Weyrling Schedule

Weyrlinghood on HT is generally pretty long, in favor of letting all the new riders embrace their new dragons, their new positions in the Weyr, and be able to thoroughly experience what it is to be the lowest-of-the-low before being tapped into their permanent wings at the end of Senior Weyrlinghood.

At High Reaches, Weyrlinghood is done in two stages: the first is Junior Weyrlinghood, which is the most lesson-heavy (although, lessons aren't required) portion of weyrlinghood, as each week is designated into all the lessons that a weyrling would be learning throughout the cycle.

The weeks that (Junior) Weyrlinghood is broken up into are:
Click each week to see the lesson for that week.

  • Week 1: December 7 - December 13
  • Week 2: December 14 - December 20
  • Week 3: December 21 - December 27
  • Week 4: December 28 - January 3
  • Week 5: January 4 - January 14
  • Week 6: January 15 - January 21
  • Week 7: January 22 - January 29
  • Senior Weyrlinghood: February - Early March (Graduation Yet to Be Determined)

After all of that is said and done, you'll have graduated to Senior Weyrlings! At this point, the major lessons are over, and the focus shifts to practicing what you've learned in order to be ready to be tapped into one of the Fighting Wings — but until then, go here to see what you'll be doing until then. Don't get drugged down by how long this is; it's all meant for you to enjoy and have plenty of time to get to know your fellow clutchmates and your lifemates!

Schedule Updated for Winter 2008 Clutch.

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