Tsunami: Members

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Tsunami has had many, many riders over the Turns: scan over to see a list of who all has been a part of the insanity!

movingwaves.gifCurrent Wave Riders movingwaves.gif

Rider Color Dragon Position Clutch Former Title
S'lo blue Tosiekoth Wingleader HRW Clutch 17 Seacraft Apprentice
V'arik bronze Svitelloth Wingsecond HRW Clutch 18 Herder Apprentice
Tilla green Amuirnith Wingsecond HRW Clutch 18 Weaver Apprentice
Nu'ra bronze Ckiezeluth AWLM HRW Clutch 17 Herder Apprentice
Dex blue Nazkriuulth AWLM HRW Clutch 18 HRW Guard Recruit
T'ii bronze Bandeleth Wingrider HRW Clutch 16 HRW Guard Recruit
M'nty bronze Minoyath Wingrider HRW Clutch 10
Y'an bronze Aojadinth Wingrider HRW Clutch 15 HRW Guard
K'nex brown Shirasuth Wingrider HRW Clutch 7 Herder Apprentice
Lylia brown Druseth Wingrider HRW Clutch 4 HRW Weyrfolk
Orbit green Ivrylth Wingrider IW Clutch 25 Dolphincraft Apprentice
Tatia green Vespurath Wingrider HRW Clutch 6 Starcraft Sr. Apprentice
Sasha green Branwyth Wingrider HRW Clutch 6
S'tich (NPC) green Entymeth Wingrider HRW Clutch 8 Weaver Apprentice
Lila green Alajaith Wingrider HRW Clutch 16 Seamstress

movingwaves.gifFormer Wave Riders movingwaves.gif

Rider Color Dragon Former Position Clutch Status
Ethree blue Wiranth Tsunami Wingrider Insta Reaped
Kazkumi brown Wiranth Tsunami Wingrider IW Clutch 7 Reaped
Kyleigh blue Cianith Tsunami Wingrider IW Clutch 13 Reaped
Loe (Loren) green Ayamizureth Tsunami Wingrider HRW Clutch 7 Transferred Else-Game
M'rin (Maurin) bronze Rixesith Tsunami Wingrider HRW Clutch 4 Reaped
Ndi (Saendi) green Estsanth Tsunami AWLM IW Clutch 21 Nuked
R'ave (Rauve) blue Wiranth Tsunami Wingrider HRW Clutch 6 Transferred to IW
R'sli (Risli) green Zaqith Tsunami Wingrider HRW Clutch 2 Reaped
Tai (Taida) green Yshanth Tsunami Wingrider HRW Clutch 3 Reaped
Sylke brown Xyalanth Tsunami Wingrider IW Clutch 11 Reaped
T'sin bronze Dhavalth Tsunami Wingrider HRW Clutch 3 Reaped
Lauria green Ainth Tsunami Wingrider HRW Clutch 10 Reaped
Auri green Miravith Tsunami AWLM HRW Clutch 5 Reaped
Alasse green Chrideth Tsunami Wingrider HRW Clutch 10 Reaped
Jiu blue Tsulryth Tsunami Wingrider HRW Clutch 8 Reaped
Kalaeya green Maiioth Tsunami Wingrider HRW Clutch 11 Reaped
L'ars (Lars) bronze Danzith Tsunami Wingrider IW Clutch 15 Reaped
Rajani (Rajanigandha) green Celvynath Tsunami AWLM HRW Clutch 11 Nuked
Rana (Kirana) brown Byndareth Tsunami Wingrider HRW Clutch 8 Reaped
Zai (Zali) brown Puizith Tsunami Wingrider HRW Clutch 5 Reaped
Liza green Ikth Wingrider HRW Clutch 13 Nuked
Tye blue Valedath Weyrlingmaster HRW Clutch 9 Deceased

movingwaves.gifOriginal Wave Riders movingwaves.gif

Kazumi & brown Amanoth - Wingleader - transferred from Ista

Kyleigh & blue Cianith - Wingsecond - transferred from Ista

Pita & blue Odeleth - Wingsecond - transferred from Ista

L'ars & bronze Danzith - transferred from Ista

V'kyre & bronze Nazaraeth (originally green) - Instadragon, ICly from HRW

Erzi & brown Wicketh - transferred from Ista

Aralie & green Risath - transferred from Ista

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