Tsunami: %n's nemesis. Scared?
22: Tsunami: Fear the hamsters.
23: Tsunami: You know what you did.
24: Tsunami: K'nex is our Ken doll.
25: Tsunami: Outraging Zai all the time.
26: Tsunami: Insert comedy here.
27: Tsunami: Up past our bedtimes. Always.
28: Tsunami: Rowdy and Randy! Us!
29: Tsunami: Clothing optional.
30: Tsunami: There /are/ male members, y'know.
31: Tsunami: Not nearly as scary as we look.
32: Tsunami: Yes, I said Tsunami again!
33: Tsunami: %n's mom thinks we're sexy.
34: Tsunami: Feel the beat.
35: Tsunami: A stone groove, baby.
36: Tsunami: Because we love %n.
37: Tsunami: Auri loves youuuuuu.
38: Tsunami: I wouldn't touch that.
39: Tsunami: We live in your fridge.
40: Tsunami: Feeling Ris' cheese.
41: Tsunami: 98% less T'am than other wings.
42: Tsunami: They plump when you cook 'em.
43: Tsunami: Ndi for King!
44: Tsunami: Harmful if swallowed.
45: Tsunami: Where the Lylia bites.
46: Tsunami: Because K'nex is hot.
47: Tsunami: It's what's for dinner.
48: Tsunami: More breasts than KFC.
49: Tsunami: Weyr Flotation Device.
50: Tsunami: All you can eat.
51: Tsu:HasMoreFunWith@DoingMessagesThanYou
52: Tsunami: Boingy. Boingy.
53: Tsunami: Because L'ars is sexay.
54: Tsunami: Official Cot Testers.
55: Tsunami: More fun with sock puppets.
56: Tsunami:|:imanusT
57: Tsunami: The Fertile Crescent.
58: Tsunami: We have Ris and ninja hamsters.
59: Tsunami: Yo' granny say we cool.
60: Tsunami: Randy, Rowdy, and Rude.
61: Tsunami: %N wants us.
62: Add a Tsunami @doing today! It rocks!
63: Tsunami: Resistance is futile.
64: Tsunami: HomeOfTheOriginalHRWBlue.
65: Tsunami: So cool, we're hot!
66: Tsunami: Don't you wish.
67: Tsunami: We have /two/ blues.
68: Tsunami: Ethree thinks we're neat!
69: Tsunami: Dirty, but nice.


1: Tsunami: You know you wanna.
2: Tsunami: The Big Love!
3: Tsunami: Us will rule the world.
4: Kamikaze Forever!
5: Tsunami: Drownin' in a Wave of Ecstasy
6: Tsunami: Green and Terrifying
7: Kamikaze: Creating the Appocalypse!
8: I am a unique and beautiful snowflake.
9: Tsunami: The only Comrades you need
10: Tsunami: Pushing K'nex around since 2001
11: Tsunami: Auri's happy as a spoon.
12: Tsunami: Does Lylia scare /you/?
13: Tsunami: R'sli is the spoon.
14: All good Comrades ride the Wave
15: Tsunami: Limiting Lis' perversion
16: Tsunami: The Way of the Comrades.
17: Comrade %n! Join Tsunami today!
18: Tsunami: The Revolution starts here.
19: Tsunami: Comrades unite!
20: Tsu:HasMoreFunWith@DoingMessagesThanYou
21: http://sphosting.com/tatia/tsunami/
22: Tsunami: Only Lhana can win.
23: Tsunami: Ndi? Ndi? Ndi!
24: Tsunami: We are Rana's flower.
25: Tsunami: We dance the dance of Jiu
26: Tsunami: Alymath is to blame
27: Tsunami:The only place to find fresh Zai
28: This @doing sponsored by Tsunami
29: Auri: No longer a Comrade
30: Tsu:TakingOverTheWeyrOne@DoingAtATime


1: Tsunami Wing — Llamarific
2: Tsunami: Us rocks.
3: Tsunami: Wetter is Better
4: Tsunami: The Best and the Bustiest
5: Tsunami — Ride the Wave
6: Tsunami: Brown and Sexy
7: Tsunami: We're hot
8: Tsunami: RideTheWaveOfMoralCorruption
9: Mudpuddle: Sounds better than Aftershock.
10: Tsunami: The only Comrades you need.
11: In Tsunami you'd be: Comrade %N.
12: Tsunami: You know you wanna.
13: Tsunami: Better than T'am.
14: Tsunami: Cooler than you.
15: Tsunami: Join the revolution.
16: Tsunami means Big Love.
17: Tsunami: The Revolution will be Busty.
18: Tsunami: Not on crack. Really.
19: Tsunami's original wench.
20: Tsunami's resident prude.
21: Tsunami: It does the body good.
22: Tsunami. I dare you.
23: Tsunami: That warmandfuzzy feeling.
24: Tsunami. Party in K'nex's weyr.
25: Tsu to the Nizzle.
26: Tsu-Tsu-Tsunami!
27: Tsunami: See the light.
28: Tsunami, yo.
29: Tsunami: tatia.sphosting.com/tsunami
30: Tsunami: Way, way to much wing pride.
31: Tsunami: K'nex's Wench.

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