Quotable Tsunami's!

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[WaterTurbulence] Tatia: … ok. I seriously just saw a commerical that said 'I just LOVE to rent guns!'
[WaterTurbulence] Lauria dies
[WaterTurbulence] Lauria: Lovely.
[WaterTurbulence] K'nex: Yay Indiana
[WaterTurbulence] Lylia: That is awesome.
[WaterTurbulence] Wyn: You can… rent… guns?
[WaterTurbulence] Tatia: A la Buddy's Carpet, man.
[WaterTurbulence] Tatia: Apparently
[WaterTurbulence] Wyn: And it's common enough that there at TV ads?
[WaterTurbulence] Lylia: I laugh in your state's general direction.
[WaterTurbulence] Wyn just sits, a quietly baffled Canadian.
[WaterTurbulence] Tatia: Apparently?
[WaterTurbulence] Tatia: It's not my state, man! I barely live here!
[WaterTurbulence] Lylia pats. Good Canadian. Have a biscuit.
[WaterTurbulence] Wyn snarfs.
[WaterTurbulence] Wyn: Although to be fair, we have guns too. We have a lot of guns. They're just mostly all rifles and used to dispatch moose. Because moose taste good.

[WaterTurbulence] Wyn peers at her ledge. Gee. If I get a gold and a green dragon to land on it, I'll have a full set. And then it will detach from the mountainside and collapse upon an irritating weyrbrat and all will be well with the world.

[WaterTurbulence] Lylia: Wow. We have two bronzes and two blues in the wing. We need to get more browns and greens, people may think we let other colors into the club! :)
[WaterTurbulence] Zai whimpers at Ly. Noooo. Too many blues.
[WaterTurbulence] Zai: The bronzes are okay, because they're just 'scarce'. But the bluerider(s) are supposed to be a Token Bluerider. You cannot have two Tokens.
[WaterTurbulence] Lylia: Yes you can. If you're at the arcade. And want to play Pac Man.

[WaterTurbulence] Zai should be reading boring books about the American Revolution. But I don't want to.
[WaterTurbulence] G'ram: British: Pay us more money! Us: Screw you! *dumps tea in harbor* British: STFU! Us: No! STFU! French: STFU, Britain! Us: We win! France: Here, have a statue. Britain: *shakes fist and goes back to eating nasty crumpets*
[WaterTurbulence] Zai: Thank you. I will provide that as an answer when the professor asks questions.

[<!SnowRiders!>] Zai: I mean, Janet's boob doesn't sound all that attractive to me, but at least it won't make me cry. Y'know?

[WaterTurbulence] Lylia has decided nothing is weirder than waking up and realizing your character suddenly became a lesbian without telling you.

Upon discovering that Lylia could find our missing claims,
[WaterTurbulence] Lylia: Booyah.
[WaterTurbulence] Zai: OH MY GOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!
[WaterTurbulence] Lylia beams.
[WaterTurbulence] Tatia: WHERE DID YOU HAVE THOSE?
[WaterTurbulence] Lylia: archive.org is my friend.
[WaterTurbulence] Zai: I LOVE YOU MORE THAN BUFFY!
[WaterTurbulence] Lylia: More than Buffy?
[WaterTurbulence] Lylia: WOO!
[ShePheRds] Ciera pounces. /Peoples/.
[WaterTurbulence] Lylia feels speeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeecial.
[ShePheRds] Zai is amused.
[ShePheRds] Lylia squees. :)
[WaterTurbulence] Lylia beams prettily. I'm spammy and special.
[ShePheRds] Zai: I felt I should share that.

[WaterTurbulence] Lis is too tall to play Lis!
[WaterTurbulence] Lis: And not fat enough in the behind.

[WaterTurbulence] Tatia: Have I mentioned that I now have cats named after
N'sync members?
[WaterTurbulence] K'nex: /What/?
[WaterTurbulence] Wyn: N'sync names his member?
[WaterTurbulence] Wyn: Er…
[WaterTurbulence] K'nex whaps Wyn
[WaterTurbulence] Wyn read that -so- wrong.

