Tsunami: Ride the Wave!

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tsu·na·mi (ts-näm) pl. tsu·na·mis

1) n. A very large ocean wave caused by an underwater earthquake or volcanic eruption. 2) n. A group of High Reaches dragonriders known for their drinking, raunchiness, and the bustyness of certain members. 3) verb, adj. Big Love. As in the phrase I tsunami you! or We're spreadin' the tsunami! 4) adj. The best. Above all others.

What is Tsunami?

Take a group of wacky, diverse players, toss in a few dragons, spice liberally with characters that are as likely to hurt one another as love one another, dump in water liberally, and freeze at the 'Reaches. Tsunami! The confusing, somewhat violent imagery of the wing name is rather appropriate - we're a group of absolutely insane, RP-lovin', trend-settin', raunchy 'riders from the frigid heights of High Reaches Weyr on Harper's Tale. We ride together, quite serious when it comes to fighting Thread - but that's far from the end of Tsunami! From drinking parties to wet-leathers contests, the Tsunami riders are a group of tight-knit, if sometimes testy, riders. They may get on each others' nerves now and then, but they'll stick together against all outside odds. Individually, they're forces to be reckoned with.. but together.. stand back and behold the power of Tsunami!

I was drowning in a wave of ecstasy Tsunami
Just when you think the worst has past she rises up to destroy me,
Just when you think it's safe to sail again
Ya she rises up and then
I'm drowning in a wave of ecstasy
"Tsunami," from Prozzak's Hot Show

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