Weyrling Rules

Sorry, the one thing we can't do away with is the standard IC Rules! Here they are if you're unfamiliar with them or need a refresher:

  1. No sex. This isn't to punish you or to make Weyrlinghood boring — young dragons are, unfortunately, extremely sensitive to the emotional bond between the two of you for the first Turn or so of being together, meaning sex could cause some very severe mental disturbances in your dragonet if you aren't careful. It could go both ways; extreme stress, or extreme pleasure, both of which could be broadcast all over the Weyr.
  2. No alcohol. Not only could this lead you to doing something stupid, the dragonet will become incredibly frightened if you begin to lose your bearings or 'lose your head'. Traditionally, I believe Weyrlings were allowed a glass of wine at the Hatching feast after their Impressees had fallen asleep, but, getting drunk is out of the question. Judgement impairment is a no-no.
  3. No leaving the Weyr. There's no way you'll be able to travel until you can between except by betweening with someone else, and your new dragon will Not Like That Very Much. Generally, you'll be restricted in movement progressively less over time until, finally, you can Between.
  4. No criminal behavior. This is just a must overall. It's difficult to punish someone with a new-born dragon, but if necessary, it's possible, and any pain caused to you could cause damage to the dragon.
  5. Salute everyone of higher rank (so, everyone). It's a respectful courtesy to your superiors, and some of them will be very angry if you do not pay it; you're the lowest of the low, rivaling even candidates, so take care and throw up your hand at everyone you see!
  6. Must wear weyrling uniform and cut hair. The uniform makes it easier to identify you within the Weyr than just your knot; the hair is more out of practicality. Women will be allowed to keep their hair to their shoulders, but men will have to be a finger-length or less. You don't have time to care for it, and it can get in the way — once your dragon is old enough to care for themselves this will be lifted, but until then, the locks have gotta go.
  7. Required to attend drills and do chores. Or you might end up with even more. The weyrlingmasters will be strictly monitoring your work, so slacking off could just get you in trouble. Do what you need to do, care for your dragon, learn what you must, and you'll be fine.

All of that is rather self-explanitory; nothing that may harm your new lifemate, nothing that'd cause trouble for the weyr, and making your life as miserable as it was in Candidacy. You're gonna wish you hadn't Impressed after the first few months!

NOTE: Some rules are ones you can safely break without doing harm to your lifemate — if you want to provide some drama and get yourself in trouble, discuss it with the Weyrlingmaster staff, and you may be allowed to net yourself some punishment! Make sure to inform the WLM's BEFORE you undergo it, though, as a courtesy to them.

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