[WaterTurbulence] Lis: Holy Batman training pants.
[WaterTurbulence] Lis: Areiah's on.

[Monitor] Lylia has connected at Sun May 4 23:11:18 2003 CDT
[WaterTurbulence] Lylia: Penis!
[Monitor] Lylia has disconnected at Sun May 4 23:11:22 2003 CDT

[!SnowRiders!] Auri dies of boredom.
[!SnowRiders!] Fyria sweeps Auri under the rug.
[!SnowRiders!] Tatia dies of Auriness
[!SnowRiders!] Auri is not a disease, Tatia.
[!SnowRiders!] Zai: Yes you are.
[!SnowRiders!] Auri: Nor am I a dustbunny, Fy. I am a /snuggle/bunny.
[!SnowRiders!] Fyria: Good. Snuggle with the other dustbunnies under the rug.
[!SnowRiders!] Zai: Auri. A diseased dustbunny.
[!SnowRiders!] Auri: If I were a syndrome, I'd be AURS.
[!SnowRiders!] Zai: Actually, Auri is probably the cheerleader of the diseased dustbunnies.
[!SnowRiders!] Tatia: The snuggle bunny is enough to cause horrendous death. Haven't you ever seen Monty Python?
[!SnowRiders!>] Auri: Ra! Ra! Don't delay! Get better and dustbunny another day!
[!SnowRiders!] Chisth: Utter insanity and random outbursts of words not used in polite company. The AURS disease. Coming to a supermarket near you.
[!SnowRiders!] Auri is not the bunny from Monty Python. I'm dennis, the peasant.

[WaterTurbulence] Auri: You got a rotating @diong, Tye?
[WaterTurbulence] Auri: err. @doing?
[WaterTurbulence] Lis diongs Auri.
[WaterTurbulence] Auri: Ew. Tuck your diong back in your pants.
[WaterTurbulence] Tatia is collecting quotes like mad. Must scroll up for Auri's diong.
[WaterTurbulence] Auri: You stay away from my diong.

[WaterTurbulence] Lis: My boobs don't /come off/.

[Commies] Zai: It's like a second Tsunami channel!
[Commies] Ndi: That's what I said!
[Commies] Tatia: For no apparent reason!
[Commies] Ndi: Well, we can seduce other people here.
[Commies] Ndi: Onto. here.
[Commies] Tatia: And then brainwash them with Tsunaminess?
[Commies] Ndi: Of course.
[Commies] Lhana: What else would we use it for?

[WaterTurbulence] Lhana woots. Emode.com says Lhana was a popular kid in High School.
[WaterTurbulence] K'nex coughs. I'm sure.
[WaterTurbulence] Lhana: What they don't know is that she /never went to high school/! Mwahahaha!

For the Buffy-inclined among us (and there are many) -
[WaterTurbulence] Auri doesn't like Amy. She keeps doing that stupid O_O face.
[WaterTurbulence] Auri: When she's scared she opens her eyes real wide. When she's sad she opesn her eyes real wide. When she's evil she opens her eyes real wide.
[WaterTurbulence] Auri: It's almost like Angel's monoexpression.
[WaterTurbulence] Tatia snickers at Auri. Wow. It's scary how you caputured Amy in that.
[WaterTurbulence] Orbit: Have you noticed that Angel stopped having expressions when he stopped being around Buffy? Coincidence? I think not.
[WaterTurbulence] Tatia: Expressions? What are those?
[WaterTurbulence] Auri: Amy: O_O. Angel: -_-
[WaterTurbulence] Lylia: Angel has lotsa expressions now!
[WaterTurbulence] Orbit laughs, Auri, you're funny.
[WaterTurbulence] Tatia: He does, Ly? Where are they?
[WaterTurbulence] Auri beams, Orbit, you smell nice.
[WaterTurbulence] Orbit does try to take a bath at least once a week.
[WaterTurbulence] Lylia: On Angel? He has heeeella expressions.
[WaterTurbulence] Auri: In his pants, Tatia. His tight versace pants.

