Weyrling Lessons

One of the big changes you might notice — I believe it's been done at HRW in the past, so this may be old news to some of you — is that we will have no required classes. Nada. If you don't get a chance to RP at ALL with any of the WLM's… We won't kill you.

A big reason for this is that… you've all done this before. With Pern's shrinking playerbase, it's doubtful that for any of you this is the first dragon you've had, and you've done these lessons so many times it's draining. Here at HRW, it's important to us that you ENJOY Weyrlinghood and have FUN, not get roped into the same old stuff over… and over…

Instead, it will be your job to keep up with the schedule to know what classes you would have had. This does NOT mean we won't be having classes at all; if it so happens that we get to RP with you, and you want to do a lesson, that's great! As a WLM Staff we will be working on making sure that no matter what, the classes *will* be interesting. So, don't hide from the possibility of doing them simply because they aren't required! We're gonna make them fun!

What we will provide for you here is the things that you *would* be learning at the allotted time schedule after the Hatching. Each week new course matter would be covered, so, if you're confused as to what your weyrling should know by now, just check the schedule for the Week you'd be in, and then refer here to the information. That way, you can feel free to RP about that type of stuff with other weyrlings and everyone would be on the same page!

NOTE: Due to the fact that we lost the entire HRW Site, a lot of this information will sound vaguely familiar if you're from Ista; it's pretty much the same curriculum, with some things taken out and added in. So, the credit goes to them for working out this Week-by-Week schedule. (Even though their lessons are required!)

Week 1

Much to your character's joy or chagrin, you're now a dragonrider. The first week it's all about learning to deal with that fact; getting to know your dragon, learning how to care for them. You will be:

  • Oiling. Dragonth is going to be doing some astronomical growth the first OOC Week/roughly IC Month, so it's your job to make sure that they're hide doesn't crack or get too dry. This will probably consume most of your time, since it takes forever to cover a whole dragonet.
  • If your character is squeamish around meat, they're going to have to get over it quickly. Dragonth will be so hungry that if you neglect them, and your pet suddenly disappears.. Don't be surprised.
  • Lots of exercise! Nothing too strenuous; for the first week, it's doubtful you'd be able to make it to the Lake, so all washing of Dragonth will also take place in the barracks. Training Grounds, Northern Bowl, Central Bowl; any farther than that and they'd fall asleep on you.
  • Until Dragonth can between, all of their poo will be your responsibility. You'll get to clean up all of that! Fun stuff.

Aside from chores dealing with your new lifemate's care, feel free to RP about the other things that will be effecting your characters appearance:

  • Your hair will be cut. No exceptions. Guys, you probably won't get to keep your hair as long as the girls; their limit is just about the shoulders. You won't have time to care for it, and it'll just get in the way. It will remain that way until after Weyrlinghood has ended; change your @desc to reflect that.
  • Update your @knot to state you're a weyrling!
  • If your character has piercings, they must be removed. Not only could they snag, but once you start betweening, seriously bad things could happen to your body parts passing through the extreme cold. Buh-bye, fancy earrings!
  • You will also now wear a uniform; change your @wearing message to a blue top and black pants; type is up to you, and also depending on the weather.
  • There will be more rules that you have to follow. Thought that Candidacy was rough? Haha. Hahaha.

Now that you have your shiny puppet, it's a good time to go and figure out the commands and messages that you can set to personalize Dragonth! There's numerous helpfiles on the game, but the easiest way to learn all the stuff you can do is to go to this nifty section on the Dragon Commands page; it'll describe how to set up your dragon as a puppet, and set some of the pretty, personalized messages!

Also, go to this section here to read up on how to use your dragon's telepathy.

Lessons in a Pinch
Taking care of your dragons oiling, bathing, cleaning, feeding.
Update your @desc's to reflect being a weyrling.
Limited travel distance from the weyrling barracks.

Week 2

Straps! Everything lovely and happy about straps.

If you're lucky, you'll be able to find an old weyrling's straps that are still in good shape and fit your dragon snugly. In the unlikelihood of that happening, you'll be constructing your own. RP making them, messing them up, stretching them out, whatever.

It's unlikely at this point that you'd be able to get fancy, cool-colored straps; Dragonth is still growing so quickly that they'll be replaced as soon as they can't stretch any further. Your best bet is a plain brown set, and updating them later.

