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The Badge


A cresting wave of blue on a black background, the diamond-shaped Tsunami badge is worn on the riding jacket of those who claim membership in the Tsunami wing. It's generally given out in the sevenday or so after weyrlings graduate to full riderhood, as part of the tapping tradition.

The Scarf


Blue and white stripes alternate the length of the scarf, traditionally knitted by a Tsunami rider and gifted to a newly-graduated weyrling upon their initiation (not tapping!) into the wing. At one end, a styalized wave is stitched into a diamond, reminiscent of the Tsunami badge.

The Mascot


It doesn't rightfully belong to the Tsunami's, though it was a Tsunami who first introduced the spitting, bleeting llama to the weyr. It is Auri's creation, and as such, the Tsunami wing has decided to adopt him between candidacies. It has a long and glorious tradition of popping up in candidate barracks and weyrs when there are white-knotted folks about High Reaches - and it all started with the 5th clutch, one for which Auri, Tatia, and Zai all Stood. It is a never ending HRW tradition! (And It is male, for those who wonder.)

The Tsunami Guy

The Tsunami guy is infamous. You never know when he's going to streak through a scene with no shirt - or less - and a giant 'TSU' painted on his chest. Screaming, of course, variations of wing-pride induced 'Tssssuuuuunaaaammmiiii!' The Tsunami guy is sure to liven up any RP!

The Knots

Or rather… obtaining the knots. The Tsunami's are too creative to just hand a knot over, be it for promotion or any other reason. Nooo. Getting a knot, Tsunami-style, always involves creativity and usually involves finding things hidden in pockets… or elsewhere. So if someone Tsunamish walks up and says 'I have something for you…' look out.

The Oath

There's an initiation tradition that goes along with this, but you have to be tapped Tsunami to find out what it is!

On my dragon, tail to tooth
Honest-to-Faranth solemn truth
I swear to shun hold and crafthall ways
And to be Tsuanmi till the end of my days!
…. And if I don't may my wingleader hunt me down and whallop some sense into me 'cause Tsuanmi's the best.
The end.
- by Lis

The Motto(s)

We're too cool to simply choose one - so the Tsunami's have a whole range of mottos! Perfect for @doings and cheering on during contests.

Tsunami: Ride the Wave of Moral Corruption
Tsunami: Wetter is Better
Tsunami: We're Always on Top
Tsunami: The Best and the Bustiest
Tsunami: The only Comrades you need!
Tsunami: The Revolution will be Busty
Tsunami is that thing under your bed!
Tsunami: Not on crack. Really.


Yes. We spend too much time talking about silly things. But it's spawned some cool slang, so we can be forgiven! Tsunami is the Big Love - as in - "I Tsunami you so much!" And let's not forget Us. Cause Us rocks, and Us will rule the world. Curious about where these sorts of silly slang come from? Check out the Quotes page and you'll begin to understand - and that's /edited/ channel chatter!


Tsunami Comrades will rule the world one day soon. Watch this space. The Revolution will be Busty! Tsunami: The only Comrades you need!

Wet Tunic Contest

Being a water-loving wing - or at least a wing named after the destructive forces of the waves - it seems appropriate that the Tsunamis look forward to this tradition with glee. Usually held while there are candidates about, the Tsunamis often wisk people to Southern beaches (to prevent hypothermia in those chillier months) for a barbeque, games, and.. a wet tunic contest! Rumors abound that the Tsunamis choose their next riders by the results of this contest, but that's never been proven.

The Drinking Game

Every wing needs one.. something to celebrate the loveable little quirks that makes the riders who they are. So grab a bottle of.. something.. log on, and chat with the Tsunamis! Have fun. Link Soon to Come

The Tsunami Game

A purely OOC affair, the Tsunami game has provided endless hours of entertainment to the players of Tsunami riders. How long can we use the word 'Tsunami' in every pose without those we're RPing with catching on? Who can use 'Tsunami' the most times in a single pose? Only those who play the Tsunami game know for sure!

The Lounge

Tsunamis need their free time. And what better way to have that free time than by claiming a conviently empty weyr, complete with 'hot tub,' and decking it out with old furniture, rugs, and tapestries of S'titch running nekkid through the wild flowers! The Tidal Pool is sacred Tsunami territory.

The Songs

The Tsunami's are known for their drinking.. and with drinking comes the fun of bawdy, drunken songs. All true Tsunami's should have a good repetoire available! (Contact Tatia if you would like to add your bawdy Tsunami song to this page.)

Tsunami's the best of the wings
And though we don't really ride waves
When it comes to greens, there's no finer seen
Than the ones we ride in our caves!

With proddy greens and brownrider might
Against the Thread we fly and fight
Who can ride the alcohol storm?
Tsunami, the 'Reaches wing wave-boooorn.

Tsunami! Tsunami! We love you Tsunami!
There's never a booooring daaaaay!
Tsunami! Tsunami! We love you, Tsunami!
Until we get old and graaaaaaaay!
- by Lylia and Lis

The Initiations

Shhh… it's a secret! Guess you'll have to go Tsunami to find out, hmm?

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