[WaterTurbulence] Wyn would be greatly amused to see some of our lines show up in a 'real' book. "Bloody greenriders and their bloody sperm!" cursed HeroicBronzer. "They've gone and impregnated my beloved, treasured, most precious of all snugglebumpkins, my dear weyrmate NaiveHolderGirl, who will now angst and cry and carry on!"

[WaterTurbulence] Zai: I think it was in the spirit of Tsunami.
[WaterTurbulence] Ndi: Oh, ok. In that case, it is forgiven.
[WaterTurbulence] Ndi: The spirit of Tsunami outweighs all.
[WaterTurbulence] Tatia: Mm. Tsunami spirit.
[WaterTurbulence] Zai: Tsunami isn't just a wing. It's a lifestyle. It's a religion.
[WaterTurbulence] Zai: It's a cult.

[WaterTurbulence] Jiu cackles madly. Yes. I have stripped the cotton plants and forced them to dance in sleezy joints!

[WaterTurbulence] K'nex rubs his hands together. So who's having my kids?

[WaterTurbulence] Lis: I'ma gonna have someone's baby.
[WaterTurbulence] Lis: And it's got to be a Tsunami love child. ;D
[WaterTurbulence] K'nex: /love/ child? It's definantly not mine then.
[WaterTurbulence] Lis: We'll settle for a lust child, too.
[WaterTurbulence] Lis: Or even a really drunk one night stand child.
[WaterTurbulence] Lis: Or an 'I stole your sperm and artificially impregnanted myself' child.
[WaterTurbulence] K'nex would like to see that, personally.
[WaterTurbulence] Lis: Got a turkey baster?
[WaterTurbulence] K'nex: No, ask the bakers.
[WaterTurbulence] Lis dies.
[WaterTurbulence] K'nex bastes Lis.
[WaterTurbulence] Lis: Oo baby.
[WaterTurbulence] K'nex winks. That's right.
[WaterTurbulence] Lylia stares.
[WaterTurbulence] K'nex bastes Lylia too.
[WaterTurbulence] K'nex: Just for the hell of it.

[WaterTurbulence] Lis is such an angst whore. :P
[WaterTurbulence] K'nex: Gee, I always thought of you as just a whore.

[WaterTurbulence] K'nex: Aw, heck! I've gone proddy!
[WaterTurbulence] K'nex hits on Tat and Ly while he's proddy. ;P
[WaterTurbulence] Lylia mrowls! Ooo.
[WaterTurbulence] Lylia: Does he wear the leather pants?
[WaterTurbulence] K'nex: Yes. >:)
[WaterTurbulence] Lylia: And the skanky shirt?
[WaterTurbulence] K'nex: Yes, and the skanky shirt. And maybe even eye-liner and glitter. >:D

[WaterTurbulence] Zai: She doesn't even kiss people. And she takes her greenstuff /all the time/. So I doubt a baby'll be happening.
[WaterTurbulence] K'nex nods. But that makes it so prestigeous to knock her up. ;)
[WaterTurbulence] R'sli whines. C'mon. First I'll do her, then I'll do you, okay? :P

[!SnowRiders!] Shaela sometimes thinks of getting a new char, impressing her to a green, and asking to join tsunami
[!SnowRiders!] Shaela wants her willow dragon to play with druseth and miravith, see.
[!SnowRiders!] Pyrene gurgles. Yes, let us gather Esprit's forces and overwhelm Tsunami…
[!SnowRiders!] Tatia beams. Ha! You could never ovewhelm Tsunami! Never!
[!SnowRiders!] Shaela: Well, we could get Tsunami pregnant and then there'd be nothing left but DaddyK'nex.
[!SnowRiders!] Tatia dies. And S'tich! Don't forget S'titch!
[!SnowRiders!] Shaela: Right, DaddyS'titch. What happened to all the reset of the Men?
[!SnowRiders!] Pyrene dies. Yes, we shall assimilate Tsunami.
[!SnowRiders!] Pyrene: Lis' cleavage probably, Shae.