Obviously, this is all in preparation for riding, so, keep exercising, and all the things previously from Week One. You will be able to go a bit farther, now; feel free to RP at the lake bathing and such.

Refer to commands and messages there if you aren't familiar with how to set up your straps and use them.

Lessons in a Pinch
RP making your straps; OOCly @describe them.

Week 3

After what will probably seem like forever, you finally will get to ride your dragon on the ground. The first few times, it's going to still be a strain on both of you, but by the end of the week you should have it down pat.

The same chores from previous weeks will remain, but now you'll be doing ground drills and formations. If you're curious about what these are like, check out this awesome site.

In these formations, you'll be testing out what pair will be suited for Wingleader/Second positions in the Weyrling Wing. All of you should start discussing what name you'd like for your Wing, and then submit that to the WLM Staff.

Sorry folks, all rules from before still apply. ;)

Lessons in a Pinch
Learning how to ride your dragon.
Learning ground drills and formations.
Taking turns at WL and W2 positions.

Week 4

Unmanned flight will now be covered. Simple take-off and touch down, until later on in the week you'll be allowed to have them fly along behind you. Technically, you'd be under WLM supervision while doing this, so keep that in mind.

All chores, rules, and drills from before still apply. If you would like to be Wingleader or Second, let the WLM's know! ICly, though, everyone will still be trading off these positions.

Land-wise, you can now go anywhere within the Weyr. Woo hoo. (No, not really all that exciting.)

Note: The OOC WLM will have to clear your dragon for flight; if they forget, make sure you poke them!

Go to this section for some explanation on coded flight.

Lessons in a Pinch
Practicing unmanned flight.
Traveling around the Weyr no longer limited.
OOCly decide whether to submit your name for WL or W2.

Week 5

Basically the same thing as Week Four, except now it's mounted flight!

Changes: you now no longer have to cut up meat, as your dragon will be able to hunt at the Feeding Pens on their own.
Also: Tossing firestone! If lifting all that poo didn't give you any muscles.. You'll get some, now!

You'll be graduating to Senior Weyrlings soon, so while you're out doing your mounted flying, check out all the rooms where 'ledges' are available, and then mail the OOC WLM (Tye) Where you'd like your Weyr to be. As soon as you've graduated, then you no longer have to stay in the barracks anymore! Now that's spiffy.

Lessons in a Pinch
Practicing mounted flight.
Firestone tossing.
Preparing to graduate; decide your weyr location.

Week 6

What you've all been waiting for: betweening! Refer to the commands section if you're unfamiliar with how to do coded betweening.

You will now get your very own weyrs! No more mucking, since Dragonth will be going in between, and all that lovely fun stuff. Bathing and oiling will still be required, but that will probably endure until you leave Weyrlinghood completely.

The Senior Weyrling Wing will now take form, and you'll get to fly under your own Wingleader and Second(s). Hooray for promotion! You're still not high on the pecking order, so you'll be doing less saluting, but with getting closer to being full riders, things will be a lot less lenient.

Go to this section for some explanation on how to use the coded betweening system!

Lessons in a Pinch
Practicing betweening with your dragon.
Senior Weyrling wing takes effect.
No more cleaning up poo!

Week 7

It's now all about flaming (unless you're a goldrider, and you'll be working with flamethrowers). More firestone bag tossing, learning to feed them firestone while in the air, and then actually burning stuff up!

More drills, same rules.

You will have to now suffer through 5 more RL weeks of being a Weyrling. (Moan and groan all you want, but you need to perfect all your new leet skillz before letting you into the main wings!) Over the next few weeks, just keep RPing, and especially focus on RPing with other riders, and deciding which Wing you would like to be tapped into. At the end of the 12 weeks, you will graduate to full rider! Hopefully we'll get to plan a ceremony; if not, though, you will all have your dragons transformed mysteriously by the OOC WLM (Tye) into a full Dragon, and then you'll be able to be tapped into your requested Wing! (Make sure you @send *hwlm with your preference.)

Lessons in a Pinch
Practicing everything you've learned before.

Senior Weyrlinghood

Insert some stuff about senior weyrlinghood here.

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