Weyrlinghood at High Reaches Weyr

Current Weyrlings: Go to this link for all current PC Weyrlings.

Weyrlinghood at High reaches is going to be exactly what you make of it: nothing more, nothing less. Some things are probably different from any weyrlinghood you may have been a part of before:

  • The OOC Weyrlingmaster and the IC Weyrlingmaster are separate. The OOC Weyrlingmaster is in charge of answering OOC questions, planning events, organizing votes, and making sure the proper coding is done. The IC Weyrlingmaster is an IC position only - they're the person to go to ICly with IC complaints and other IC issues that come up in weyrlinghood. Note: They can be the same person, but it is not required.
    • As always, all weyrlingstaff is there to help you out ICly and OOCly - they're there to provide support and ideas and RP, so make use of them!

Current IC Weyrlingmaster: Tye
Current OOC Weyrlingmaster: Tye
Current Assistant Weyrlingmaster(s): K'ano, R'gis, Rajani, S'lo, Nu'ra, G'deon

  • Nothing is required. You do not have to attend events, get points, or take classes to graduate. Instead, feel free to RP having had these classes - studying or working on formations or practicing with clutchmates. Or, if you like, ask weyrlingstaff to do a class for the RP of it. Everything on the website (see below) is there for your OOC information and is to be incorporated ICly however you like - whether that means RPing every class with your clutchmates or skipping over them all and focusing on other things!
  • Many weyrs do a 'doubletimed' weyrlinghood, in which your dragon will age at twice the rate of the rest of the weyr during weyrlinghood. We have done away with this in favor of a weyrlinghood that lasts around an IC turn, or 12 RL weeks. This not only makes things easier to play, but allows everyone to enjoy weyrlinghood as a time of IC change and opportunity rather than focusing on it as a hurdle to be skipped over as quickly as possible.
  • We encourage you to get out there and RP! Rather than focusing on lessons, focus on the effect they have on your character. Focus on building relationships, both with your clutchmates and with others in the weyr. If you like, feel free to plan your own event or plot. If no weyrlingstaff is available, feel free to NPC one for lesson or chaperone purposes. Make weyrlinghood your own! Take advantage of these pages as a resource, and see where you can go from there!
  • Keep in mind that we're striving to make weyrlinghood IC while keeping it interesting. That means taking some of the OOC pressure off, and making weyrlinghood a time of interesting and intense change for your character. That also means that IC consequences will be enforced, whether it be grounding, extra chores, or delayed graduation. Have fun!
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