Hm. And sent to me directly /after/ I'd posted the previous quote -
[!SnowRiders!] Pyrene: That's going on tsunami quotes page, right?
[!SnowRiders!] Tatia: No.
[!SnowRiders!] Quara: It should.
[!SnowRiders!] Tatia holds the password. Thus, I get to edit
[!SnowRiders!] Pyrene: Yeah, but you're outvoted!
[!SnowRiders!] Quara: You're drunk with power.
[!SnowRiders!] Fyria: Or just drunk.
[!SnowRiders!] Quara: It would have to be the power because your liquor is seriously pathetic.
[!SnowRiders!] Tatia is. It's what I get for all that hard work on our way too awesome page. ;)
Yes! Esprit outwits Tsunami again!

Damn those goldriders. New Tsunami mission: Take out Pyrene. Or, alternatively, send all our blueriders after her. Oh Ethhhhhreee!

[WaterTurbulence] Lylia: This is where K'nex and Tatia have kinky 'we survived flaming death rocks' sex in the bowl!
And for the record - no, there was /not/ any kinky sex in the bowl or anywhere else!

[WaterTurbulence] Lhana feels unloved. My claim to fame gets lost, my theme song gets lost, my tapping log gets lost…
[WaterTurbulence] K'nex: Yes, we secretly have it in for you.
[WaterTurbulence] Lylia: Lha is our lost sock in the washing machine.

K'nex: ….So is this the part where we realize how sickly obsessed we are and give up?
Tatia: No. It's the part where we paint TSUNAMI on our chests and run around half naked,
K'nex: Oh. Ok. *paints TSUNAMI on his chest and runs around half naked*

[SnowZone!] Auri doesn't need to advertise for her wing. No, my scarf, t-shirt, badge, clothing color combination, @doing and status as busty greenrider take care of that.

[WaterTurbulence] Tatia: Question - when a dragon dies, do dragons all over Pern keen, or just dragons from their weyr and/or that knew them?
[WaterTurbulence] Ethree tests it.
[SnowZone!] Ethree dies.
[SnowZone!] Tatia keens?
[SnowZone!] Lylia keens.
[WaterTurbulence] Ethree reports back. Just the weyr.

Tiny little bikinis beat social skills any day. - Lhana, in a pose.

[SnowZone!] Ellianna dies. I type in party names and alchohol into Google and it comes up with this link umami tsunami
What else?!

[WaterTurbulence] Lylia snickers. Communal raising of kids. AKA foist 'em all off on K'nex. 0:)

[SnowZone!] Fara: Uh, duh, Ris. Inferno sex is best.
[SnowZone!] R'sli: How do you know? When Tsunami has sex, it looks like the foothills of the Andes!

I believe he was talking about Carson Daily…
[WaterTurbulence] R'sli: Every time I see him, I think, 'There's someone who really should have just ended up in gay porn.'

[WaterTurbulence] K'nex sniffles. Everyone only loves me for my genetals.
[WaterTurbulence] Lhana: And your chesticles. Don't forget the chesticles.

[WaterTurbulence] Lis: I think there's five coversations going on here at once. ;D
[WaterTurbulence] Tatia: What else is new, Lis?
[WaterTurbulence] Lis: That's a record for us, I think.
[WaterTurbulence] Tatia: Well. Lis. When you're on, we usually try to dumb it down so you can follow. ;)

[WaterTurbulence] Tatia loves. Us are full of love.
[WaterTurbulence] Auri: Us has so much love to give.
[WaterTurbulence] Tatia: Oh yes. Us is Love.
[WaterTurbulence] Auri: Us radiates love.
[WaterTurbulence] Auri: Us is like a big love…. radiator.

