High Reaches' Wings!

The listing of all High Reaches' current wings. Note to those who are curious:
Zephyr wing was disbanded to help boost the activity of the other wings.

(About All the Wings)

Rider Color Dragon Position
Chey gold Mynwiyath Sr. Weyrwoman
About the Esprit Wing
Rider Color Dragon Position
Palia green Veriameth Wingleader
Xayna brown Luileeuth Wingsecond
Shazi blue Oljeitukhodath Weyrsecond
Desrine blue Dianth Wingrider
Kin blue Khantuth Wingrider
T'lendel bronze Cairhoth Wingrider
G'deon bronze Nylanth Dragonhealer
C'ela bronze Ejotzeth Wingrider
Sua brown Skeseth Wingrider
Il'ad green Szarabhayanath Wingrider
Nia brown Vruelykceth Wingrider
S'ton bronze Kyzhanth Wingrider
Mohitani blue Urmeerdouloth Wingrider
About the Inferno Wing
Rider Color Dragon Position
Jesha brown Sevareth Wingleader
R'gis green Peorth Wingsecond
Wyn blue Vorkoroth Weyrsecond/Dragonhealer
Miri green Capryth Wingrider
Mhairie green Fiviath Wingrider
Zana blue Braezyth Wingrider
Kal brown Neshath Wingrider
Auryn brown Animuth Wingrider
C'mero blue Aerulunth Wingrider
K'ano bronze Armaderoth Wingrider
Onlie brown Najmaldith Wingrider
About the Mudslide Wing
Rider Color Dragon Position
T'ii bronze Bandeleth Weyrleader
K'nex brown Shirasuth AWLM
Liza green Ikth AWLM
Lylia brown Druseth Wingrider
Lis green Alymath Wingrider
Orbit green Ivrylth Wingrider
Tatia green Vespurath Wingrider
Sasha green Branwyth Wingrider
Tye blue Valedath Weyrlingmaster
M'nty bronze Minoyath Wingrider
Rajani green Celvynath Wingrider
Sao blue Viverrath Wingrider
I'anex bronze Feitoveth Wingrider
Y'an bronze Aojadinth Wingrider
Lila green Alajaith Wingrider
Nu'ra bronze Ckiezeluth Wingrider
S'lo blue Tosiekoth Wingrider
About the Tsunami Wing
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