[WaterTurbulence] Auri: Don't put yourself down, K'nex. Your chesticles are quite nice and hefty.

Don't ask me how, but…
[WaterTurbulence] Alymath: Damn, I just sneezed down my cleavage.
[WaterTurbulence] Tatia is /so/ tempted to quote that..
[WaterTurbulence] Alymath winks at Tat. You can quote anything that'll promote my cleavage. :p

[WaterTurbulence] Lis sneaks up on K'nex. SEX!
[WaterTurbulence] Auri eyes Lis. Mafia, Porn industry, prostitution, US Government…
[WaterTurbulence] K'nex: AUGH! *fallsover*

[WaterTurbulence] Lis leers at K'nex. I'm an artist; will you be my nude male model?
[WaterTurbulence] K'nex is a better one, and I'm not doing ANYTHING nude anywhere near you, Lis.

[WaterTurbulence] Vespurath: You can vault me anytime, Kex.
[WaterTurbulence] K'nex: Ew. No.
[WaterTurbulence] Tatia: Ew. Now my dragon is talking dirty to K'nex. This is /wrong/

[WaterTurbulence] K'nex: YES!
[WaterTurbulence] Lylia eyes K'nex. Orgasming on channel again?
[WaterTurbulence] K'nex: /Again/?!?

[WaterTurbulence] Auri: If we realistically drank every time someone mentioned Lis' cleavage, we'd be drunk all day long.
[WaterTurbulence] R'sli: Or in rehab.
[WaterTurbulence] Zai dies. Indeed.
[WaterTurbulence] Auri: We should be the rehab wing.
[WaterTurbulence] Zai: Tsunami: The rehab wing.

[WaterTurbulence] Zai: And the moral is, to become a Tsunami rider, you either have to fish around in Lis's cleavage, or do crappy chores with her all day.
[WaterTurbulence] Auri: Wouldn't it be funny if someone got /stuck/ in Lis' cleavage?
[WaterTurbulence] Auri: Like, trapped?
[WaterTurbulence] Lylia dies.
[WaterTurbulence] Auri: in her "vise-like grip"
[WaterTurbulence] Lylia: I wanna see someone get lost. Like in the amazon rainforest.
[WaterTurbulence] Zai: Funny for us. I dunno about for them.
[WaterTurbulence] R'sli: That would be a terrible fate. It might be weeks before you saw daylight again.
[WaterTurbulence] Auri laughs.
[WaterTurbulence] Zai: Might be uncomfortable for Lis, too.

[WaterTurbulence] Zai sulks. I wish we could all just walk around and say "Hi, my name is Zai. I think you're hot." And they'd say "Hi Zai. My name is DreamBoy, and I think you're hot." And then we could go off and reproduce like bunnies. The end.
[WaterTurbulence] Zai: Why can't the world work like that?
[WaterTurbulence] Vespurath dies and goes to heaven. That's my heaven.

[Elementalings] K'nex: Oh for goodness sakes, I'm sitting here eating a chocolate bunny at 1:45 am. I'm not /entirely/ pure…I just won't be fat and ugly when I'm older liek you two. *runs!*
[Elementalings] Lylia baps K'nex. I'm telling Tat!
[Elementalings] K'nex: Oh, pbbbt. What's Tat gonna do anyway?
[Elementalings] Lylia ums… Bite you. Or beat you. Or something.
[Elementalings] K'nex: Now why would she do that? and what makes you think I wouldn't like it?
[Elementalings] Lylia grins. 'Cause she'll do it non-kinkily.
[Elementalings] K'nex sulks. Now that's not fun.

Yessss! We /are/ corrupting K'nex!
[WaterTurbulence] K'nex: Yes. Belts. They keep my pants up. For while I happen to be fond of my underwear, not everyone else needs to see it.
… [WaterTurbulence] K'nex: Leave my underwear off the page! It doesn't need to be flashed around!

[WaterTurbulence] Lis feels like a Sith lord, hiding under her comforter. Hoo-ahh. Hoo-ahh.

Easily amused, are we of the Tsunami.
[WaterTurbulence] K'nex will be sitting on his butt tomorrow. Again.
[WaterTurbulence] Lis: Huh huh. K'nex said butt.

[WaterTurbulence] Lis enjoys being eaten.
[WaterTurbulence] Tai: Whoa.
[WaterTurbulence] K'nex wouldn't expect anything less from you, Lis

Someone's been watching Star Wars too much.. when I mention that I'm sleepy, but have no bed..
[WaterTurbulence] Lylia bahs. Sleep on the floor.
[WaterTurbulence] Lylia: Too much emphasis on beds, you have. Make use of the world, you should. Such is the way of the Sleepy Side of the Force.

[WaterTurbulence] K'nex swoons. Tatia! Flower amoungst weeds! Sanity in my asylum! Coffie in my donut shop! My life is complete! You have returned!
Just cause I /never/ hear things like this… Hey. You don't think he's being sarcastic, do you?

[WaterTurbulence] K'nex oos. The Wet Tunic Party's tomorrow. Do I get to be the uncool person? Can I? Can I? Pleeeaaaaasseeee??

[WaterTurbulence] Auri: Oh, c'mon, it's the tsunami chan. I'm used to seeing debauchery.

[Elementalings] Auri /will/ make a group of weyrlings name their wing "Latrine Wing" someday. I swear it.
[Elementalings] T'am ooohs. C'mon kids, vote for that! It goes with the Tsunami.
[Elementalings] Tatia: Hey! I object to the suggestion that all Tsunamis are shit.
[Elementalings] Auri: Yeah, well we're sexy shit.
[Elementalings] T'am snickers. Don't join the shit wing, join the hot-'n-spicy wing!
[Elementalings] Ndi: We're /the/ shit.
…… [Elementalings] Fyria ponders: Tsunami is /the/ shit, and frequently gets shit-faced because of it?

[WaterTurbulence] Vespurath looks innocent.
[WaterTurbulence] Zai is confused. Hi.
[WaterTurbulence] Vespurath: Not to be confused with, "Vespurath is innocent."
[WaterTurbulence] Vespurath shakes Zai's hand. I'm guilty. Hi.
[WaterTurbulence] Zai beams at Vespurath. Hi :)

Just for the last line of this…Any good VSD reference in RP deserves to be quoted!

With a greatful smile and a 'thanks' K'nex takes the towel and starts sponging himself off, muttering, before wrapping his head in the towel and rubbing fearcly. Won't his hair be pretty later? "Oh, klah please," the brownrider says, pausing in his rubbing to do so.

K'nex's hair is always pretty. Yes. Tatia nods, hands leaving her plait halfway unbraided and hanging forward over her shoulder as she bends to stir the fire quickly, then lifts the lid of the kettle to check the water level before swinging it over the flames. "Shouldn't take long.. "

K'nex's hair is still the prettiest. ;P He stops scrubbing at his head and holds the towel so one hand hangs onto each end of it with the middle section drapped over his head.

"Well, I suppose," she replies automatically, pondering the vitality of her role as play wingleader for weyrlings and, well, Tsuanmi wingsecond. (No one ever accused the Tsunamis of working too hard.) - Lis

[WaterTurbulence] Auri: we should have pep rallys.
[WaterTurbulence] Auri: …that was my char. really.

[WaterTurbulence] Auri: …I think…we're a cult…
[WaterTurbulence] Lis: Oh, definately.

[WaterTurbulence] Auri hops. Can I be Lenin to your Stalin, Tatia?

[WaterTurbulence] Zai giggles. Why is Tsunami so awesome?
[WaterTurbulence] Lylia: 'Cause we're preeeeetty.
[WaterTurbulence] K'nex: It comes natural to us. ;p
[WaterTurbulence] Tatia: Because I'm in it.
[WaterTurbulence] Vespurath: We sit on people's faces and tell them that we love them?

[WaterTurbulence] Vespurath: Us is cool.
[WaterTurbulence] Tatia: Us is not posing. Are we waiting on Ly?
[WaterTurbulence] Lis: Us is posing? ;)
[WaterTurbulence] Tatia: Us is developing a whole new slang. Whee. Go Us.
[WaterTurbulence] K'nex: Us Us boo-yah.
I'll end here before it gets really silly..

There's a sentimental sniffle for the past, because orgies just aren't as much fun with wrinkles. -Lis. Also during actual RP.

[SnowZone!] Tatia grins. Auri is scary enough unto herself. She's all.. bubbly. And.. happy.
[SnowZone!] R'han: Like a muppet on crack.

"Thread is /not/ a game." Naked twister is a game. -Lylia. During actual RP.

[SnowRiders] Lis: I think we need a special Jerry Springer show just for Shirasuth and K'nex.

[WaterTurbulence] Lylia hides.
[WaterTurbulence] K'nex counts to 10 and goes to look for Ly?

"It was lovely chatting with you all, but if you'll excuse me, I've got some weyrlings to corrupt with my obscene behavior and a few homes to wreck before night falls."
- Lis

[WaterTurbulence] Lis will get K'nex. It's only a matter of time. And flights. >:)
[WaterTurbulence] K'nex nuh-uhs! I'm not becoming one of your notches, Lis!
[WaterTurbulence] Lis: Not even unconciously?
[WaterTurbulence] Lis: Or in an orgy?
[WaterTurbulence] Lis: With a fox? In your sox?
[WaterTurbulence] K'nex does /not/ want too..Hey. Cut that out.
[WaterTurbulence] Lis: The Ballad of K'nex's Celibacy.
[WaterTurbulence] Lis: Only slightly less famous than Moreta's Ride.
… . . [WaterTurbulence] K'nex thinks his claim to fame is beign the one most often /picked/ on. *sulk*

[WaterTurbulence] Tatia sighs. K'nex, you need a backbone. ;)
[WaterTurbulence] K'nex asked the Traders for one, but they don't sell them. ;p

During the tug-of-war contest at IW…
[WaterTurbulence] Lis: Worship the power of the Boobies!
[WaterTurbulence] Lylia eyes. We need to wiiiiiin. Wiiiiiiiiiiiin. :)
[WaterTurbulence] Lis showed her jubblies to all Ista, for Faranth's sake. I wanna win!
[WaterTurbulence] Lis is already Lylia's lesbian lover. Sowwy.
[WaterTurbulence] Tai shrieks. Lylia! But! But! You're my mistress!

[WaterTurbulence] Tye: TSUUUU!
[WaterTurbulence] Dex: TSssssuuuuuu-ieeeeee!
[WaterTurbulence] Lila: What are we, magic ninja pigs? (Screw those pretentious turtles! We can do this crap too!)
[WaterTurbulence] Dex laughs! Well, we definitely make a more delicious breakfast food. ;)
[WaterTurbulence] Tye: ohgawdbacon
[WaterTurbulence] Lila: Quick, into the Baconator!
[WaterTurbulence] Dex: Nuh nuh nuh nuh nuh nuh nuh nuh BAY-CON!
[WaterTurbulence] Lila: Was. that the Batman theme?
[WaterTurbulence] Dex: Hells yeah.
[WaterTurbulence] Lila: I think I love you.

[WaterTurbulence] Lila halos. Ashan hates S'lo. He totally just bit him like.. sex times.
[WaterTurbulence] Tilla: S'lo were you trying to grab some ash
[WaterTurbulence] Lila: SIX.
[WaterTurbulence] S'lo: Sexy times.
[WaterTurbulence] Dex: …
[WaterTurbulence] Lila: HAWT.
[WaterTurbulence] Dex: Inter-species love. How sweet.

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